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PLAAY Games in Atlanta, April 1, 2017

Phoenix PLAAY GamersPLAAY Gamers in Phoenix take a momentary time out for a group photo, mid-way through the Time Machine Tournament at Game Depot AZ March 19, 2016. From L to R: Rich Canfield, Mike Jaffe, Todd Avallone, Ryan Mayes, Keith Avallone, Charlie Lord, Al Wilson, David Neely, Ron Jones, Michael Waldrip. Crouched at front is Mike Lam. We're looking forward to another great live event April 1 in the Atlanta area, our first-ever golf event!

We're very excited about our Atlanta-area HISTORY MAKER GOLF launch event, Saturday, April 1st at The Raven's Nest Games in Marietta, GA. We are ON for golf in Hot-Lanta, and you're welcome to join us...

Since the whole idea of this get-together is to "officially" launch the new golf game, we're going to make this "all-golf, all day!" However, we're going to have a couple of different kinds of golf events.

The event actually will informally start Friday evening, with a special HMG "Golf Clinic" on caddy card and chip usage. Then Saturday, we'll start golfing in earnest! Each participant will choose a golfer card that represents his or her preferred skill set: "big hitter," "deadly with irons," "solid and steady," each card equal in overall pro-level ability. We'll be able to personalize your card on-site. Then we'll draw randomly for foursomes and golfing order.  It'll be just like the final round of a real golf tournament except that everyone will share the lead! Eighteen holes later (or more, if we have to have a playoff!), we'll crown the winner of the tournament, who will get a special prize.

THEN we move on to the second half of the event, which will be divided into two separate events. The top four finishers in our "Masters" tournament will qualify for a "skins game" competition, while the remaining participants will compete in a single-elimination match-play tournament, best-four-of-seven holes moves on to the next round. Both events will offer prizes as well.

The tentative schedule is posted below, please e-mail us with any questions you might have.

The Raven's Nest is located at 688 Whitlock Ave NW, Suite 400, Marietta, GA 30064. I'm really pleased about being there, they've got a great location, plenty of gaming space and the manager, Dave Sands, is stoked that we're coming. Here's a link to their website. The event will run from 12:30pm until 6pm. As has always been the case with PLAAY Games on-site events, this event is totally free and no RSVP is required. Of course, it would help us plan better if we knew you were coming! if so, we'd love for you to drop us a line, But—again—it's not required. If you wake up April 1st and decide you want to attend, we will make room for you at the game table, whether you want to play or just watch!

The official hotel headquarters for this event is the Courtyard Mariott/Windy Hill, in Marietta. The hotel has a four-star rating, and has been recently completely remodeled in anticipation of the grand opening of SunTrust Park, which is only about a mile away. There's all kinds of great dining in the area, as well as shopping and sight-seeing. The hotel features a fitness room and an outdoor pool, free wi-fi and free on-site parking.

Tentative Event Schedule

Friday Evening, 03.31.17

5:00p to 7:00p dinner, location TBA.
7:00p to 9:00p Caddy Card and Chip Usage "Clinic," Courtyard Marriott Lobby.
9:00p to 10:00p Exhibition round on contest-winning courses (from newsletter contest), Courtyard Marriott Lobby.

Saturday Afternoon, 04.01.17

12:00 noon: Ravens Nest opens, "get acquainted!"
12:30p to 1p: Choose your golfer card from a election of broad categories, "big hitter," "deadly with irons," "magician (escapes trouble)," "solid and steady," etc. There'll be enough cards for everyone to choose the kind of golfer they want to be. We'll have personalized labels on-site to apply to golfer cards, and you'll get to keep your card at the end and take it home with you.
1p to 2:30p: HMG Masters Tournament, foursomes, drawn at random, "staggered" start, full 18 holes at the Augusta Champions Course.
2:30p to 3:00p: Break in the action, re-set for second part of event...
3:00p to 4:30p: Top four from our Masters tournament play in the "Skins Game," those  who don't qualify for the skins game play in a match play elimination event. Best four of seven holes advances to next round. Prizes for all winners!
4:30p to 6:00p: Wrap-up, wind-down, end of event.

Questions? Comments? Think you might like to attend? Let us know! The e-mail address is!