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"Home-Brewed" Cards for SOCCER BLAST!

Make your own soccer teams with SOCCER BLAST!SOCCER BLAST fans share their work: The "How-To" guide for HMB lets fans make their own teams, from any season, any league! Download, print--and PLAAY!

• Neil Maitland's 2015 Scottish Pro League cards.

• Jule Sigall's 2015 Champion's League teams (does not include English Pro League teams).

• Keith Wright's 2015 Mexican Pro League teams.

• Don Hampton's 2014 Women's Pro Season cards.

• Matt Kulikosky's 2014 World Cup cards (all teams).

• Giorgio Salvadego's 2013-14 Italian Pro League cards (all teams).

• Christian Reismann's 2013-14 German Pro League (all teams).

• Dave Kautz's 2013-14 Dutch Pro League cards (two teams).

• Janik Deckers' 2013-14 Belgian Jupiler Pro League cards (all teams).

• Bobby Scott's 1996 North American Pro League cards (all teams).

• Will Kolodzie's Copa Italia cards (two teams).

• Ed Meek's 1971-72 English First Division cards.

• Ed Meek's vintage English Championship matchups from 1950, 1953.

Check back soon, we add new card sets regularly!