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6th Annual "Commissioner's Surprise" HOCKEY BLAST Tournament, ONLINE 10.27.20 through 11.19.20

Boston PLAAY GamersTV Time-Out: Taking a break in "Sweet Sixteen" HOCKEY BLAST action, October 26, 2019. (From left, seated) Mark Russell, Joe Petrafassi, Steve Tower;(from left, standing) Bobby McGill, Bill Sauerbier, Ken Castro, John Veruzzo, Pete Adams. This was the last live PLAAY Games event before everything was locked down because of the pandemic.

After taking the show on the road to Las Vegas NV, Hamilton ON, Pittsburgh PA and Boston MA, this year's "Commissioner's Surprise" HOCKEY BLAST Tournament was "safer at home," a 100% online, cooperative tabletop hockey event that the entire PLAAY Games community was invited to be part of, no matter WHERE you live!

We held our first tournament in Denver in 2016. You can read more about it here. The idea is, it's sort of like the NCAA's March Madness tournament: EVERY team has a chance to win it all! EVERY pro team from the 2019-20 HOCKEY BLAST Pro Season card set is included in our annual tournament. It's single-elimination, and the match-ups are completely random—we literally drew them out of a hat after the LIVE PLAAY-In Game on YouTube, Thursday, October 22nd!

The previous year's real-life championship series teams always get a first round bye for this tournament, so it was Tampa Bay and Dallas earning the byes this year. The pro league's expansion to Las Vegas a couple years ago gives us an un-even number of teams (31), so we altered our format just a little bit for the event. We kicked off the tournament with a "PLAAY-in" game between the bottom two pro teams from the 2019-20 season, Detroit and San Jose, streamed live (as mentioned above) on the PLAAY Games YouTube Channel. The winner of that game joined the other 27 first-round teams (see pairings and results below).

2019-20 "Commissioner's Surprise" HOCKEY BLAST Tournament Updates

The tournament pairings were announced Thursday night, October 22nd after the completion of the PLAAY-In game between San Jose and Detroit. Tournament play is now complete, with results posted below. Teams in blue BOLD advanced to next round, person(s) who played the game in [brackets]...


SECOND ROUND, "Sweet Sixteen"
THIRD ROUND, "Elite Eight"