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It's the First-Ever PLAAY-dot-CON, July 13-15, 2018!

After last year's Time Machine Tournament in Denver, which we expanded to include the HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL All-Star Game Pre-PLAAY and SECOND SEASON College All-Star football game, we started talking about the idea of having a full-blown PLAAY Gamer "convention" of sorts. We're going to make that happen this summer, with PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018, three days of PLAAY, July 13th through the 15th, at the Hampton Inn and Suites, Lone Tree, CO, at 10030 Trainstation Circle. Here's the scoop...

We've begun working on a specific itinerary (this page will be updated as plans are made), but the goal is to have two PLAAY game events happening at all times so that every gamer will always have a choice of things to do. There will be six four-hour blocks, each offering two game events. We'll incorporate as many of the dozen PLAAY games as we can, including some of the more "boutique" games like ROLLER RUMBLE and BOWL-O-RAMA. Our centerpiece event will be the annual HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Time Machine Tournament (Saturday), where you can manage your favorite team from any of the Famous Fall Classics sets. There's a Rockies game at Coors Field Saturday evening against Seattle Mariners—you can attend the game with other fans, or you can stay at the con and participate in our "Fab Four Football" SECOND SEASON tournament!

We'll have scheduled organized game events for Friday (evening), Saturday (morning, afternoon, evening) and Sunday (morning), and will also have at least two panel discussion, roundtable-type events planned, as well as a "peek inside the PLAAY Games Laboratory," where you'll get a chance to see what new games we're working on.

You can participate as much as you like—go full-throttle and PLAAY all day, or pick-and-choose which events you want to take part in and relax at the hotel or explore Denver in your down time! It's up to you!

The Hampton Inn and Suites Denver/South-RidgeGate is located right off RTD's Lincoln light rail line. We chose this location so as to make it travel-friendly for out-of-towners. You can fly into Denver's International Airport and take the light rail to within a mile of the hotel! (Free Hotel Shuttle from there.) Light rail service to the Rockies game, as well, so no rental car needed! Or, if you prefer to drive, there's ample free parking at the hotel. It's located in suburban south Denver, with easy access to restaurants, shopping and activities.

We have a block of ten rooms reserved, the special convention room rate is $104 per night, three nights available (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). You can reserve your room clicking here and following the instructions. Or, if you prefer, you can book those directly through the hotel, 303-790-4100, just mention that you're attending the PLAAY Games convention to get the special discounted rate.

In the past, PLAAY Games Live Events have been totally free, with no RSVP required. That works great for a four or five-hour tournament at a local game store, and we intend to continue that policy for live events of that kind. However, because this event requires more precise planning than any we've done before, we're going to have participants register for PLAAY-dot-CON with a $20.18 charge. This is so that we'll have the clearest possible idea about who's going to attend and what events they are most likely to want to participate in. There's a "PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018 Three-Day PLAAY Pass" button on the Miscellaneous Purchases page. After you register, we'll send you a brief survey asking which games you'll most want to play during the convention. Then, after you've attended the convention, we'll refund the $20.18 registration charge or, if you prefer, you can exchange it for your choice of PLAAY games! This way, the convention actually WILL be free to attend--you'll only be responsible for your own travel, lodging and food accomodations!

Also, because this is our first attempt at this kind of event, we're going to cap the attendance at 36 gamers. It's not that we don't want more people, it's just that because this is our first try at putting on a convention, we're having to guess at attendance and in order to keep our expenses under control, we feel it's best to begin modestly. The facilities we've secured will comfortably accommodate up to three dozen people, and we want everyone to have such a great time that they'll come back NEXT year! So, if the 36 person limit is reached, we'll remove the con pass purchase option from the website.

Please check back for updates!

Questions? Comments? Let us know! The e-mail address is