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10.30.20, All Hallows Eve Spook-tacular with Steve Tower!

All Hallows Eve 2020 with Steve Tower

For the fourth year in a row, we're teaming up with AFR's Steve Tower for a special "All Hallows' Eve" webcast! YOU'RE invited to be part of the fun for this tabletop sports-themed virtual halloween party!

Join us online Friday (10.30.20) on the PLAAY Games YouTube Channel, starting at 6pm MDT, 8pm EDT. We'll start with a FACE TO THE MAT "Throw Down" event, using the special All-Hallow's Eve Themed FACE TO THE MAT Wrestler cards (see below). Steve and PLAAY Games' Keith Avallone will each draft four wrestlers from the eighteen available. Then the fun begins! Using FTTM's head-to-head "Throw Down" rules, it'll be an all-out WAR to determine our All-Hallows' Eve Champion!

Download the FREE All Hallows' Eve Wrestler Cards for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game!

After the wrestling event—starting around 7pm (9pm EDT)—we'll present a special Halloween "treat," a mini-expo of home-brewed PLAAY Gamer Games! Our expo will feature a beach volleyball game created by Rob Gallamore, an Australian rules Football variant of SOCCER BLAST put together by Dick Butler, and franchise-building football game authored by Al Wilson. We'll show you how they work, play a few minutes of each, then provide a free link to the expo game package so you can play test them yourself after the party!

Then, we'll wrap up the night by hopping into the Way-Back Machine and setting the dial for October 30, 1899 to spend a half hour or so in the 1890s Fight Club. Place your bets (fun money, of course), and see if you can escape the joint with winnings in your pocket—and possibly the law on your tail! We've recently revamped the game with some new ratings tweaks and will be re-introducing it for the Holidays on PLAAY NOW, in both digital and (all-new) printed format.

The All Hallows' Eve Online PARTY is totally free, no RSVP necessary! Just join us on the PLAAY Games YouTube Channel for the LIVE STREAM!