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PLAAY Games in Boston: 5th Annual "Commissioner's Surprise" Tournament with HOCKEY BLAST, October 26, 2019

Pittsburgh PLAAY Gamers"Hockey Day in Pittsburgh!" PLAAY Gamers gathered at the Baldwin UMC for the 2018 "Commissioner's Surprise" HOCKEY BLAST Tournament! From left: Art Campana, Derek Jones, Matt Dante, George Peete, David Rubinstein, Rick Lawes, Tom Cline, Mark Russell.

In honor of the start of another hockey season, we're getting everthing lined up for our Fifth Annual "Commissioner's Surprise" HOCKEY BLAST Tournament—where EVERY team has a chance to win it all! THIS year, the action happens in the great hockey town of Boston, MA. Join us Saturday, October 26th at Battleground Games and Hobbies, 175 Mansfield Ave, Norton, MA 02766! This is our second visit to Battleground Games, which was host to the 2014 HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Fall Classic Pre-PLAAY! We had an AWESOME time at Battleground Games five years ago, and we can't wait to meet up there again with New England-area PLAAY Gamers!

EVERY pro team from the HOCKEY BLAST 2018-19 Pro Season card set will be included in the tournament. It's single-elimination, and the match-ups will be completely random—we will literally draw them out of a hat in a LIVE PLAAY Games Facebook webcast on October 7th! The previous year's real-life championship series teams always get a first round bye for this tournament, that'll be Boston and St. Louis. The pro league's expansion to Las Vegas a couple years ago gives us an un-even number of teams (31), so we've altered our format just a little bit for the event. We'll kick the tournament off with a "PLAAY-in" game between the bottom two pro teams from the 2018-19 season, Los Angeles and Ottawa, to be streamed live on the PLAAY Games YouTube Channel Thursday night, October 10th. The winner of that game joined the other 27 first-round teams (see pairings and results below).

Everything from the "Commissioner's Surprise Sweet Sixteen" right down to the championship game will be played entirely on-location in Boston. You can follow along with the progress the tournament's preliminary rounds below (there's nothing to report yet, obviously!). After the tournament concludes in Boston, those of us who are able to extend the day will grab some dinner at a local dining spot! It'll be a memorable day of tabletop hockey fun—you won't want to miss it!

As always, it's absolutely FREE to take part, whether as a coach or spectator, and no RSVP is needed--just show up and have fun! That said, it always helps to know about how many people to expect. So if you're thinking about participating, let us know! We'll keep you in the e-mail loop as the event planning moves along!

PLAAY Gamers at PPG Paints Arena"Hockey Day, Part II!": Taking in the Penguins game at PPG Paints Arena, November 11, 2018. (from left, background)Eric Minor, Mark Russell, Tom Cline, David Rubinstein. The real-life Penguins won 4-0 over Arizona!

2018-19 "Commissioner's Surprise" HOCKEY BLAST Tournament Updates

The tournament pairings will be announced Monday night, October 7th in a live webcast from the PLAAY Games Facebook Page. Tournament play began Thursday night, October 10th, with results posted below. Teams in blue advance to next round, person(s) who played game in [brackets]...

SECOND ROUND, "Sweet Sixteen"
THIRD ROUND, "Elite Eight"