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PLAAY Games Chicago Basketball "Hoop-La" Event, March 16, 2019

Canadian PLAAY Gamers"Hockey Day in Pittsburgh!": PLAAY Gamers gathered at the Baldwin UMC for the 2018 "Commissioner's Surprise" HOCKEY BLAST Tournament! From left: Art Campana, Derek Jones, Matt Dante, George Peete, David Rubinstein, Rick Lawes, Tom Cline, Mark Russell. We hope to have the same level of sports passion—for basketball—at the Chicago Hoop-LA Event! READ ON...

Over the past few years, we've gotten an increasing number of queries about whether or not we have plans for developing a basketball game. It's the obvious gap in the PLAAY sports line-up, for sure. However, making a basketball game is easier said than done, as we outlined in this PLAAY Games newsletter article.

Well, to help fulfill one of our 2019 New Year's resolutions, we're going to spend a little R&D time on basketball, and you're invited to brainstorm along with us! The PLAAY Games "Hoop-LA" Event happens Saturday March 16th, the day before selections are announced for the NCAA College Basketball Tournament! Yep—we're hoping that an dash of March Madness will put us in a creative happy place and maybe get development rolling for a PLAAY basketball game!

Join us at Grognard Games, 839 N Roselle Rd, Roselle, IL 60172 starting at noon. Grognard Games is located on the north east corner of Nerge and Roselle Road, right next to Uncle Bill's Diner. Todd Warren is "the man" at Grognard Games, and his passion is providing a fun, comfortable, and inviting environment to play your favorite games. Long-time gamer or newbie, young or old or anywhere in between, "ALL gamers are welcome at Grognard Games!"

There's no charge to attend the PLAAY Games "Hoop-LA" Event, and no RSVP is needed (although we'd love to know ahead of time if you're planning to be there!). Just show up and be prepared to play-test, debrief, express opinions and make suggestions about what makes a basketball board game FUN, and what doesn't. We value your opinion!

The exact format of the event has not yet been determined. Right now we have three different hoops ideas, in various stages of development. Our goal would be to have all participants try out all three games. That might not be reasonable for a four hour event window, though. A better plan might be to divide into sub-groups, with some people playing one game, others playing another. Another possibility would be to narrow it down beforehand to the ONE game that we think has the best potential and have everyone play and give feedback on THAT game. In any case, we intend to have the format firmed up at least 30 days before the event.

We'll also have some other surprises planned, and some PLAAY prizes! Here's your chance to hang out for an afternoon of sports board game fun with other folks who share your passion. How great is THAT!? Please check back soon for updated details and event information. Hope to see you there!

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