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PLAAY Games in Denver: 4th Annual Time Machine Tournament with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL, July 8, 2017

For the past three years, we've been getting amped up for the baseball season in March with the annual HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Time Machine Tournament! We've held tournaments in Kansas City (2014), San Francisco (2015), and Phoenix (2016). This year, though, because of the release of the golf game, we moved the tournament to July AND we're going to make it a tabletop/stadium baseball doubleheader!...

At 10 AM on July 8th, 2017, the 4th Annual Time Machine Tournament begins (location TBD), with each participating manager choosing a team from the "All-Time Greatest Losers" card set. This will really test your managerial skills, and maybe bring out the Casey Stengel in you! There are eight teams in the ATGL collection, and if we have more than eight managers we'll toss in a few more historically-bad teams into the mix, maybe the quartet of 1969 expansion clubs. We'll conduct the tournament the same as in past years, with a double-elimination first round and "sudden death" after that. The winner awarded the official TMT trophy, along with the complete set of "All-Time Greatest Losers" cards to add to your collection.

We'll conclude the tournament around 4 PM, and then head together via light rail to Coors Field in downtown Denver for the Rockies/White Sox game that night!

Sound like fun? It WILL be! Plans are still being made, but we'll be sending out the first e-mail about this event to Denver-area PLAAY Gamers, and others from outside the area who have expressed interest in attending. Think you might like to join the fun? Please let us know so we can keep you in the e-mail loop: the e-mail address is! More information coming soon!