Sports Simulation Board Games

PLAAY Games in Kansas City, September 28-29, 2018

Recruits Kids

The annual "Recruits" convention in suburban Kansas City is an event dedicated to preserving board game simulations for younger generations, which is a close match to the PLAAY games mission statement: "Preserving and advancing the grand pastime of table-top sports board games!" 2018 was the 24th year that the convention was held! Originally, their focus was on war games (hence the name, "recruits"), but in recent years they've expanded to sci-fi, battle and various resource management board games.

This year, PLAAY Games was there to broaden the spectrum to include sports simulation board games, and a great crowd of gamers joined in the fun! We ran sports game demos Friday, September 28th from 5 to 8PM and held a pair of tournaments on Saturday, September 29th from 9AM to 5PM.

View a photo-book of our two days at the RECRUITS Convention!

Saturday morning we held hold our first-ever Pro Wrestling live event, "The Kansas City Three-For-All Throwdown, Powered by FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game!" Gamers got to choose three wrestlers and manage them head-to-head against other gamers, until there was just ONE three-some left! The manager of THAT trio (Jim D., from Grimes, IA) got our grand prize: a briefcase STUFFED with MONEY!*

Then, from 1-4 PM Saturday afternoon we held a HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL trading card tournament! Each gamer was given two sealed packs of vintage baseball trading cards and 20 minutes to build a team. Then, play began, a round-robin tournament that ended with the winner (Steve G. from Lees Summit, MO) taking home a box of 36 authentic, un-opened wax packs of 1980s baseball cards!

While the tournaments were going on, those who were more interested in NON-sports games got to preview/demo the "next generation" of PLAAY Games! "Recruits" convention-goers got a sneak peek at what's in the pipeline for 2019 and beyond!

The event took place at the spacious Lees Summit High School Fieldhouse, Lees Summit, MO. Read MORE about the Recruits Convention HERE.

Thanks to EVERYONE who stopped by the PLAAY Games booth--we had an awesome time! Special thanks to event coordinator Duane Fleck, who made us feel right at home.

* Also includes Amazon gift card. Money may not be real.