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How to play COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football Game

COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football simulation board game is easy to play! This page will show you how the game is played, using the Quebec and Ottawa teams from the 2011 edition of the fictional Inter-Provincial Football Conference set. (The IPFC set was created for fans who prefer an open-ended "what-if?" kind of scenario for their table game football adventures. Of course, there are several actual pro seasons available, too!)

We'll start with the Quebec offence on the field, facing the Ottawa defence, first and ten at its own thirty-five yard line. If you'd like to follow along with the actual Quebec and Ottawa team cards, click here for a printable PDF which will open in a separate browser window.

You'll notice that each player is given a numerical rating, expressed as a fraction. The top number represents the player's ability on pass plays, the bottom number his ability on run plays. "2" indicates superior ability,"1" average ability and "0" indicates a deficiency. Note also that there are various symbols appearing after some players' ratings. These are additional ratings that further alter play, depending on field position and time left in the game. All ratings are fully explained in the instructions.

To begin, you'll select the offensive play and intended receiver or ball-carrier. There are six basic offensive plays--inside run, outside run, play-action pass, short pass, medium pass, and long pass--and several limited-use plays such as a bootleg or trick play. Since it's first down, we'll keep it simple and call an outside run, giving the ball to the running back, Darren Ward.

Next, we roll one die to determine which of the four basic defence (Canadian football spells "defence" with a "c") settings Ottawa has called--deep, up, safe or blitz. The solitaire defence table is printed on the playing field for easy reference, but you'll quickly memorize it! You roll a "3," which indicates a "safe" defence has been called.

To resolve the play, you turn to the "Outside Run vs. Safe Defence" page of the COLD SNAP game book, page 11. You roll the dice, reading the result as a two-digit number; the black die first and the white die second. Thus, a "6" on the black die and a "2" on the white die is read as a "62."

Checking result "62," we are directed to defensive player "G," the middle linebacker, Bruno Toscano. The game book asks us if Toscano is a superior run defender--and we see that he IS! THAT means that Toscano slashes past the Quebec blocker and hauls down Ward for a one yard loss! (Had Toscano NOT been a superior defender, Ward would have accelerated past Toscano for a nine yard gain!) Toscano gets a high-five as the players un-pile, and Quebec now faces second and eleven.

In Canadian pro ball, with only three downs to gain ten yards, second and eleven is an obvious passing situation. You decide to test the airwaves with a medium pass to Quebec's slot receiver, Lonnie Peterson. Ottawa rolls another "3" on defense, but in this case that means they're playing "deep" to prevent the medium gain. You roll both dice for the play result--a "13." Turning to the "Medium Pass vs. Deep Defence" page, the game book directs you to check the quarterback's CMP grade, which is a measure of his passing accuracy. Quebec's Randy Carlson is rated "AAA," a VERY accurate passer, which in this case means the pass was complete for 15 yards--first down, Quebec!

You decide to start out this new set of downs with a short pass to wideout Jerome Bell. You roll for the Ottawa defence--a 5, the "up" defence--they smelled it out this time. You roll a "23." Checking the "Short Pass vs. Up Defence" page, we're directed to check players GB and SB, the right guard and right slot reciever, to see if either has superior ability. Both Sam Brooks and Midge Morris have only average ability, not enough to create a play, so feeling the pressure, Carlson is forced to throw the ball away, incomplete. Too bad, because--as the game book illustrates--Bell had a seam, and with a little more time provide by Brooks, OR a stronger decoy from Ward, that ball could have been caught for a nice gain.

We'll leave the game here, with another key second down call coming up. That's how COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football board game works! It's a lot like watching a game on TV! COLD SNAP gives you a perspective on the game of pro football like no other Canadian pro football board game out there!