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The PLAAYCOM Cup, achievement of tabletop sports excellence!
The PLAAYCOM Cup: Symbol of Tabletop Sports Excellence!

We know how difficult it is to complete a sports board game project, whether it's a single-team replay or a full-blown league schedule. So, to honor your persistence and celebrate your accomplishment, we present--The PLAAYCOM Cup!

We'd like to recognize YOU! Just let us know of your completed PLAAY Games project, and as many of the details as you'd like to share. We'll post your name here, and send you your own, personalized PLAAYCOM Cup, to display on your desk or game table! (Actual size, approximately 5 inches tall, made of 100% genuine chrome-plated polystyrene plastic!) We'll keep an ongoing, permanent record here on the website. You can earn multiple cups--[indicated in brackets below]--just let us know anytime you finish a project. We've now awarded a total of 308 Cups!

Be a part of lore, by earning your own PLAAYCOM Cup! Here's a list of our honorees...

[6] FRED ABBOUD • Fred completed the 2014 World Stock Car Racing Challenge (1/2016), with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' and the fictional WSCRC cards included in the February 2015 newsletter. Britain's Lewis Hamilton won Fred's "gold medal," China's Xion Lu the silver and Germany's Deiter Foerster the bronze. Fred earned his second cup (8/16) by completing a full season of pro league bowling using Rick Lawes' awesome NBL vintage bowling cards for BOWL-O-RAMA. "The league was 18 weeks. Each team bowled every team in the league two times (one home and one away game). There were no divisions, teams were ranked according to total points. Each weekly match consisted of two individual/team games and two baker-style games. The top four point finishers were Dallas, Detroit, Omaha and Twin City, with Fresno and Kansas City getting the wild card spots. In the first week, Omaha easily defeated Kansas City and Fresno upset the higher seeded Twin City. In Week 2, Fresno shocked the bowling world by defeating the number one seed Dallas in a pretty close match that really came down to the baker games. Detroit easily defeated Omaha setting up a Fresno-Detroit Championship match. Fresno had a great run in the tournament but was simply out-matched by Detroit, who took the championship match easily 51-12." Fred picked up his third Cup (10/16) for his "2000s Stars Showdown" with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'. Tony Stewart won Fred's point standings despite not winning a chase race! Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon finished second and third. Fred's fourth Cup (2/17) was for another BOWL-O-RAMA project, the Bowling America Congress Greater Omaha Tournament of Champions. For his fifth cup (7/17) Fred completed a full season of RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' with Giorgio Salvadego's Swiss Stock Car Racing cards from the Free Stuff page, created several years ago! "Overall, the number 6 of Rainer Jossi was not to be stopped: he won the last Chase Race to claim both the MovenPick Swiss Challenge Championship, as well as the Overall Points Title with 650 points!" Fred's sixth Cup (1/18) was the result of an amazing 64-team tournament with Andy and Danny Lewis' Division Three college hockey cards, published in the October 2017 newsletter. In an amazing final game, Hamilton scored four first-period goals, surged to a 5-1 lead, and then held off a furious Marian rally to win the championship 7-4.

[6] PETER ADAMS • Peter conducted a full play-through of the 1989 Pro Season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' (4/2017) "Terry Labonte was fast and consistent all season, took the points lead in the second race and was never seriously challenged for the rest of the year. The battle for second was intense between Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin, with the two feuding at the end of the year knocking Martin out of the top five at the end." Pete earned a second Cup (9/2017) with the completion of his 2013 SCRAM Season with RWBR. Wayne Montana won the points championship with a headline-grabbing comeback after wrecking early in four races during the first half of the season. He was aided by a mid-season injury to then-leader Alex Hodge, who missed the next nine races and allowed Montana to get back in it! Pete's third cup (3/18) was for completion of his 1975 NASCAR season, using the '70s Stars cards and a home-made set of nineteen additional driver cards! Darrell Waltrip surged at seasons' end, with three wins and two top 5 finishes in the last five races to move past Richard Petty for the points championship! Pete's fourth cup was for competion of his 1949 Boston Red Sox season with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL, with the Sox finishing five games behind the Yankees. Pete's fifth Cup (9/18) was for completion of his home-brewed 1976 NASCAR season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' which saw Benny Parsons win the championship, a 155-point margin over Cale Yarborough. Another Cup for Pete (10/18) for his '66-67 Toronto Maple Leafs season with HOCKEY BLAST. "The Leafs finished the season 24-32-14, four points out of the playoffs! I just could not re-create the magic of the actual team with my dice rolls!"

[3] FRANK ALBIDONE • Frank completed a truly epic season project, maybe the greatest-ever conducted, by replaying and recapping EVERY game from the 1969-70 NHL schedule with HOCKEY BLAST! Here's the link to the thread on the Delphi Forum--over 1000 posts! Frank then began and finished another historic project, a 44-game season and full playoffs with the All-Time Franchise Great Teams cards! In a thrilling final series, Buffalo held off a determined Chicago rally to win a dramatic seventh game, 4-3 and earn the title of All-Time Champion! Frank's next hockey project was completed 3/2016 with a cross-era season featuring the "MORE Great Teams, Great Games" cards.

[1] LARRY AMBRA • Larry's '92-93 NY Rangers season with HOCKEY BLAST came out very close to the real thing: they had a solid grip on a playoff spot until injuries did them in.

[2] RON ARNST • Ron completed the official 2012 SCRAM race season, presented by RONCO TV Sports, all 32 races, with week-by-week race details on the PLAAY Games Delphi Forum! Vic Holder won the championship, with Stu Yurich, Pete Fred Shaver and Wayne Montana following behind. Ron's "Year One Aleron Baseball Congress" was completed 11/2016 with the 2013 Baseball America cards.

[1] NOEL ARROWSMITH • Noel used the 2012-13 World Hockey League cards to conduct a full-season of his own Continental Hockey League. The Antwerp Hornets defeated the Canberra Griffins 4 games to 2 to become the CHL champions!Both clubs finished the regular season with records of 18-6-6.

[1] CHRIS ATKINS • Chris completed a full replay of the 2014 World Cup with SOCCER BLAST, using the free card set published in the PLAAY Games newsletter last year. Columbia beat Belgium in the final 1-0 with the winning goal from Colombia's Juan Quintero as the second extra time period expired!

[1] ROCKY AYERS • Rocky completed his first PLAAY project (2/18), the 2013 SCRAM Season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'. 32 races in all, the points championship was won by Tom Rossi (968) who won a season-high five races. Ray Bob Walker was a close second, with 957 points. Stu Yurich, Marty Moen and Wayne Montana rounded out Rocky's 2013 Top Five.

[8] TODD BARRE •Todd completed a play-through of the entire 2015 race season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN', Joey Logano won the season-ending Ford EcoBoost 400 from Homestead-Miami Speedway to capture the championship (10/16). Todd's second cup (11/16) was earned for completing the 2016 SCRAM Season, with Ray Bob Walker winning Todd's points championship. Todd added another Cup (7/17) with completion of the 2017 SCRAM season, Ray Bob Walker winning again. Todd's fifth cup was awarded (12/17) for completion of his 2012 SCRAM Season, Wayne Montana earning the points championship. We sent Todd a sixth cup (3/18) for completion of his 2013 SCRAM championship (yes, he did them out of order!), Ray Bob Walker won the '13 championship as well, in the next-to-last race of the season! Todd's 8th Cup was the 2014 SCRAM season, Tom Rossi the points champion. with a season-ending win at Texas National.

[1] PAUL BASTARACHE • Paul's first Cup project was a doozy, a full-season play-through of the 2017 Football America season with SECOND SEASON football. 87 games, all full-played, no Instant Results--and he did it in about three months, finishing 12/17! The Orlando Renegades won Paul's inaugural FAPL Bowl, defeating the Philadelphia Stars 30-13. Rashad Cunningham was named Bowl MVP, with 138 yards rushing on 24 carries, with a pair of touchdowns.

[1] TIM BEECK • Tim played the entire 1977 Cosmos season with SOCCER BLAST and the '77 North American Pro Season cards (12/15). In Tim's season, the Cosmos finished behind the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers in the Atlantic Conference, and the Strikers went on to win Tim's version of Soccer Bowl '77, defeating Seattle.

[1] CHAD BERGER • Chad completed a full play-through of the 1989 NASCAR season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' adding races at Texas World, the Milwaukee Mile, Indianapolis Raceway Park, Nazareth and Nashville to get the schedule to 36 races. "It was a great thrill to do every single race, especially with all the first-time winners I had!" Dale Earnhardt had a great season, with 7 visits to victory lane and 28 top 10 finishes!  Harry Gant won four races and five other drivers won three races each.

[5] SCOTT BABROWSKY • Scott completed an full-season play-through of his MetroLeague soccer project with the 2015 North American Pro League cards for SOCCER BLAST (10/16). The Staten Island Strikers defeated the Jersey Shore Tridents 2-1 in Scott's inaugural MetroBowl. Scott earned a second cup (11/16) with the completion of the 2015 "Knockout Cup," a single-elimination tournament that featured all twenty of the 2015 North American Pro (Soccer) Season cards. Scott's third Cup (7/17) was for competion of the second MetroLeague season with the New Jersey Swans defeating the Queens Rovers 3-1 in MetroCup II! The Jersey Shore Tridents won Metro Cup III, at the conclusion of Scott's third full-season play-through for a fourth Cup (10/17). Scott also completed his 2016 "Knockout Cup" using the MLS teams, for a fifth Cup (12/17).

[2] GARY BROWN • Gary took the fictional World Hockey League card set for HOCKEY BLAST and created his OWN league, the International Hockey Blast Association. The St. Louis Archers won the Iron Division, and matched up with the Long Island Hellcats, champions of the Empire Division, in the league championship series. St. Louis won a dramatic 7-4 decision in game seven, and the Archers captured the league title! Gary's second Cup was for a similar fictional project, a fictional effort using the Century League cards. Gary took the persona of "Duffy Driscoll," manager of the Kansas City Marshalls, and nearly led the Marshalls to the league title!

[1] RON BURGESS • Playing in the "participant mode" of BOWL-O-RAMA Championship Bowling Game, Ron chose his eight favorite bowlers from the various card sets, and used the 205 average generic card to represent his own bowling abilities. He then arranged the bowlers into three teams, and played out a 12-game tournament. Ron's team of himself, Parker Bohn III and Walter Ray Williams won the team championship, with a gaudy 227.5 average. Williams averages 243.5 in this short series, and he and Chris Barnes won individual honors with twin 8-4 records. Ron finished with an individual record of 5-7, and an average of 207.7.

[1] KEN CASTRO • Ken completed an all-time great teams HOCKEY BLAST double-elimination tournament (12/16), with Montreal besting Philadelphia in the final.

[4] TIM CHANDLER • Tim's first cup was for a 2011 NASCAR replay with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' and he earned a second cup for a full-season replay of the '66-67 New York Rangers season with HOCKEY BLAST. Tim's third cup was awarded 10/15 for completion of the 2013-14 Swansea season with SOCCER BLAST. We sent Tim a fourth cup (10/17) for completion of a 2016 Southampton (English Pro League) full-season play-through, in which the Saints finished 18-6-14. "The Goal For (GF) were very close, within .08 per game. The Goals Against (GA) were identical to real life. The replay was very satisfying."

[4] JACK CHRISTENSEN • Jack's 2013-14 World Hockey League with HOCKEY BLAST saw the Finland Fjords defeat the Germany Blades in six games to win the title.The Flying Finns were led by goalie Teppo Toskala and a young front line spearheaded by Colt Kelly and Yannick Lehoux. Jack redeemed three projects at the same time 10/15, earning additional cups for the follow-up 2014-15 WHL season (again won by Finland), a series of vintage baseball tournaments using both "official" and "home brewed" teams for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL, and a hybrid race season that combined drivers from NASCAR and SCRAM into a unique "co-champion" format, won by Davey Allison, Ryan Newman, Kyle Petty, Wayne Montana and Craig Greco!

[1] HAROLD COLEMAN • Harold ran the entire 2013 race season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' (7/2015) with Dale Junior finishing as his champion driver!

[1] ALAN COMPLITANO • Alan completed an amazing six team, twenty game ROLLER RUMBLE schedule with the Roller Derby Legends cards (5/16). The Los Angeles Thunderbirds (13-7) finished the season as runner-up to the first-place Philadelphia Warriors (14-6), but knocked off the Western Renegades 4 games to 2 in the semi-finals, and then defeated the Warriors in an exciting championship series that went the full seven games!

[4] PATRICE COROUGE • Pat put together his own twin ROLLER RUMBLE leagues, featuring skaters from the WIRL card set. Pat's Boston club, led by Stan "The Man" Sterchak, went undefeated to win the East League title. Sterchak was named men's MVP, Buffalo's Betty Hefko was named women's MVP. Vancouver, led by Dan Van Meter, won the West League crown, but was defeated by Boston 41-24 in the Super Cup Game! The East League made it a clean sweep, as their All-Stars defeated the West 37-32 in Pat's All-Star Game. Pat earned a second Cup (10/12) with the second completed roller derby season, this time won by Toronto's Smokin' Track Wheelers 20-17 over Clagary's Thrashin' Squad. Pat's third Cup (12/12) was his North Eastern Hockey League mini-season, with the Boston Blades defeating the Milwaukee Admirals for the title. Halifax's Christiaan Thygessen won the NEHL MVP Award. Pat's fourth Cup (3/18) was for completion of his 2017 Pro National Golf season with HISTORY MAKER GOLF. Dustin Emerick won the championship with 72.5 money points. "Nineteen different player won tournaments, thirteen more earned top three finishes, and a total of 67 golfers earned at least one top ten finish."

[1] THOMAS COX • Thomas created the Universal Hockey Association as a hockey alternative to the fictional baseball league presented in the classic table-top sports book from Robert Coover, Thomas' UHA produced a memorable season of "old-school" hockey! The Greywolves ran wild all year long, winning the Year One Cup with a 15-1-4 mark. Their closest rival was the Old Crowes, at 12-7-1.

[3] MATT CRAWFORD • Matt hit the PLAAYCOM Cup "Daily Double," completing two projects at about the same time, 4/13. Matt's 2012 SCRAM season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' was won by Tom Rossi, who had a comfortable points lead going into the final race, but then had to sweat it out after wrecking early in the race! Matt's second Cup was for completion of a 1965 college football playoff using SECOND SEASON and a set of his own home-brewed teams, available here. Nebraska was Matt's National Champion, defeating Alabama in the Orange Bowl. Matt earned a third cupwith another home-brewed college football project, using the 1975 teams. Ohio State won the national championship in Matt's project, defeating California 27-14 in the Rose Bowl to finish undefeated at 12-0.

[8] FRED CROSBY • Fred completed his 2016 CARS (home brew) stock car championship season (10/16) with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' with results posted on the PLAAY Games Delphi Forum. Fred earned a second cup (12/16) for his UNC Tar heels 2016 football season, done with his own home-brewed SECOND SEASON college teams! Fred's Heels finished 8-4 on the season and defeated Stanford in the Sun Bowl, 13-7. Fred's third cup was another college football home-brew, a sixteen team "Bowl Mania" (1/17). Alabama defeated Ohio State 26-14 to win Fred's college football championship. Fred's fourth Cup (7/17) was for the completion of a full season of his fictional hockey league, the CHL. The powerhouse Barattle Saints (17-3-0) won the championship 4 games to 1 over the scrappy D'Ville Phantoms (10-5-5). Fred's fifth Cup was earned for completion of a full-season of demolition derby action (10/17), Eric Lake won the inaugural Continental Demo Derby Association championship, outlasting the other eleven finalists in the title event at Las Garie. 12/17, Fred earned a sixth cup for completion of his 2017 CARS racing season with RWBR; #6 Al Cottonwood was able to survive the playoffs and finished just ahead of challenger #24 Jerry Wadd, Jr. in the final race, the Boyette 600, to claim his second straight CARS championship driving the Baskin-Robbins Toyota. Fred's seventh Cup (2/18) was for his Continental Pro Golf Tour. In the final event, it came down to a show-down between the season's top two finishers, Heath Somers and Dustin Emerick. Emerick shot a final-round 66 to defeat Somers by eight strokes. Fred's 8th Cup (6/18) was for completing the 2017 Continental Baseball League season, a project which uses the Baseball America players in a team assignment of Fred's own design. The Kingsboro Cobras defeated the San Marco Wranglers in the best-of-five championship series, 3 games to 2.

[2] ALEX DANIEL • Alex played the ENTIRE 1984 USFL season, with SECOND SEASON! His results were quite similar to real-life, with Philadelphia storming through the regular season at 16-2 and winning the league championship. Alex earned a second Cup 7/14 with the completion of a full-season 1980 NFL replay! San Diego won the title with a 41-35 shootout win over Philadelphia.

[1] JOHN DANIEL • John completed his first season of his personal pro wrestling circuit, "HardCore Wrestling Federation" (3/18), with the top ranked wrestlers Haystacks Calhoun (Champion), The Pasquinel Brothers (Tag Team), Fabulous Moolah (Women's Champion), and Sky Low Low (miniature).

[1] LAURENCE DAVIS • earned his first PLAAYCOM Cup with the completion of his DEE Golf Organization season with HISTORY MAKER GOLF (9/2017). "DEE Golf was formed the day I received HMG in the mail and I love it!"

[1] FRANCIS DEMOOR • Francis joins the Page of Fame (11/16) with his 1943 All-American Girls Professional Baseball League home-brew season, a full 108 game season for all four teams. The playoffs showcased first-half champion South Bend against Rockford who had the best second half record. Rockford won the playoffs 3 games to 1. Racine had the best overall record (60-48) but did not win either half. Kenosha finished last never getting a streak going at 49-59.

[1] RAYMOND DESJARLAIS • Ray earned his first PLAAYCOM Cup (6/18) for completing a full-season replay of the '84-85 Minnesota North Stars. Minnesota finished with a 26-50-4 record, very close to its real-life mark. Steve Payne led the Stars with 40 goals, Brian Bellows led in points with 67.

[1] JOHN DUNN • John completed a full-season project based on the 2010 CFL season. John expanded his CFL to include the Ottawa and Quebec clubs from the fictional IPFC set. He played each of the Hamilton Tiger Cats' games, and quick-played the rest of the schedule. John's Ti-Cats finished 9-9, just as in real-life.

[1] JOHN EWING • John completed a full season play-through of the 1956 Yankees season with HMB, with results posted on the PLAAY Games Delphi Forum.

[1] GIDEON EAMES • Gideon's 1980 PGA Tour replay with HISTORY MAKER GOLF concluded with the Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic at Silverado. Tom Watson won the tournament, but he just missed out to Mike Reid in the final money listings for the year. "I had an absolute blast playing with 1980 set, and this really was one of the most enjoyable replays I've ever undertaken!"

[1] MELINDA EMERY • Melinda finished a 108 game season with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL's Century League (2/18), Team 9 winning the pennant with a 72-36 record. String Bean Sammons was 19-7 with a 2.30 ERA, Sammy Solorzano led Melinda's league with 36 homers, and Everett Lettke won the batting championship with a .364 average.

[3] PETER FONG • Peter completed an All-Star Lacrosse Challenge series with LACROSSE BLAST (12/14), with the Pacific Pythons defeating the Atlantic Firestorm 10-8 in game four to win the series, 3 games to 1. Peter earned a second cup (6/16) with the completion of his SOCCER BLAST Global Alliance Football Federation season. His third cup (7/17) was for the completion of the Pacific-Atlantic Lacrosse League season, using the 1976 WILL cards. The top seeded San Francisco Wildcats (relocated from Baltimore before the season began) defeated the second-seeded Montreal Meteors 3 games to 1 for the PALL Cup.

[1] MATT FOX • Matt completed a full HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL tournament with every big league team from the 1954 Pro Season (3/18). "When all was said and done, the championship game was a re-match of the '54 World Series, this time it went seven games though!, instead of a Giants' sweep! The Giants almost didn't make it that far either, as they were upset in a game each by the Pirates and Tigers."

[1] DAVID GAMBRILL • Dave's replay of Edmonton's 2010 "nightmare season" featured a memorable early-season upset of Calgary and a late-season winning streak that allowed Dave to almost match the Eskimos' real-life 7-11 record--Dave's Eskies finished 6-12.

[1] RAY GAUSMAN • Ray completed a full-season play-through of the Pittsburgh Pirates 1974 season with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL (12/17); Ray's Bucs finished just one game away from their real-life '74 record!

[1] JEFF GILBERT • Jeff completed (1/18) his first season of "THUMP! Wrestling Federation," Plenty of twists and turns, with the entire season captured on the PLAAY Games Delphi Forum: you can catch all the action here, starting from the very beginning!

[1] JASON GREGORY • Jason earned a Cup for a complete SECOND SEASON replay of the 2001 World League of American Football season!

[1] DAVID GRAY • David created all the pro teams for the 1970 football season, then played the entire schedule of his beloved Minnesota Vikings. Dave's Vikings finished with a record of 9-3-2, finishing first in the Central Division!

[2] BRETT GREENLEAF • Brett earned his first two cups (3/14) with two completed RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' projects. Brett's 2000's Champions Cup series incorporated the 2000s Stars cards, with Clint Bowyer winning the title. The 2012 NASA Cup Series used the 2012 SCRAM cards, and saw Pete MacAtee win the points title, outdistancing Stu Yurich by 60 point in the 32-race season. Brett earns special recognition, as this project marked our 100th PLAAYCOM Cup! Brett finished his 2013 NASA Cup Series 2/15, earning his third PLAAYCOM Cup. Jordy Pettis dominated the season from the start, and cruised to the points championship.

[1] ZACH GOLDSMITH • Zach completed his HMB season with the 2013 Baseball America cards (6/14), with the Las Vegas Law Dogs defeating the New York Express for the title, with Doug Smoles winning game seven with a dramatic late-inning home run!

[2] CHARLES GUSTAFSON • Charles completed the entire season with the 2012 Pro Season cards for LACROSSE BLAST (5/16). The teams with the two top records met for the title, with Calgary (13-3) avenging two regular-season losses to Toronto (11-5) with a 15-7 championship game win. Chuck's second Cup (2/17) honored his completion of the 2012 SCRAM Season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' with Pete MacAtee winning the points championship thanks to a 4th place finish in the season's final race, the Lone Star Financial 500!

[3] GLENN GUZZO • Glen completed a HOCKEY BLAST "Tournament of Champions" (3/2016) with the championship series pairings from the last half-dozen pro seasons! Glen's second cup was for completion of an amazing "Ultimate Home Stand" with the All-Time Franchise Great cards of his childhood favorite Detroit Tigers. Glen conducted a 55-game home stand at Briggs Stadium, playing a five game series against each of the other AL all-time great teams. Glen completed a full-season play-through of the 1979-80 Philadelphia Flyers with HOCKEY BLAST (6/17). While the Flyers didn't match their historic 35-game unbeaten string, they did win 55 games (55-20-5 vs 48-12-20 in real-life).

[1] DAVID HAILEY • David collected his first cup with completion of the 2012 NASCAR season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' won by Denny Hamlin.

[3] JEFF HALE • Jeff created and completed a remarkable full-season ROLLER RUMBLE roller derby project, the 1960 Texas Plains Roller Derby, complete with full statistics amd even team profit and loss financial statements! The Abilene Cowpunchers won the 1960s title with a 37-32 victory over the Wichita Falls Cascades, in front of 7, 387 fans at the Cattle Coliseum! Jeff's second Cup was perhaps the most ambitious PLAAY Games tabletop project ever: a full-season play-through with the 2013 Baseball America cards! Read about Jeff's Players Federal League season here, an entire league season, +700 games, completed in eight month's time, with paper and pencil! Jeff's third cup (10/17) honored the completion of the second full season of the (2014) Players Federal League. "Max Murphy finished with a 21-3 record and a 1.59 ERA, but lost both of his starts in the PFL Series. This is amazingly similar to Clayton Kershaw of the LA Dodgers in 2014, when he was also 21-3, with a 1.77 ERA, but was 0-2 in the NLDS!"

[1] MIKE HALEY • Mike earned his first cup with completion of his home=brewed E-Z PASS Racing Association (EZRA) season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' (12/16) Peter Ryan won the points-per-race title with 572 points in 24 starts, while Royce Hauseand Red Ruffian lead EZRA with six wins each.

[3] BILL HELLER • Bill completed a full season of races (2/17) with the 2000s Stars cards (which come with the base game). In a neat twist, Bill also created cards for his wife and daughter and added them to the season! Bill writes, "It seems I may have made these cards a bit too strong, they both stayed near the top of the standings throughout the season." In fact, when Jeff Gordon blew an engine near the end of the final race, Barb's 14th-place finish turned out to be enough points to win the chase! (Guys, this is how you get your wife to let you play more tabletop sports!) Bill earned a second cup 12/17 with a similar project using the 1980s Stars cards, except this time no family members challenged for the championship! Instead, Bobby Allison fought off Earnhardt, Waltrip and Elliott to win a dramatic final race at Pocono. Bills third Cup (10/18) was for a customized '70s Stars series, which was won by Richard Petty in the 35th and final race of the season! It came down to Petty and three contenders: Benny Parsons, Bobby Isaac, and a home-brewed card of Bill's brother-in-law, Keith Gunn! NICE!

[1] STEVE HELLER • Steve completed a championship tournament with the 1979-80 Pro Season cards for HOCKEY BLAST. In a true table-top classic, Montreal defeated Boston in seven games to capture the Cup.

[2] BILL HILD • Bill ran a 16-race short season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' using the '80s Stars Card Set. Dale Earnhardt finished first in the points standings, followed by Darrel Waltrip and Kyle Petty. Bill earned a second cup for completion of a world-wide soccer tournament using the fictional World Football Association cards for SOCCER BLAST. Brazil won the championship with a tense victory over Italy, 1-0.

[1] DAVID HILTON • David finished a unique season project with HMB: he played a complete season with the 2013 Baseball America card set, re-named as NL teams! Dave's Cincinnati Reds finished 87-74, in second place.

[3] JOHN HOCHMUTH • John replayed the 1968 Canadian pro season, with COLD SNAP. His results were similar to the real-life '68 season, except Calgary(14-2) bested Saskatchewan(10-5-1) for the West title. Ottawa(13-1) easily claimed the East. Hamilton was the surprise team of the playoffs, making it all the way to the Grey Cup, where Calgary ended the Cinderella story with a 30-13 thumping! John earned a second PLAAYCOM Cup [8/11] by completing a full season project with the original 2000 Football America teams. Bay Area finished with the league's best record at 9-3, and went on to win John's championship with a hard-fought 17-12 victory over Philadelphia in the title game. John completed a full-season play-through of the 1984 USFL season to earn his third Cup. The New Jersey Generals, sparked by a 91-yard touchdown run from Herschel Walker and a rugged defense that shut down high-flying Houston QB Jim Kelly, defeated the Gamblers in the championship game, 14-13.

[5] ERIK HOLDAWAY • Erik re-visited the Rams of his youth in this replay of the 1973 Los Angeles season, and the delivered a perfect 14-0 regular season(they were 12-2 in real-life). Alas, the dream season ended with a 38-13 playoff loss to Dallas. Erik earned a second cup [6/12] with a complete replay of the 2009-10 NHL playoffs, 68 games in all. The San Jose Sharks won Erik's Cup, with a dramatic seventh game victory over the New York Rangers. Erik's third cup (12/13) was for another Rams replay, this time the '78 season. Unlike the '73 project, Erik's '78 Rams suffered through a season of misfortune, culminating with a last-second "Hail Mary" playoff loss to Minnesota. Erik earned a fourth Cup 8/15 with the completion of a "Franchise Best Team" tournament, choosing a top club from each of the 32 NFL teams past, and conducting a single-elimination tournament. The winner? The 2009 New Orleans Saints, who defeated the 2006 San Diego Chargers, 23-14. Erik's fifth cup was awarded for a full-season HMB project featuring the 1969 L. A. Dodgers. Erik's Dodgers came pretty close to the real-life results, exceeding their actual '69 win total by one game.

[1] TIM HOLLERAN • Tim re-played Dallas' 1980 season with SECOND SEASON, directing his 'Boys to a 12-4 mark and wild card berth in the playoffs. Hoping for a strong playoff push, Tim's season came to an untimely end with a 31-21 loss to Atlanta in the wild card game.

[2] DANIEL JACOBSON • Daniel has completed two seasons of his fictional HOCKEY BLAST Cascadian League. Season 1 was tightly-contested, but in the championship Valley Cup series, the top-seeded Boise Barons were swept by the second-ranked Anchorage Kodiaks. Kodiaks goalie Aurelio Lemley won the MVP award, holding the high-powered Barons to just four goals the entire series. Boise returned to the championship series for Season 2, once again compiling the league's best record (21-7-2), but were again upended for the Valley Cup, this time by the Tacoma Talons. Down three games to one, the Talons rallied for a dramatic OT win in game 6 to stay alive in the series, and then won the Cup with a come-from-behind win in game 7.

[1] HARRIS JESSOP, JR. • Harris conducted a hybrid project with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN', mixing together cards from the 2000s Stars, 2016 Pro Season and 2017 SCRAM season. Tony Stewart was the inaugural "Motor Madness" champion, winning both the points title and the playoff chase. BUt it came about accompanied by a strange twist of sports board game fate: Dale Jarrett had locked himself in as a favorite, but was removed from the playoff field for rules violations!

[1] BOB JINKERSON • Bob conducted a NASCAR season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' and the 2000s driver card set. Ryan Newman won Bob's "Decade Cup," followed by Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart.

[1] RON KALMOE • Ron completed a full season HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL play-through with the 1964 Minnesota Twins. "It really surprised me, playing 162 games with one team you really get to know the players!" In Ron's season, Harmon Killebew belted 63 homers, powering the Twins to a better-than-real-life finish of 92-70!

[1] TOM KERWIN • Tom replayed the entire 2011 NASCAR season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'. Carl Edwards won Tom's "Chase" leading in points for most of the season, just like in real-life!

[1] GUY KIPP • Guy replayed the entire 1973 Pro Season with SECOND SEASON football, Miami defeating Los Angeles for the title 26-19. "The Juice" replicated his historic rushing season, finishing with 2014 yards on 351 carries.

[1] JOHN KIRK • John's 1st cup (12/15) was earned as one of the four coaches involved with the 2015 IPFC season full-play co-op project! The London Lumberjacks defeated the Saskatoon Meteors in the championship game, which was played via Skype to a "national audience!"

[2] MARTY KLESTADT • Marty was able to coax a couple extra wins out of his beloved Texans in this SECOND SEASON replay of the 2010 season; they finished 8-8, tied with Indianapolis for the division lead, losing out on tie-breakers. Marty earned a second cup 8/12 with the completion of a one-of-a-kind project: a ROLLER RUMBLE roller derby league populated by cartoon characters! The L.A. Quakes, led by Yogi Bear and Schroder from "Peanuts," won Marty's Cartoon Network League by coming back from a 3 games to 1 deficit to defeat the Great Fondoo's New York Enforcers in seven games!

[1] RYAN KLOEPFER • Ryan played an entire World Cup-like tournament with the 2014 World Football Association cards for SOCCER BLAST, finishing 4/16. Ryan's championship game featured not one but TWO Cinderalla teams, with Saudi Arabia defeating South Africa 2-1!

[9] LENNY LAFRANCE • Lenny has completed three full seasons coaching the Golden Bay club from the Football America set. Lenny's Golden Bay Knights finished the 2010 season with a record of 8-8, but dipped to a 5-11 record for the 2011 season. RB Jerrick Spann-Daniels cleared the 1000-yard rushing mark on the final day of the 2011 season! For the 2012 season, Lenny's Knights posted an 11-5 record, finishing with five straight wins, good for second place in the Western Conference.Lenny's '13 Knights finished 8-8 for his--appropriately enough--eighth Cup, awarded 7/14! Lennyearned his fourth Cup 2/13 with the completion of his home-brewed "City League" roller derby, won by the Eight Wheelers, who defeated the Orange Peels in a low-scoring affair, 14-13. Lenny's fifth Cup (12/13) was for a 1963-64 Boston Bruins HOCKEY BLAST project. Lenny's B's finished with much the same record as their real-life counterparts, 18-47-5. Lenny's sixth Cup was for COLD SNAP, with Lenny's IPFC Quebec club suffering through a season marked with a parade of QB injuries! Still, they managed to finish a respectable 5-7, with waiver wire pickup QB Bruce Kennedy piloting the team at the end. Lenny earned a seventh cup 7/14 with the completion of a 2013 Toronto Rock replay with LACROSSE BLAST. Lenny's Rock finished 11-5, Garrett Billings leading all scorers with 104 points. Lenny's 9th cup (12/15) was earned as one of the four coaches involved with the 2015 IPFC season full-play co-op project, as well as being the creator of the card set! The London Lumberjacks defeated the Saskatoon Meteors in the championship game, which was played via Skype to a "national audience!"

[2] ANDY LEWIS • Andy was the inagural champion of a six-team SOCCER BLAST league, drafted from the 2014 North American Pro Season players. His Virigina Cavalry finished atop the league standings with a 6-3-1 record. Andy's Missoula Maulers won the first GHL (Gobsmacked Hockey League!) title earning him his second cup (1/17).

[1] DAVID LITTLE • David completed a 36-race 2015 Pro Season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' (2/18). Kevin Harvick won the championship ahead of Joey Logano, Paul Menard and Denny Hamlin.

[1] SCOT LONG • Scott garnered a nice Delphi following with his completely original NCAA stock car racing series (RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'), with cars assigned to major colleges decked out in school colors! LSU led the overall points at the halfway point, but faded. The overall points battle came down to the last race of the season: California, Ohio State, Nebraska and Notre Dame battled it out for the National Championship in the Orange Bowl 600, with California coming out on top! Completed 8/16.

[12] BRIEN MARTIN • Brien completed a full 24 race season with his home-brewed RaceAmerica stock car association, using RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'. Chris Cain's #32 Pizza Hut Dodge won the points title, followed by Ricky Jacobs and Clinton Sandoval. Brien earned a second Cup 3/12 for a BOWL-O-RAMA bowling league based on his growing-up years in Bucks County, PA, using the City League card set. In Brien's championship series, Penn Fruit defeated Greenwood Dairies in the decisive game three, 902-801. Brien got a third cup for another BOWL-O-RAMA project, using the fictional Bowling America Congress cards, and a six team league set-up. Chicago, led by Don Rhoda and Bill Correll, defeated Buffalo for the Pro Bowler's league title Brien.earned twin cups(2/15) for his Football Association of the United States soccer project with SOCCER BLAST, a really cool take-off of European-style “football” with American teams. Brien also completed an amazing fictional stock car season, the Pepsi Racing League, with his own corps of drivers and a stunningly thorough racing season yearbook! He's since completed the 2016 (points champion, Erik Robinson) and 2017 (points champion, Clinton Bailey) seasons. In 2015, Brien finished a full-season SOCCER BLAST project using his own home-brewed cards, with which he stocked the twelve teams of his resurrected North American Soccer League, the Seattle Sounders winning the titled. He had so much fun, he doubled the size of the league and completed a second full season, this time with the Toronto Metros winning the NASL championship.(1/16). We sent Brien two more cups (1/17) for two completed home-brew seasons with HOCKEY BLAST. In Brien's '54-55 NHL season, Detroit finished in first place but third place Toronto won the title, led by an MVP season from goalie Terry Sawchuk. In Brien's Keystone Hockey League, Reading won the regular season easily but then had to survive a tense five game series against Johnstown to win the championship.

[2] BOB MAVER • Bob created his own HOCKEY BLAST cards for the 1963-64 AHL Cleveland Barons, and then played out a complete season against NHL competition! Bob's Barons missed the playoffs, but barely. Bob earned a second Cup (5/15) by completing his International Cup soccer tournament with the fictional WFA cards for SOCCCER BLAST. Ecuador defeated Mexico for Bob's Cup, a scoreless match that was decided with a shoot-out! Brien added a 12th Cup (12/18) with the completion of his Premier League football season.

[1] GREG McCLELLAN • Greg played out the entire 2010 NFL season with SECOND SEASON, an amazing replay that can be followed here. Just like real-life, the Packers won the championship, defeating the Patriots instead of the Steelers, 31-21.

[2] GREG McCONKEY • Greg completed a replay of the 1987 Canada Cap (cards offered as a newsletter freebie!), culminating in a classic Canada vs. Soviet Union title series! Canada won two close games to earn the cup! Greg eraned a second cup (1/18) with the completion of his MCW wrestling TV season with FACE TO THE MAT. Greg used home-brewed wrestlers for this project, some of them were characters he'd created when he was in seventh grade! In all, there were 66 plays, including several big Pay-Per-View shows! "That's the most times I've ever played any game!"

[1] CHAD McEVOY • Chad played out a "quick" season with the All-Time Franchise Great Teams team cards for SECOND SEASON, using the "Fab Four" Late-Game Scenario Generator and the Instant Results chart. "I played a 16 game season for all 32 teams; each week I picked a game-of-the-week, which I finished with Fab Four. The rest of the games were quick-played with the Instant Results chart." It was a classic New England vs. Green Bay match-up in Chad's championship game, with a late Aaron Rodgers to Don Hutson TD pass the difference in a 35-31 Packers win!

[1] LUKE McEVOY • Luke completed an "international shootout" (8/2017) with sixteen teams each playing a "win to stay in" qualifying match. The winners continued to advance, with Argentina, Uruguay, Switzerland and Brazil made it to the final four. Argentina won the title by defeating Switzerland. Sergio Aguero was Luke's Player of the Tournament!

[2] TERRY McLAUGHLIN • Terry earned his first cup for completion of a full-season project with the 2000s Stars drivers, RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'(3/18). "It was quite a wild season, with lots of storylines and twists. Most of the season, Denny Hamlin led in points until a few DNFs dropped him to second place. We saw Dale Junior injured and out for the season after 28 races, and Jeremy Mayfield was suspended for two races for engine modifications! The final race at Homestead was very exciting, Tony Stewart captured the Series Cup on the very last turn!" Terry's second Cup (6/18) was for a complete run-through of the 2018 SCRAM schedule. "The biggest story," writes Terry, "was the meteoric rise and fall of Ray Bob Walker!" Walker was at the top of the point standings and had a 100-point lead at mid-season, before an incident with Trevor Trostel and a string of bottom-of-the-pack finishes. Wow!

[1] CURTIS MILBOURN • Curtis completed a play-through of the 1979 Winston Cup season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' (6/16). Richard Petty won his points championship, followed by Benny Parsons, Darrell Waltrip and Bobby Allison.

[4] JERRY MINKS • Jerry replayed the 1989 NASCAR season, which featured 10 different winners in the first 10 races. Mark Martin won the Winston Cup with consistent finishes and 2 victories. Darrell Waltrip and Terry Labonte led the way with 5 wins each, but could not overtake Martin in the standings. Jerry earned a second Cup (6/13) by finishing the entire 2011 NASCAR season, with four contenders heading into the final race! When the smoke cleared, Kevin Harvick won the title edging Carl Edwards by four points! Jerry's 3rd cup [2/14] was for completing a full replay of the '79 NASCAR season, with Darrel Waltrip winning the points title, followed by Bobby Allson and Richard Petty, who suffered a mid-season sanction and loss of points. Jerry's fourth Cup was earned for finishing the 2016 NASCAR season, with Kyle Busch winning the season points title, but Kevin Harvick winning the chase championship.

[14] RALPH MONTONARO • Ralph completed 2015 Canadian Pro League project with COLD SNAP (9/16), Montreal defeating Ottawa in the championship game 30-24. Ralph's second cup was for a completed roller derby season (1/17), with the Legends cards. The San Francisco Bay Bombers defeated the Midwest Pioneers five games to two in a nine-game championship series. Ralph's 1969-70 Boston Bruins played a lengthy series of games against all of the 1972 WHA teams, defeating the Winnipeg Jets in the championship series for a third PLAAYCOM Cup (10/16). For his fourth Cup, Ralph completed a full-season SOCCER BLAST play-through of Manchester United, taking them all the way to the Grand Final, where they were defeated by Arsenal 1-0. Ralph's fifth cup (7/17) was earned by completeing a season long play of the Internationale Futbol Liga, in which Germany I beat Sweden in the Grand Final 1-0. Ralph's sixth cup (9/17) was granted for his season long "All Red Sox League" with the 1961 Boston Red Sox standing in 1st place! Ralph's seventh cup (12/17) was for completion of his 2016 CFL play-through with COLD SNAP, the Ottawa Redblacks winning Ralph's Grey Cup. Ralph picked up an eighth cup for competion of his roller dery legends season with ROLLER RUMBLE, featuring the Charlie O'Connell and the San Francisco Bay Bombers. Ralph earned a ninth cup for completing an eight-tournament series with HISTORY MAKER GOLF (1/18), Phil Mickelson earning top honors. Ralph's tenth cup (1/18) was for a 30-game HOCKEY BLAST season with the 1969-70 "original six" teams. We sent Ralph an 11th cup (3/18) to commemorate his first-ever tabletop baseball no-hitter, twirled by '75 Boston's Bill Lee vs. the '35 Boston Braves. Ralph earned three more cups in 2018, for these projects: (12) All-Time International HOCKEY BLAST Tournament, won by Canada; (13) 2017 Pro Season replay with COLD SNAP, Ottawa (again) won the championship 34-10 over Edmonton; (14) 2017 NASCAR Season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' won by Kyle Busch.)

[5] GARY MORGAN • Gary sent in spreadsheet results (1/18) of four fully-completed, full-season NASCAR play-throughs with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' including 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016! Wow! He's been a busy table gamer last couple of years! He added a fifth Cup (10/18) for finishing the 2017 season, "Truex first and Harvick third, just like real-life!"

[12] GEORGE MULLINS • George created a six team league using the fictional IPFC teams for COLD SNAP, the Dog River Mutts finished third in the standings, but upset top-seeded Quebec 50-25 in the opening round, and won the league championship with a 44-29 win over the London Meteors. George has earned three PLAAYCOM Cups for completing his 2010, 2011 and 2012 United Roller Derby League seasons with ROLLER RUMBLE. The 2010 title was won by the Canadian Braves, who defeated the Kansas City Ramblers 56-37 in the decisive seventh game of the championship series. In the 2011 season. The Kansas City Ramblers returned to the championship series, but were upended by the Denver Buckaroos in the seventh game of the championship series. The 2012 URDL title was a rematch of 2011, and again the Denver Buckaroos won it all, this time in five games. George earned a fifth cup with the completion of his 2011 People's Football League, a 12-team league powered by SECOND SEASON. The Lawndale Knights won the Eugene Debs Trophy as PFL champions, defeating the New York Hornets 8-7. George picked up a sixth Cup (7/12) by completing a time-bending "showdown series" between geographic rivals from the1960 NFL and 2010 Football America. George's 2012-13 United Roller League earned him a seventh cup (2/13) with the Brooklyn Red Devils capturing the Leo Seltzer Cup, defeating the Denver Buckaroos in an exciting game seven, 50-32. George picked up an eighth Cup 6/14 with the completion of his Federal Indoor Lacrosse League with LACROSSE BLAST. George's 9th cup was earned via the "Robin Yates Farewell Tour," a season-long 2013 season replay of retiring FA Memphis QB Robin Yates--he led Memphis to an 8-4 record. George is one busy table-top gamer! George was sent a 10th cup 10/15 for his 1971 Canadian Football replay. George's 11th cup (12/15) was earned as one of the four coaches involved with the inaugural 2015 IPFC season full-play co-op project. The London Lumberjacks defeated the Saskatoon Meteors in the championship game, which was played via Skype to a "national audience!" George earned an 11th cup (2/17) for his completion of the 1962 Green Bay Packers Challenge, playing "The Pack" against a variety of teams from other seasons and leagues.

[1] MIKE PAGE • Mike completed his 2012 SCRAM Season, with Tom Rossi winning the Chase. Pete MacAtee dominated the regular season, but faltered in the final race, opening the door for Rossi. “Although this replay took me just over a year to complete (apparently my daughter’s wedding last year was more important than continuing this replay), I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact as I got towards the Chase format, I started to speed up my playing and ran 3 races to finish it in one day.”

[2] ETHAN MUSULIN • Ethan completed an epic 41-event ICONS golf tournament (1/18) with HISTORY MAKER GOLF's' All-Time Great cards, Arnold Palmer winning the championship with a playoff final-round win. Ethan earned a second cup (8/18) with the completion of his 2016 Chargers season with SECOND SEASON Pro Football. Ethan's Chargers finished 11-5, earning a trip to the playoffs as a wild card entrant. They knocked off the Texans in the first round before losing to the Patriots to finish 12-6.

[2] PAUL O'CONNOR • Paul earned a pair of cups (3/18) for his RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' (Motorhead Cup season) and HOCKEY BLAST (Sudden Death Hockey Leage) projects. You can read all about them on Paul's "Distant Replay" sports game website!

[5] VINEY PHENG • Viney played out the 1963 San Diego Chargers season with SECOND SEASON and a set of 1963 "home brew" teams he created himself. Viney's Chargers finished the regular season at 14-1, and steamrolled Boston in the championship game 49-10. (Real-life score: 51-10!) Viney earned a second Cup (7/12) by playing out the Chargers' '64 season--again, using teams he created himself--leading the Chargers to a 10-4 record, and defeating Buffalo in the championship game. Viney's third Chargers replay, from 1965, resulted in another San Diego title--a three-peat! Viney's fourth Cup (4/14) was for completing the 1960 AFL season, with Houston winning a shoot-out over San Diego 43-28. Viney completed the '61 AFL season (8/16) for his fifth cup!

[1] GARY PICKERING • Gary played out a complete season using the 1976 World Indoor Lacrosse League card set, reporting every game on the PLAAY Games Delphi Forum! Montreal had the best record in the league at 12-2 and won the league title with a 13-9 win over New York.

[2] RAY PRICE •Ray completed an amazing full-season HOCKEY BLAST play-through with the 1963-64 Pro Season (6/17). "It was great seeing those names again, Hull, Mikita, Howe, Wharran, all coming to life!" Chicago dominated the regular season, but was toppled in the playoffs by Detroit, who was then knocked off in the finals by Toronto. Ray got a second cup (8/18) with completion of his 2017 Big League tournament with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL. Using the 2017 Pro In-Season set, Ray did a round-robin tournament that included all 30 pro teams. 58 series, 332 games and after all was said and done, the number one seed LA Dodgers were Ray's champions. "The Dodgers never lost a series, never even had one go seven games!"

[8] JOE PRITCHARD • Joe just finshed(5/13) his second full season of the Miidwest Football League, using the fictional Football America teams for SECOND SEASON. The 2012 season saw the St. the Louis Stallions trample the Michigan Panthers 40-7 for theinaugural MFL title. In 2013, Madison Mustangs won the championship, defeating the Kansas City Monarchs 22-15. Read more about Joe's MFL exploits! For the 2014 MFL season, the Cincinnati Rockets shut out the Minnesota Muskies in the title game, 19-0. The 2015 Championship game was an instant classic, with the Madison Mustangs outlasting the upstart Chicago Blues 38-32 in overtime. The 2014 and 2015 Cups were awarded 4/14. Joe earned a fifth cup with the completion of a tournament-style season project using Dave Gambrill's home-brewed 1981 CFL season, available on the "free stuff" page! Joe's sixth cup was awarded 4/15 upon completion of the 2016 Midwest Football League season, with the Milwaukee Brewers defeating the Chicago Blues 37-24 to win the championship. Joe's 7th cup (12/15) was earned as one of the four coaches involved with the 2015 IPFC season full-play co-op project. The London Lumberjacks defeated the Saskatoon Meteors in the championship game, which was played via Skype to a "national audience!" Joe's eighth cup was earned through COLD SNAP as well, as his Halifax Schooners defeated the Saskatoon Meteors 38-6 in the 2016 IPFC Cartier Bowl (10/16).

[1] BRIEN REISING • Brian completed his Southwest Ohio Baseball League season with HMB, the Hillsboro Walleyes winning the pennant in an exciting five-game series over Harrison!

[1] CHRISTIAN REISMANN • Christian completed the 2014 SCRAM season (10/16) with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' running the entire project from the perspective of a rookie driver (himself!). Christian finished 35th in the overall point standings, you can read how the season went via Christian's posts on the PLAAY Games Delphi Forum.

[8] RON RENZINI • Ron replayed the Pittsburgh Penguins' 2010-11 season with HOCKEY BLAST, with results very close to what happened in real-life. Ron's Pens finished 45-28-7, compared with 47-25-8 in real-life! Ron earned a second Cup (9/12) with the completion of his Calgary Stampeders season using COLD SNAP, and a third (11/12) with the completion of a second Penguins replay, this time using the 1969-70 season! Ron's fourth Cup (12/12) was for his 2011 Philadelphia Eagles replay with SECOND SEASON. Ron's Eagles finished 7-9 compared to 8-8 in real-life. Ron's fifth Cup was for another HOCKEY BLAST project, a full replay of the 2011-12 NHL playoffs, every series! In Ron's project, it was the NY Rangers defeating the St. Louis Blues for the Stanley Cup. Ron earned his sixth Cup(1/14) with an amazing full-season schedule using the ADDL cards for DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN! Read about it HERE! Ron picked up a 7th Cup[2/14] with a replay of the Penguin's 2012-13 season; Ron's Pens went 33-12-3 vs 36-12-0 in real life! We sent Ron an eighth cup (6/14) for his work in orchestrating a communityreplay of the '92-93 Hartford Whalers season with HOCKEY BLAST. Ron kept track ofwho played what, added up all the stats, and played a good chunk of the games himself. Eight different gamers took part in this project, with the Whalers exactly matching their actual point total for the season! In real-life, they were 26-52-6, while the community guided them to a record of 25-51-8!

[2] JEFF ROBINSON • In an amazing display of patience, grit, and determination, Jeff replayed the entire 2005 pro football season--every team, every game--with SECOND SEASON! It took him almost four years to complete, with the championship game played 8/11; a last-second field goal lifted Seattle past Carolina 23-20! Jeff then began another full-season replay, of the 2007 season, completed 4/16! New England defeated Green Bay for the championship 27-10, Tom Brady completing 32 of 37 passes to earn MVP honors.

[1] CHRIS ROHAN • Chris completed the 2013-14 English Pro Season with SOCCER Blast (8/15).

[7] JOHN ROTHLEY • Jon created the Michigan Hockey League, using the fictional WHL card set for HOCKEY BLAST. John's inaugural 2010-11 MHL season was won by the Petosky Phantom, beating the Kalamazoo Knights in a dramatic game seven of the championship series. The 2011-12 MHL season was completed 6/12, with Petosky again facing Kalamazoo, except this time the Knights won the series 4 games to 1. John completed the 2012-13 season of the MHL 3/14, with an upset-filled playoffs that saw Petoskey and Kalamazoo make early exits and Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids make their first "Frozen Four" playoff appearances. In the title series, the Flint Fighting Saints kncoked off the Detroit Demolition 4 games to 1. John's 2013-14 season [7/15], with the same two teams and the same result, Flint defeating Detroit, this time in six games. John picked up two more cups (9/2017); he completed the 2014-15 Michigan Hockey League season, with the Flint Fighting Saints claiming their third consecutive title, defeating the Lansing Lynx four games to two. And he wrapped up a unique motocross project with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' using motorcycle cards he created himself! His 2006 MotoGP season was won by #69 Hayden, just as it was in real-life that year! John's seventh cup (1/18) was for finishing his sixth season of the MHL, with the upstart Portage Lake Pioneers claiming their first Mitten Cup by defeating the Lansing Lynx four games to one.

[4] DAN RUDOPLH • Dan completed a 38-game SOCCER BLAST season with his favorite English Pro team, Tottenham. “My Spurs split it right down the middle with 14 victories, 10 draws and 14 defeats.   Had five consecutive games where a win turned into a tie in the second half.”  Dan earned a second cup (1/16) for completing the 2014 San Francisco Giants season with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL, Dan's Giants earning the NL Wild Card, defeating Washington in the semi-finals, and then knocking off Pittsburgh for the pennant! Dan's third cup (5/16) was another Tottenham season with SOCCER BLAST, a fourth-place finish, "Remarkable, fun season as Kane went on quite a goal-scoring streak!" Dan's fourth cup (3/18) was awarded for finishing a full-blown 24-team All-Time-Franchise Great Teams tournament with HOCKEY BLAST. "Some great games, including Toronto scoring 7 goals in the third period to defeat St. Louis 9-8! In Dan's final, the Islanders beat the Avs in double OT 3-2.

[1] CHARLIE SACHELI • Earned a well-deserved PLAAYCOM Cup for completing an epic full-season play-through of the "Amazin'" 1962 New York Mets with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL! Charlie's Mets finished with the same record as the real Mets did, 40-120.

[1] MIKE SAGLIANO • Mike's REgional Demolition Derby finished a complete season of events, fueled by Mike's endless imagination and DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN. Events ranged from the season-opening Saltport Slamjam," to the "Bridgewater Damage-By-Design Derby," and "Marbleledge Motor Madness."

[1] CHRIS SAGUISAG • Chris completed his "Starbucks Cup" racing series with the 2012 SCRAM cards.

[3] GIORGIO SALVADEGO • Using SECOND SEASON, Giorgio took his Raiders into the playoffs as a Wild Card team, finishing 12-4. Then came road playoff wins over Baltimore, New England(in a snow storm, no less) and Kansas City, sending Giorgio and his Raiders to the Big Game against Chicago! Giorgio earned a second Cup with the completion of his home-brewed Swiss Racing League season, the cards and tracks are posted on the "free stuff" page! Giorgio's third Cup (10/13) was for a 2011 Saskatchewan Roughriders replay, where his stellar coaching guided the Riders into the playoffs with a 13-5 regular season record!

[2] BILL SAUERBIER • Bill's 2016 SCRAM season saw Ray Bob Walker win the regular season championship, but Pete MacAtee won the "chase" points title, finishing just ahead of (in this order) Tom Rossi, Mooch Thomas, Jordy Pettis and Julee Justis (12/16). Bill finished his 2017 SCRAM season 12/18, with Brooks Billovich holding off Pete MacAtee, Ray Bob Walker and Julee Justus for the championship at Texas National Motor Raceway!

[1] CHRIS SCHEEL • Chris completed a "Great Teams, Great Games" tournament with SECOND SEASON, which ended with a classic "what-if" match-up, the '72 Dolphins against the '85 Bears. The Bears rallied late but came up short, losing 26-24, and the Dolphins were perfect--again!

[1] IAN SCHILLER • Ian played out the Montreal's entire 1979-80 hockey season with HOCKEY BLAST (completed 4/16), here's a link to the thread chronicling the entire season!

[2] BRUCE SCOTT • Bruce played out an entire NCAA college hockey tournament with HOCKEY BLAST, using Andy Lewis' 2009-10 card set. RIT defeated Yale in the championship game, 2-1. Bruce earned a second Cup (4/13) for the completion of his North American Hockey League season, which used the fictional WHL cards. The Ft. William Pirates won Bruce's NAHL title, defeating the Boise Bears in the FD Scott Memorial best two-of-three championship series.

[2] SEALSFAN1 • Completed a full-season replay of the ’74-75 California Golden Seals, which was well-documented and thoroughly enjoyed by many ‘70s hockey fans. Pete got a little extra oomph from his Seals, they finished with 56 points (20-44-16), five points better than the “real Seals” did in ’75.SealsFan got a second cup 12/17 for completion of an all-star "Great Teams League" using the "MORE Great Teams, Great Games" cards for HOCKEY BLAST. The '71 Bruins finished with a 30-7-7 record, and swept '99 Dallas in the championship series.

[1] JULE SIGALL • Jule's Redmond Mustangs won the first-ever HMB Forum Championship (10/15), a four-team league made up of members of the PLAAY Games Delphi Forum.

[2] CHAD SMITH • Chad's 2015 Football America season (completed 10/15) saw the Chicago Blizzard finish the regular season at 9-3, defeat San Antonio in the semi-finals 24-21 and win an exciting championship game against the Philadelphia Revolution, 34-31. Chad claimed another cup (8/18) with his "Original Six" HOCKEY BLAST project. Chad drafted from the WHL card set and created fictional versions of the Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, New York and Toronto "Original Six" franchises. Playing as the Red Wings, Chad finished 19-10-1, ahead of Chicago, Montreal and Boston. In the championship series, Chad's Wings knocked out the Habs in five games.

[1] BRETT SONNENSCHEIN • Brett's HOCKEY BLAST "Duel of the Decades" Cup project (concluded 6/18) pitted his hand-picked collection of All-Time Franchise Great Teams skaters, grouped by decades: 1920s through the '50s!

[5] MARK STRAHLENDORF • Mark completed a full replay of the 2011-12 NCAA college hockey tournament with HOCKEY BLAST, including replays of all five major Division I conferences, leading to four eight-team regionals. The Maine Black Bears were Mark's champions! Mark earned a second Cup (11/13) with the completion of his full-season replay of the 1964 St. Louis Cardinals season with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL! Mark's Cardinals won the NL pennant, then defeated the Yankees in the World Series.Mark's third and fourth Cups (11/13)were for single-team hockey replays with HOCKEY BLAST. Mark's 2011-12 Boston Bruins finished with 111 points, earning them the President's Trophyas well as a PLAAYCOM Cup! Tukka Rask led the Bs wiith a sparkling 2.12 GAA and eight shutouts. Mark's 2011-12 Chicago Blackhawks finished second in the tough Central Division, led by Marian Hossa's 120 points and Patrick Kane's 106. Mark's fifth Cup (12/13) was for a complete 38-game World Baseball Championship tournament using Rick Lawes' excellent WBC home-brew set, posted on the free stuff page. In Mark's finale, Japan defeated Venezuela 3-2 for the title. Masahiro Tanaka was named tournament MVP.

[1] MARK STRINGFELLOW • Mark finished a play-through of the 2012 SCRAM season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' (3/2017).

[2] MITCH STERN • Mitch finished a full race schedule using the 2000s Stars cards for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' with Jimmie Johnson edging out Tony Stewart in his points total! Mitch earned a second Cup (5/15) by completing his 2012 SCRAM Season, with Mooch Thomas nudging past Pete MacAtee for the championship.

[1] JIM SURPRENANT • Jim completed a full TV season of wrestling for two separate federations, each with its own TV "show" with FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game (11/16)! Forty shows in all! The Ultimate Wrestling League's weekly show was called "The U," while the American Wrestling League's show was called "AWoL!" UWL Title holders: HEAVYWEIGHT, Sergeant Slash; CRUISERWEIGHT, Seamus O'Rourke; TAG, "A-Bomb" (Nuke Newsome and Toxic Tom); WOMEN'S, All That Glitters; WOMENS TAG, "Natual Watts" Natural Woman and Mega Watts. AWL Title holders: HEAVYWEIGHT: The Duke; CRUISERWEIGHT: Kid Cowboy; TAG, "Post Mortem" (Dead Guy/Grave Digger); WOMEN'S: Betty Jane Normal.

[2] JIM SURPRENANT • Jim completed a HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL tournament (6/18) using the 2018 Baseball America cards. "To add a little bit of fun to the project, I re-named all the teams using their BA team number!" Jim's tourney came down to a best of five series between the (ninth-ranked) #1s and the "Three-Petes," won by the "Three-Petes" three games to two! Jim's second Cup (10/18) was for completion of his 2016 SCRAM Season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'. Pete MacAtee won the points championship (386), "MacAtee ran consistently throughout the regular season and easily finished in the top 3. He positioned himself well to catch Tom Rossi and take control of the Chase points." Runner-up to MacActee was TJ Surprenant--yes, a home-brewed, living room favorite! Rounding out the top five: Jordy Pettis, Rossi, Goeff Daly, Jr.

[1] DAVID THREN • David completed a full season play-through of his own American Pastime League, using the Century League cards for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL (8/16). "Carson City and Annapolis ran away with it. No World Series, just pennant winners until next season."

[11] STEVE TOWER • Steve replayed the 2009 New York Jets season using SECOND SEASON. In real-life, the Jets made it to the AFC championship game before losing to the Colts. In Steve's replay, they made it all the way to Miami and registered a thrilling 30-27 overtime win over the Saints! Steve earned a second PLAAYCOM Cup (4/11) with his fictional 2010 Rivals Hockey League season, using the World Hockey League cards for HOCKEY BLAST. The Plattsburgh Blast took the RHL title, upsetting the Syracuse Power in the New York Division playoff, and then knocking off the Canton Bulldogs in for the Rivals Cup! Steve earned a third Cup (12/12) by completing a SECOND SEASON replay of the 1984 New York Jets season, Steve's Jets finished 10-6, but missed the playoffs in a strong AFC playoff field--Steve quick-played the rest of the '84 season using the Instant Results chart that comes with the '84 season. Steve's fourth cup went out 2/13, in honor of his 2012 SCRAM stock car season, with #99 Wayne Montana winnning the points championship. Steve's fifth cup (2/14) was for completion of his Cape Cod Baseball League season with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL.Walpole won the championship over Wellsfleet, with Junior Ayala winning the MVP award. Steve's sixth cup was earned 3/14, with the completion of the 2013 SCRAM season with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'.Stu Yurich won the Gate Cup points title, staving off a challenge from Ray Bob Walker--one point separated the two going into the season's final race. Steve's seventh cup (11/15) was in honor of a full-season play-through of the 1957 Boston Patriots with SECOND SEASON. Steve's Pats finished 6-7-1, with MLB Sisto Averno being named team MVP. Steve earned an eighth cup (4/16) with another football season, this one with the 2015 Football America cards, where Steve's Boston Minutemen (transplanted from Philadelphia!) made it to the championship game against the Golden Bay Bridges: Steve played the game live on YouTube, archived here! Steve's ninth cup (6/16) with the completion of his 2015 SCRAM Season. Steve's tenth cup (10/17) was awarded after his Boston Minutemen won the 2017 Football America championship, defeating Orlando in the title game. Steve's eleventh cup (12/17) was for completion of the 2017 SCRAM season, with Jordy Pettis in the #17 Black Widow Ford edging Julee Justus for the points championship.

[1] TIM TUCKER • Tim's Global Soccer Invitational (completed 1/18) featured all twenty teams from the 2016 World Football Association Group "A" cards, a traditional world soccer event subdivided into five four-team sub-groups. The five group winners and three wild-card teams comprised the "knockout" round. Belgium defeated Brazil 1-0 in the championship game.

[1] IAN TURNER • Ian created his own Saxon Fictional Football League using the World Football Association cards, and then played the entire season on his tabletop: +200 games! Broadchurch went on to become Saxon League Champions, edging Luxton & District by one point.

[7] DAN VAN ANTWERP • Dan completed the entire 2011 race season [3/13] with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' with Ryan Newman holding on to the points championship after challengers Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards both wrecked during the final race! (Yes, Edwards wrecked!) Dan's second Cup was the result of completing the 1977 NASL with SOCCER BLAST, 26 games for each team! Tampa Bay dominated Dan's tabletop, finishing with a 23-3 record! Dan finished a long-delayed 2012 SCRAM season (8/16), with Wayne Montana winning the final two races to snatch the points championship. Next (6/17), Dan completed a full-season play-through of the 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers season, with the Dodgers running away with the division championship and defeating the Yankees for the '56 world championship. Concurrently with that project, Dan ran a full golf season with HISTORY MAKER GOLF and the 2000s Stars, with Tiger Woods the overwhelming winner. Dan's sixth cup was awarded for finishing a full-season 1989 NASCAR play-through with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' (7/18). In a finish for the ages, Rusty Wallace beat out Mark Martin for the championship by a SINGLE point! Dan's seventh Cup (11/18) was for an amazing three-year tabletop project he completed with his son Andy, a 50-game HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL project with the 2013 Baseball America cards. "It was really a fantastic experience: 280 games including the playoffs, with an upset in the championship series. The Philadelphia Flyers bested the Houston Cosmonauts 4-1 in the series, which featured some great pitching and three nailbiters!"

[3] BILL WENTWORTH • Bill created the '58 pro football season using the "how-to" guide for SECOND SEASON, and then played the entire season game-by-game! The Giants and Colts won their respective divisions with 10-2 records, then Baltimore claimed the title with an exciting 20-17 victory. Bill earned a second PLAAYCOM Cup (4/11) with the completion of his 1971 Canadian Football League season using COLD SNAP. Bill's '71 season played out very much like the real '71 season, with Toronto (10-4) winning the East, and Calgary (10-6) capturing the west. Calgary took advantage of four Joe Theismann interceptions to win Bill's '71 Grey Cup, 35-11. Bill earned a third Cup (5/12) for finishing a full twelve-team replay of the 1956 NFL season. As in real-life, Bill's title game featured the Giants defeating the Bears. But Bill's game was much closer (20-17) than the actual score, 47-7.

[2] AL WILSON • Al completed a truly EPIC table-top project with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN', a full race schedule using a customized version of the 2012 SCRAM cards. Al's race roster was filled with actual PLAAY Gamers who also own the game. You can read about the final race here. Smokin' Joe Roberts AKA Joe Eich from Elizabeth, NJ won the championship by a single point, on the final race of the season! Al earned his second cup 2/15 by completing his 1977 Philadelphia Phillies season with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL, a project that was begun when the game first came out in the spring of 2013. Al managed to eke out a couple extra wins for his Phils, finishing 104-58.

[4] MARK WILSON • Mark played the 1968 Detroit Tigers season with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL, guiding the Tigers to a 113-51 record. "Baltimore was hard to beat, great pitching," says Mark! Mark earned a second Cup with a home-brewed '63 Tigers season, where Detroit fell just short of the Yankees for the pennant, despite winning 100+ games! Mark's third cup (1/17) was for an amazing eight-team AL All-Time Franchise Great Teams half-season, each team played 80 games. Mark writes, "Clemens threw a no-hitter against Minnesota but overall Yankee pitching didn't hold up even though Mantle couldn't be stopped. Best all-around teams were Boston and Detroit." Mark earned a fourth Cup for his 1963-64 Detroit Red Wings season play-through with HOCKEY BLAST (6/17). Mark was able to eke out a couple extra wins for his Wings, finishing 33-29-8 (real-life 30-29-11). No surprise, Gordie Howe led all scorers with 63 goals!

[6] BERNIE WYATT • Playing the 2009 Saskatchewan season with COLD SNAP, Bernie's Riders finished 11-6-1, concluding the regular season with a stirring 35-34 come-from-behind win over Calgary. They then went all the way to the Grey Cup, where they lost to Montreal 43-28. Bernie picked up a second PLAAYCOM Cup (2/11) with a replay of the 1971 Saskatchewan Roughriders' CFL season. Bernie's '71 Riders finished regular season at 10-4-2, ending the season with a four-game winning streak. They defeated Calgary in the semi-finals, then lost a heart-breaker to Toronto in the Grey Cup 29-27. Bernie added a third PLAAYCOM Cup (4/11) with the completion of his 1960 Toronto Argonauts CFL season. Bernie's Argos put on quite a show, with QB Tobin Rote tossing 51 TD passes (he threw 38 in real-life), leading Toronto to a 12-1-1 record and a berth in the Grey Cup. And (5/11), a fourth PLAAYCOM Cup, as Bernie replayed the 1968 Roughrider's CFL season--[can you tell he's a Riders fan?] Bernie piloted the '68 Riders to an 11-5 mark, including a perfect 8-0 record at home. Bernie earned his FIFTH cup (10/11) with a replay of the 2010 Riders season, guiding them to a 12-6 mark behind Darian Durant's almost 6000 yards passing. Bernie earned a sixth cup (6/12) by completing a replay of the '60 Winnipeg Blue Bombers; they matched their real-life record of 14-2 in Bernie's replay.

[10] MARK ZIGLER • Mark grew up in NE Ohio, close to Sharon Speedway, and decided to use the SCRAM card set with RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' to re-kindle some of those memories from the Steel Valley Thunder Racing Series. He used the home-brew tracks, created one of his own for Sharon Speedway, and ran a 17-race season. Stu Yurich led for most of the season, but Wayne Montana made a late-season charge to take Mark's inaugural points title. Mark earned a second cup 9/13 playing the entire 2012 National Lacrosse League schedule with LACROSSE BLAST! Calgary defeated Toronto 10-9 in a nail-biter championship game! Mark's third cup was awarded 1/14 for completion of another LACROSSE BLAST league, the 2013 USIL, an eight-team league that used the 2013 CALL cards. The Cleveland Rockers defeated the Houston Comets 10-8 to win the inaugural USIL Championship. Mark got a fourth cup for completion of another Steel ValleyThunder racing season (10/14), again using the SCRAM cards--this time, Ray Bob Walker eked out the championship by a mere 6 points over Russ O'Casey!(O'Casey entered the final race wth a 19 point lead, but got knocked out by a duelling Chris Wynne and finished 37th!) Mark's fifth cup was for his second USIL season, with the Portland Fire earning the 2014 Freedom Cup with an overwhelming 20-5 win over the Miami Sol. Mark's sixth cup (8/15) was awarded for completing a "win and you're out" tournament with the "All-Time Greatest Losers" cards for HMB, the distinction of "all-time worst" going to the '35 Boston Braves; Cantwell voted LVP with an 0-2 record and 10.64 ERA. Mark's seventh cup (8/15) honored the completion of another USIL season, this one again won by Portland, although not so convincingly as in 2014. The Fire defeated the Charlotte Sting 13-12. Mark considered it an upset win, as the Sting had finished the season 9-1 and featured league MVP Mark Gamble. Mark's eighth cup was for yet another USIL season finished (7/16): the Charlotte Sting broke free from an 8-8 third quarter tie and clobbered the San Francisco Dragons 20-10 to win Freedom Cup IV. Mark completed a 2018 College World Series (6/18) with cards he home-brewed himself! Arkansas defeated Oregon State two games to none to earning the championship, Mark's 9th PLAAYCOM Cup. Mark made it into double-digits with the completion of his 2018 Steel Valley Thunder season with RWBR (8/18), Julee Justus won the '18 SVT points championship.

[12] DENNIS ZIMMERMAN • Dennis completed a full season of racing using the 2011 Pro Season cards for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN', with Jimmie Johnson taking the points championship over Carl Edwards by 24 points. It was a tense finish, as Johnson trailed Edwards by six points going into the final race at Homestead, with A.J.Allmendinger, Dale Junior, Brad Keselowski and Paul Menard all in the mix. Dennis earned a second Cup (10/13) with a second complete pro season, Clint Bowyer winning Dennis' Chase, followed byKurt Busch and Greg Biffle. Dennis finished the 2013 season 6/14, with Matt Kenseth running away with the points lead, but in the chase it was Kasey Kahne who prevailed! 11/14 Dennis earned his fourth cup, completing his 2014 SCRAM season: 22 regular-season qualifying races and a 10-race "chase," which was won by Vic Holder. Holder held off a strong challenge from Brooks Billovich to take the title in the season's final race. Dennis earned a fifth Cup with the completion of his World Stock Car Racing Challenge, using the fictional "Olympic" stock car racing cards we produced for the February 2014 newsletter. Canadian Ron Fellows won Dennis' World-Wide Chase, which featured races in Russia, Australia, Germany, Mexico, and a number of other countires! Dennis' sixth cup was for completing the 2014 Pro Season, with a surprise chase winner: Austin Dillon! Dennis' seventh cup (12/15) was for another RWBR project, the 2015 SCRAM Series! His eighth cup (10/16) was for the 2015 Pro Season, won by Jimmie Johnson in an exciting finish to the final race. (Johnson also won Dennis' 2016 season, for his tenth cup). Dennis picked up his ninth cup (1/17) by completing a full season with the SCRAM Truck Series cards, provided as a newsletter freebie. Nick Holo won the points title by a single point over Kelly Wylee, with a dramatic last-race, last-lap move from 15th to 12th place! Dennis took a break from the hobby to spend time with family, but returned 12/17 to complete his 2016 SCRAM season with RWBR to earn his eleventh Cup! Another SCRAM season (2017) completed 11/18 for Dennis' 12th Cup!