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Here's What Fans Say About COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football Game

G. H. Claremont, CA: "This is a terrific game! I think COLD SNAP (and your games in general) gets that elusive balance between realism and joy of play and unpredictability exactly right."

J. B. Camp Hill, PA: "My friend and I played a game between Saskatchewan and Calgary. With the score tied at 14-14, I settled for a field goal to give me (Calgary) a 17-14 lead with 1:15 left.  My opponent was able to get down to my 46 yard line with :15 to go.  He then completed a medium pass for 14 yards, but the video review symbol appeared in the result.  It was ruled incomplete, so with :05 he tried a 53 yard field goal--and missed!  I won 17-14!"

J. H. Bridgewater, NJ: "I am really enjoying COLD SNAP. I have started a replay of the 1968 season, and it has been very interesting. I wish you continued success with your products."

J. D. Buffalo, NY: "Are you kidding me? This is the greatest football game I've ever played! I haven't been able to put it down since it arrived!"