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Here's What Fans Say About FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game...

D. P. Secaucus, NJ: "For overall balance between in-ring action and depth of storyline, FTTM stands head and shoulders above the rest. There's a fluidity here that just keeps the game fresh and dynamic."

C. L. Staten Island, NY: "Awesome! It's cool how even though I set up the matches I had no idea what was gonna happen next. The gameplay really flows, too!"

J. S. Philadelphia, PA: "It's a great game and lots of fun! Thanks again!"

T. B. Orlando, FL: "Just want to let you know how much I'm enjoying your wrestling game. I'm having a ball as rivalries and teams are beginning to develop. Thanks for putting out such fun products!"

M. S. Huntington, TX: "Just to let you know I have started playing FACE TO THE MAT and I am having a fantastic time! The game does flow well--I find myself being a ring-side announcer sometimes!"

J. C. Nashua, NH: "FACE TO THE MAT is a good example of what today's pro wrestling fan will be looking for in a game...this game is a great effort and really worth the price."