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Here's What Fans Say About HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game

R. T. Bristol, VT: "A very impressive game. Your momentum concept is a real breakthrough in hockey board games. It's very smooth, very important and emphasizes the sudden turns that a hockey game can have. Many thanks!"

M. S. Springfield, MA: "Congratulations on making the best (most fun) hockey board game I have ever played!"

T. C. Latrobe, PA: "I love the flow of this game! The player qualities paint a unique picture of every player. But mostly, I like how quickly the game plays!"

T. R. Asheville, SC: "Really love this game, you've really thought outside the box on this one! I believe I can play the entire '79-80 season, with stats, because it plays so fast! Thanks for all your efforts."

R. L. Pittsburgh, PA: "Congratulations on another outstanding game! It plays fast, yet lines and line-matching are important--just like real hockey! Thanks for the fun!"

J. M. Aberdeenshire, UK: "Really enjoying the game. I've played [many other board hockey games] but HOCKEY BLAST captures the flow of hockey best in an easily manageable timeframe. Congrats!"

E. H. Salt Lake City, UT: "Rarely do fourth line guys play a vital role in a tabletop hockey game, but in a game I played between Nashville and L.A., they did what they were supposed to do--be the "energy line" and punk the dudes from out-of-town. That was pretty cool."

E. S. Cupertino, CA: "Hockey Blast is especially neat. A real hockey game can indeed have stretches where nothing happens --- lulls --- and then incredible action happens. That's why you have to pay attention when watching! Hockey Blast captures that and it provides a nice story about the game when it is finished."

B. S. Sterling, CO: "Anyway you play it Hockey Blast is, well...a blast! In all my years of playing table sports games, it's one of my top three, ever!"

J. S. Wading River, NY: "AWESOME sim of hockey's ebb/flow and the qualities component is perfect for a sport that is not stats driven. HB is now my favorite hockey game!"

M. L. Kent, UK: "It feels like real hockey, end to end action all the way. Players are rated with skills so it is important to combine those skills when forming your lines. The unique thing about this game is the momentum factor: teams can gain momentum and it can really swing a game! I've found that HOCKEY BLAST is the most exciting hockey game on the market and most of all it is fun! It has me on the edge of my seat all the way! You will see how great lines combine in assists and shots, how great keepers make the spectacular saves, how the goons can out hit the opponent into submission but reduce your teams chance of attacking play. And you get to resolve fights blow by blow!"