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Here's What Fans Say About HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL...

B. M. DeKalb, IL: "This game is an absolute winner!" (read the entire review)

M. S. Mililani, HI: "If you’re like me and want a realistic baseball game that you can play solo or face-to-face, that is smooth, effortless, immersive and enjoyable, and is one that is filled with excitement and novelty, suspense and surprise; then, I strongly suggest you read further..." (read the entire review)

T. M. Streator, IL: "Haven't played dice baseball in over 25 years.  The early reviews of your game sold me and the game has delivered on every level.  It's just flat out fun!"

M. W. Metairie, LA: "I will argue that HMB is the greatest tabletop baseball game ever created. Playing HMB is an experience. There is nothing out there like it!"

R. V. Sycamore, IL: "I just wanted to thank you for the baseball game. I am a baseball junkie and am so thrilled with my 1964 and 1969 card sets that I may not play anything else for years. I absolutely love it!"

S. B. Thousand Oaks, CA: Thank you for a MARVELOUS and clever game! I have played tabletop baseball games since I was 10, and have always "tweaked" my games in the past, incorporating personality characteristics and other human attributes to my players to make them come to life for me. Your ingenious design does this perfectly! I truly sense each player's individuality during the game...In my opinion, you have done something truly amazing!"

B. B. Seneca, PA: "I've played a slew of tabletop baseball games. I've designed several games of my own. HMB is the most fun and the easiest to play. Its realism and depth are incredible. It REALLY makes you feel like you're managing a big league team!"

B. W. Adelanto, CA: "Just wanted to say I received HMB and it is fantastic! Brilliant design, simple and customizable! Perfect. I have never rated my own players in any game before,but this game has my creative juices flowing. Kudos to you on an extremely fine product!"

D. S. Aurora, ON: "Thanks for making such a great board game that has so many customizable options, and also makes me feel like I'm part of the game! This game truly takes me back to my youth and reignites my passion for baseball!"

J. S. Coram, NY: "HMB provides a 'graphic visualization' of baseball within seamless game play that is addictive while still retaining enough statistical realism to allow for a feel of each players ability. I didn't think you could top SECOND SEASON, but..."

J. K. Searcy, AR: "This is simply an AMAZING game you have created. The richness and the feel of realism are like nothing I have experienced."

T. B. Fanwood, NJ: "The game is fantastic. The approach of taking a 'history making' view is one which really appeals to me. When I was a kid, my friends and I played a ton of tabletop/dice baseball and HMB brings back those good memories. "

A. H. Cardiff, Wales: "I have been playing board and computer baseball games for over 25 years and have to say HMB is probably the best I've ever played."

K. S. Rochester, MN: "HMB is rapidly becoming my favorite baseball game (and I have played plenty). I especially like how I can create my own teams with the creation sheet. Thanks for an excellent product!"

R. S. Spring Mills, PA: "HMB attacks baseball from a different perspective. You're not going to compete with Strat-O-Matic, APBA, or Pursue the Pennant on their turf! How much do I like it? I've rolled 81 games of the 1969 O's season, and it's an unqualified winner in my book. Be aware though - it's a bit addictive. And FUN!"

K. D. Show Low, AZ: "I bought HMB and am hooked. The best feature in my opinion is the pitcher fatigue system and the ability of a reliever for one batter. The game forces the manager to utilize relief pitchers in a way the no other game does. HMB reduces a lot of complex info into a simple go/no go system w/o sacrificing statistical accuracy."

C. L. Topeka, KS: "This is a fantastically unique game and is a lot of fun to play!"

D. K. Laurel, MD: "Your baseball game has me hooked! In addition to being great fun to play, your use of 'qualities' instead of stats has created a whole new universe for me to play in. I'm as engrossed with the front office aspects of the game as I am with the games on the field. Sans numbers, the cards are essentially scouting reports; the games have to be played--and stats kept--to see which combinations actually match to the best players. Line-ups and batting orders have to be approached with a more open mind. It's great fun!"

A. S. Mt. Pleasant, MI: "The drama charts, the experience, chemistry, and Right Now tables, the umpires, the ballparks...when I play this game, I can hear the crowd and the crack of thd bat, smell the hot really delivers the baseball experience to me."

R. B. Richardson, TX: "I enjoy HMB more than any game in my rotation. I have to force my self to stop playing sometimes, I can never get enough no matter how much I play!"

B. J. St. Louis, MO: "HMB is truly unlike any tabletop baseball game I have ever played, and I love it! To me, the qualities make the players much more realistic and life-like than mere numbers and I am finding the outcomes to be just as realistic."

S. G. Kansas City, MO: "HMB is a permanent fixture on my table and travels with me on business (and pleasure) trips. Please keep making the games you do—they rock and provide so much entertainment!"

B. F. Yarmouth Port, MA: "When you add in the manager strategy cards, umpire calls, team chemistry, experience, who's hot, and who's cold, you are playing less a re-enactment of a season and more of a true unique experience. I really love all the variables in the game. They make playing the game more like real baseball. An umpire's call can really change a game as can team chemistry, etc. That is the brilliance of HMB and why it is now my baseball game of choice."

C. H. Sweetwater, TX: "I'll have to ECHO...echo...(echo)...everyone else's high praise for this game. I'm a HUGE baseball fan, thank you for the most DIFFERENT (and that's a HUGE compliment) baseball game ever. It's like I AM the manager!"

J. S. Redmond, WA: "History Maker Baseball is a HUGE hit in our house! My 9 year-old son said last night, 'This is really easy to play, and fun!' They love things like the umpires, decider die, and especially the 'SAD SACK' quality!"

K. B. Someset, UK: "History Maker Baseball is just something else!! I can't stop playing it—every game has so many twists and turns and you can't predict the final result! Well done guys, and keep up the good work. All the best I'm seriously addicted!"