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Here's What Fans Say About ROLLER RUMBLE Roller Derby Game

R. S. St. Louis Park, MN: "Congratulations on another great game! ROLLER RUMBLE is a blast! I have never seen roller derby, except maybe on an old 'Happy Days' episode, but ROLLER RUMBLE is great fun! it kind of reminds me of hockey, only rougher! My first game was decided on the LAST card, with a die roll to decide the winning points, Bombers 38, Pioneers 37! How can I top THAT!?"

R. C. Lewisburg, OH: "Thoroughly enjoying the game. I wish someone had come up with this idea years ago. Keep up the good work with ROLLER RUMBLE!"

E. H. Salt Lake City, UT: "My wife can only laugh--I've become a Roller Derby Geek! Seriously, though, what I've really become is a ROLLER RUMBLE geek (I just sent off for the two new skater sets!). Your game, and my imagination, are even better than Roller Derby was!"

K. S. Brillion, WI: "The game play flows very nicely with plenty of action. You have one heck of an entertaining game here!"

D. M. Glen Gardner, NJ: "You did it again! I'm hooked on the roller derby game! I Had NO prior interest in the subject, but the flow of the game drew me in. Good job!"

N. R. Southport, Merseyside, Great Britain: "I'd never even heard of roller derby before I came to your website, but ROLLER RUMBLE is a lot of fun!"