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Here's What Fans Say About RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' Stock Car Action Game...

G. P. Piscataway, NJ: "Just wanted to say that RWBR is awesome! The 'Race Week' (process) is just as much fun as the actual race! Thanks again for the great games you make."

J. I. Polk City, IA: "I cannot tell you how long I have waited to find a great stock car racing game. It is so wonderful! I can't wait to buy the next card set!"

T. R. San Francisco, CA: "The breadth and depth of the skill ratings, along with the pageantry of the qualifying rounds, has already made this game a joy...Each opportunity for a great racer to move up the ladder, or a comparatively low-ranking driver to try and fight back challenges to a rarely-enjoyed lead, seems to inject endless fun. Throw in feuding, TV interviews, and rarities, and you have a real blast on your hands. In short, I highly recommend this for any level of interest - or indeed, just about any age--if you love sports, the thrill of competition, and have even just a passing interest in racing."

W. H. Aberdeen, SD: "The perfect blend of detail and speedy gameplay. And yes, it really FEELS like pro stock car racing! You WILL NOT be disappointed!"

R. T. Anderson, IN: "To call this a game would be to minimize the experience completely. RWBR is a completely immersive simulation of stock car racing that manages to encapsulate the entirety of a week of stock car racing while still keeping the game play under an hour."

J. K. Searcy, AR: "It's fun, it's very well thought out, and it plays quickly. Every race is completely different, and on any given day, any driver conceivably can win--but the better drivers and crews will be your points leaders. I'm not even a big stock car racing fan, but I love RWBR!"

D. Z. Staten Island, NY: "The more you play, the harder it is to stop! The drivers start to develop personalities with wins, feuds, pit problems, wrecks, and everything else. You'll be hooked!"