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Here's What Fans Say About SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game...

A. D. Madrid, Spain: "Over the years I've tried a few soccer games/simulations, but it's a notoriously difficult sport to capture as a board game. After a few plays, SOCCER BLAST has really impressed me! It's got a good balance between simulating the way real matches "flow," still being an entertaining and playable game, but with enough detail that you can see the different approaches, styles and tactics in the game."

I. T. Reading, UK: "I have now played over 260 games with Soccer Blast and I would like to say how much fun I am having with it. My League Season has just finished (fictional draft league) in which I played 214 home and away matches with the following results; Home Wins 103, Draws 48, Away Wins 63 with a goal average of 1.64 to 1.16. A fantastic game that I can't seem to put down!"

N. M. Inverurie, UK: "Another winner! I think the substitutions element is very well done and feels just like football with the subs happening late in the day, some of which work and some don't. The swapping of players on the green die is also a clever element - it makes me look much more closely at the two players contrasting cards to see where the swap might help or hinder. Attacks and particularly successful ones are not too common and the subsequent increased excitement of a goal chance is again very much how I feel as a football watcher. Congratulations!"

S. H. Uniontown, PA: "The game is fantastic. I can play a game or so in a little over an hour. As a soccer fanatic, I feel it plays very well and is the best soccer simulation out there!"

M. B. Vacaville, CA: "The game flows well, things move quickly, making it fun and exciting.  It's another great game!"

K. G. Cheyenne, WY: "Your soccer game is ingenious! I watched documentary on NY Cosmos recently, that documentary and your game enable me to describe myself as a 'soccer fan' for the first time in my life! Thanks again, great work!"

T. C. Ft. Pierce, FL: "Of all of the great tabletop sports games I have played, SOCCER BLAST is proving to be more fun than any of the others, and I have played tabletop sports games for years. I've played well over 100 games and I have yet to grow weary of playing!"

W. H. Aberdeen, SD: "I do enjoy that the lineups you select in SOCCER BLAST are within the gamer's control to swing between being attack or defense-oriented. In SOCCER BLAST, you really better be paying attention as a manager, because the decisions you make will affect the outcome of the match. On behalf of all soccer fans, thank you for such a great game!"

M. W. Boston, MA: "I'm enjoying Soccer Blast TOO much! You make the most amazing and addictive games ever! My only wish is that I'd discovered them years ago!"