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2017 Current Stars Cards for BOWL-O-RAMA Championship Bowling Game

Whether you're an avid fan of the pro bowling tour, a "sometimes" fan who only catches a few glimpses on TV each season, or somewhere in between, the 2017 Current Stars Cards for BOWL-O-RAMA Championship Bowling Game are, well, right up your alley! NOW AVAILABLE!

With the 2017 Current Stars cards, you get the top 66 money-earners on the 2017 pro tour, each carded based on their season-long performance. (You also get a pair of "generic" pro bowler cards, to represent bowlers who didn't make the cut.) The world's best-known bowlers, each "on-call" to hit the lanes whenever you want them to. From casual one-off games to a meticulously-organized full-season schedule, it's big-time bowling thrills whenever the mood hits! Hold your own championship season, however you want to do it, with an "official" format, or a modified format of your own choosing— "No Tap," "Baker," "Scotch Doubles," or whatever! The real pro league holds a couple dozen sanctioned events each year, but you can structure your league to meet your own schedule.

Did you know that the pro association now has its own eight-team league? It fields teams in Dallas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, Brooklyn, Silver Lake, and Portland (ME). You can arrange your bowlers on teams just like the real pro bowling league does, or make your own! Expand the league to your favorite city. Or — using the generic bowling cards — put yourself on a team and "bowl with the pros!" With BOWL-O-RAMA, you can DO that!

And of course, this card set is perfectly suited for random "exhibition events," where you just want to watch the world's best bowlers "do their thing!" Just open the box, set up your cardstock alley and you're ready to roll.

The 2017 Current Stars cards for BOWL-O-RAMA, offers authentic professional-style bowling action on your table-top. You get 66 pro bowler cards, two generic pro bowlers cards and a season summary/schedule for just $18 postage-paid! Or get the PDF edition for $12, print and play right away! NOW AVAILABLE!