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2017 Pro Season for COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football Board Game

Authentic, exciting Canadian pro football action never ends when you've got COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football Game! The 2017 Pro Season for COLD SNAP is NOW AVAILABLE!

The 2017 Canadian Pro Season was marked by a magical late-season surge from the Toronto club. Languishing in the second division with a 4-7 mark, the Boatmen found their stroke, winning five of their last seven games to row back to .500 and into the playoffs. There, the magic began. After squandering a fifteen-point fourth quarter lead in the semi-final, the Toronto found itself trailing Saskatchewan 21-18. No worries: the double-blue's ageless icon quarterback stepped onto the field and engineered a ruthlessly efficient final drive that culminated with a third-down scoring strike to win the game, sending the club to the league championship. Facing Calgary, the league's winningest team, Toronto again came from behind late, turning an eight-point fourth-quarter deficit into a 27-24 upset win.

There were other story lines that marked the league's 105th season as well. For example, Hamilton endured a tough-luck start to the season with its head coach turning in his resignation as the losing streak hit eight games. The interim coach parlayed his extensive US collegiate and pro coaching experience into an unlikely and dramatic turnaround, with the Tabbies winning six of their final ten games.

With the 2017 Pro Season for COLD SNAP, you can re-live all the excitement of the Canadian pro league's 105th season, from start to finish and everything in between! COLD SNAP's meticulous attention to detail ensures that the Canadian league's stars will shine on your tabletop just as they did in real-life. You can expect the Canadian league's big arm in Edmonton to throw for nearly 6000 yards, while Calgary's all-league passer will make that COLD SNAP club just as dangerous as the real thing. Star pass-catchers in Ottawa, Toronto and Edmonton will light it up in your league, and hard-charging RBs in Winnipeg, Ottawa and Calgary will battle it out for your rushing crown. It's like having a sports-center highlight reel running in your game room or den, whenever you want! Even the linemen will perform as you expect them to: you'll nod in appreciation as Winnipeg's all-star OT creates huge running lanes for his all-league running back and keeps enemy pass rushers off the back of his young passer.

On defence, the Canadian game's reliance on swift, tough linebackers to both wrestle down runners and make fleet plays against the pass will show itself on your game table as well. You'll be amazed as the star middle linebackers in BC and Montreal make the same impressive plays for you that thrilled fans in real-life. All-Pro edge rushers in Calgary and Toronto will put the heat on enemy passers, with regular hurries and frequent sacks. And don't be surprised when Saskatchewan's ball-hawking defensive halfback ends up as your league-leader in interceptions, just as he did in the real-life 2017 season!

And the special-team guys will perform just as you expect as well. Calgary's title hopes will be fueled by its award-winning special teams: its kicker will earn personal accolades from you for his kicking accuracy, and its fleet return man will provide the same undercurrent of expectancy on your tabletop as he did in real-life, always a threat to go the distance for a quick, possibly game-changing score. BC's strong-legged punter will most likely lead your league in yardage and average. In every detail, COLD SNAP captures the nuances of real-life Canadian professional football.

But while COLD SNAP is designed to realistically re-create the Canadian league in all its glory, sometimes breaks and bounces—not to mention the general unpredictability of the Canadian game—will have an effect, too. Perhaps a key injury or untimely turnover will shave a game off Toronto's win column, and catapult Ottawa or even Hamilton to the top of your eastern division! Once again in 2017, four clubs out west had winning records—a single strong playoff performance from any one of them could be enough to put them into the title game! However your season turns out—or even if you just play one-off games, outside of a season-long campaign—it'll be memorable and exciting experience for you!

The 2017 Pro Season for COLD SNAP includes over 300 players individually rated for their real-life pro abilities, arranged on team cards representing all nine Canadian pro clubs. You also get a summary card that includes ratings for "fringe" players (players who played sparingly in 2017), a synopsis of the season and an "Instant Results" matrix that allows you to determine winners of games with a single dice roll—perfect for re-creating divisional races while you conduct a full-season play-through of your favourite team. Available in printed form (black and white) on card stock, $18 postage-paid* or get the PDF edition in team colors for $14, delivered to your in-box within 24 hours! NOW AVAILABLE!

* for domestic delivery; international postage extra.