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2018 Pro Season for COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football Board Game

In today's big-money era of pro football, more and more fans are discovering the joy of real pro football played by players who are as blue collar as we are! If that's you, join us in celebrating the tradition, excitement and pro football thrills found north of the border: presenting the 2018 Canadian Pro Football Season for COLD SNAP Canadian Football Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

For context, consider this: in 2018, the NFL salary cap--that is, the amount of money allowed for teams to pay their players--was $177.2 million per team. In Canada, the 2018 salary cap was $5.2 million. Yet the Canadian game, with its larger field, three-down format and emphasis on big plays makes it just as exciting--if not MORE so--that it's southern pro counterpart!

With the 2018 Pro Season for COLD SNAP, you can re-live the Canadian league's 106th season in all it's glory. Once again in '18, the league's western conference had the competitive edge: all five clubs finished at or better than .500, with Calgary winning the division by a game despite Saskatchewan's better divisional record. Ottawa regained its top spot in the east, with an 11-7 record. It came down to those two clubs for Canada's pro championship, with the Stamps posting a solid 17-16 win. But, of course, with a couple breaks and a change of "Lady Luck," you might have a different outcome!

Over the long haul, though, you'll see the stars emerge on your tabletop that sparkled in Canada last summer and fall. Calgary's "tall-in-the-saddle" signal caller will deliver the same kind of numbers on your tabletop as he did in real life--35 TDs, +5000 yards--but he'll be given a run for his money in the MVP race by prolific passers in Edmonton, Hamilton and Ottawa, each of whom threw for over 5000 yards. 1000-yard RBs in Winnipeg and Ottawa will show the same kind of durability and electricity that wowed fans in the stands. Nine pass-catchers eclipsed 1000 yards, and four had double-digit TDs--they'll produce the same kind of dazzling catches and highlight reel scores for you!

Defenders, too, will re-create their on-field skills in tackles, sacks, interceptions and big plays.

All nine Canadian pro teams--from champion to cellar-dweller--will perform on your game table just like they did in real-life! The top passers, runners, pass catchers will echo their all-pro performances in COLD SNAP, as will the top linemen and defenders! (Yes, in COLD SNAP all-star offensive linemen will make big plays, too!) Special teams matter, too--you can expect a similarly astounding season from your COLD SNAP Ottawa placekicker as was the case in real-life!

With the 2018 Pro Season for COLD SNAP, you get over 300 players individually rated to re-create their actual 2018 performances, on team cards representing all nine real-life Canadian pro clubs. You also get a separate card containing ratings for a couple dozen "fringe players," guys who had their seasons cut short after a handful or fewer games--it'll be up to YOU to decide whether to give them another shot at a full-season of play (they're rated so that you could do that), or limit them to what they actually contributed, in the name of statistical realism. Each copy of the set includes an "Instant Results" card that allows you to determine winners of games with a single dice roll—perfect for re-creating divisional races while you conduct a full-season play-through of your favorite team! Available in printed form, presented in classic black and white on 100 lb stock, $18 postage-paid* or get the PDF edition in team colors for $14 delivered to your e-mail box within 24 hours: print and play the same day! NOW AVAILABLE

* for domestic delivery; international postage extra.