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2017 Wrestling America Federation Cards for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game

Cards for Triple G and Hella Goode, from the 2017 WAF cards for FTTM!

The wrestling saga continues with the new 2017 Wrestling America Federation cards for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game! We update the "current" pro wrestling scene every other year, and—it's time! But—after gaining input from a number of FTTM fans—we're going to do things a little bit differently this time...

• Retro Look. We're "going retro" with these new cards, and if you're a long-time FTTM fan, you'll instantly recognize the look: they're imaged after the original 1999 FTTM cards, now known as the "WAF Legends." Each current stars card has an extra biographical line and an action icon for added visualization. In the PLAAY Games universe, the "Legends" set is now intended to represent the WAF of the 1990s. The "Current Stars" franchise (of which the 2017 edition is just the latest) has always represented today's (and tomorrow's) pro wrestling scene. Now, however, both franchises will have a similar look! So you can integrate old and new into your shows, or run completely separate operations, whichever you prefer!

• Link to the Legends. It makes sense that some of the WAF Legends should still be active in the ring, either as wrestlers, advisors, managers, corporate personalities, or even some combination of these. Thus the 2017 Current Stars includes a handful of previously-carded "Legends" wrestlers, which you can use to bridge to your own wrestling history of past decades, however you want to, without having to purchase the Legends set! Nuke Newsome, "The Dead Guy," and Greg Malone continue to entertain audiences, and they've each got cards in this set. Plus—just like in real-life pro wrestling—there are legend "offspring" hopeful to make their own mark in your pro wrestling universe. "Star Spangled" Sam Banner's son Shawn is now active in the WAF, as well as the "son" of the iconic Freakenstein.

• Smaller, more manageable set. Previous Current Stars sets were based on the real-life pro wrestling scene, and as such included almost 200 wrestlers from the various pro outfits. We've shrunk the set down to 72 stars, more than enough to create a wide variety of storylines for your shows, but not so many that you'll have a hefty number of unused (and unappreciated!) wrestlers.

• Good vs. Evil Production Possibilities. The 2017 WAF set includes commissioner cards: one for the magnanimous, good-hearted Howard Schorr, and another for his ne'er-do-well, selfish, scheming son Emerson. You can weave one, both, or neither of them into your wrestling story!

• NEW Wrestlers for 2017. We've introduced about a dozen all-new wrestlers in the 2017 WAF set. There's the "All Seeing, All Knowing" Dak Illuminati, the despicable Frenchman Diluees Le Faiblesse, the curvaceous Nurse Lovely, shockingly brutal Ruthie Ruthless, and the enigmatic "Visitor" from outer space, who wields unknown and seemingly unstoppable powers! And that's just to name a few! If you already have a history going, you'll enjoy having these all-new wrestling personalities to add some new wrinkles to your shows!

Of course, many of your established favorites are back for more, continuing the storyline that you've already established with the WAF. The Legend, The Mortician, The Big Time..."Me, the VP"...Triple G, Hella Goode, John Kentt, Girl Kym...the biggest stars of the WAF are back to "bring it" for another TV season! Not to mention high-flying Alberto Del Sol, tag teamer favorites Nick and Match Jetson, Cheerleader Marie, William Royal, Dolf Signal, and more than four dozen other stars, all prepared to give it their best shot on your game table for the purpose of upholding the hallowed, long-standing spectacle of "sports entertainment"

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The 2017 Wrestling America Federation card set for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game comes in two versions. The printed cards set is offered for $14 postage paid, the PDF edition sells for $9 delivered to your e-mail box so you can print-and-play immediately. Either way, it's endless, super-charged pro wrestling fun at your fingertips! NOW Available!