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2014-15 Pro Season for HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game

Hockey season means “Game ON” for tabletop hockey fans, and we’ve got everything you need to get your season off to a great start, with the 2014-15 Pro Season for HOCKEY BLAST Pr oHockey Game!

The 2014-15 Pro Season lets you re-create last year’s exciting pro campaign. Will Chicago be able to duplicate its championship run on your table-top? With HB’s quick game time, a complete playoff replay is very do-able, but don’t be surprised if a different team emerges as your champion! There were plenty of great story-lines as the regular season concluded and the playoffs began, notable for the absence of both the previous year's champion (Los Angeles) and top point-earner (Boston), and for that of San Jose which missed the playoffs for the first time in ten seasons. On the flip side, Winnipeg earned its first playoff spot since relocating from Atlanta, and Ottawa capped an improbable late-season surge by earning a playoff spot after seemingly being out of the running, 14 points out.

It was a very tight race for the pro league scoring title, with a half-dozen players making a strong run. In the end, Dallas' hot-shooting forward took the crown, giving fans in the "Big D" something to cheer about despite missing the playoffs. Washington's "Russian Rocket" led the league in goals scored, while Montreal's stalwart goal-tender won multiple awards, including outstanding player and MVP.

The 2014-15 Pro Season for HOCKEY BLAST gives you complete say-so over all 30 pro teams, over 700 players individually rated. Plus you get “traded player” cards to complete rosters for the “playoff push,” and an Instant Results card that generates game winners with a single dice roll. The printed card set comes in team colors, micro-perfed for quick separation so you can get right to the game, and sells for $36. The PDF edition is $21 and comes in two versions, standard-size or big-print, delivered to your e-mail in-box. Order YOUR copy NOW!