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Zack Greinke and Jose Altuve cards for 2015 Pro Season, HMB

The exciting 2015 big league baseball season lives again—on your tabletop! The 2015 Pro Season card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game puts YOU in the dugout as manager of your favorite big league team!

Many observers suggest that the 2015 post-season divisional series was perhaps the most exciting week of playoff baseball in the last quarter century. Three of the four divisional series went the full five games, with Toronto rallying from two games down to knock out Texas. Houston had Kansas City on the ropes, with two wins in its pocket and a 6-2 lead at home after seven inning of game game four, before KC rallied for five runs in the eighth inning, two more in the ninth, and pulled out a stunning 9-6 win. That set the stage for a trip back to Kansas City and a 6-3 game five home win. In the NL, Chicago pulled off a shocker by knocking out the favored Redbirds in four games, and the Los Angeles-New York series was a see-saw series, no team winning consecutive games, New York winning games one, three, and finally the decisive game five. When the curtain was drawn on the post-season, Kansas City had earned its first world championship since the '80s, turning back New York in five games. You can re-live this extraordinary month of baseball again and again, perhaps creating some even more memorable moments of your own, with the 2015 Pro Season card set for HMB.

As fans of the game know, HMB gives you a second helping of baseball history, often providing new twists that can change the trajectory of a player or team's entire season! Will Detroit's hot-hitting first baseman clear .350 on your tabletop? (He hit .338 in real-life!) Baltimore's long-ball first baseman will chase the 50 home run mark—or, will something happen that causes him to go on a tear, where he approaches 60? Or, a slump that causes him to hover around 40? Both Chicago clubs featured stellar pitching—will they show the same stuff on your tabletop? Better, perhaps? With HMB, it's woven into the game's fabric that a percentage of players will over-achieve or under-perform their actual historical performance--BUT, you never know WHICH players, until you sit down and start knocking out games!

Of course, the majority of players will perform as you expect them to, barring injury or other circumstances. Houston's fleet second baseman will be among your top producers, while Los Angeles' award-winning pitcher will time and again shut 'em down!

Each one of these stars, along with hundreds of other players of varying abilities, are captured on card stock and ready to deliver big league fun and excitement on YOUR game table, whenever you want it, with the 2015 Pro Season cards for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game!

You get 720 players in the base set, each with his own card, twenty-four cards for each of the thirty big league teams, for just $36 postage-paid. This collection of cards is more than enough for the average gamer's every-day tabletop entertainment! Want more depth so you can conduct a more intense project, maybe a full season play-through of your favorite team’s schedule? We offer six additional players for each team, for FREE! (You can download them right now, if you want!)

You also get suggested batting orders, a 2015 "Traded Player" guide so you can re-construct teams to match last year's stretch drive, and an "Instant Results" matrix that will allow you to determine winners of games with a single dice roll. It's the perfect tool to quick-play games associated with whatever project you've decided to do! (We use the Instant Results Matrix every summer to quick-play the last three weeks of baseball's regular season, to set the stage for our annual "Fall Classic Pre-PLAAY" every September!) All this, for just $36, and WE pay the postage!* No added shipping and handling charges for US delivery! NOW AVAILABLE!

*Canadian and overseas delivery extra.