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Corey Kluber and Giancarlo Stanton cards for 2017 Pro Season, HMB

The exciting 2018 big league baseball season lives again—on your tabletop! The 2018 Pro Season card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game puts YOU in the dugout as manager of your favorite big league team! NOW AVAILABLE!

The 2018 pro season was one to remember, especially as it wound down: two NL divisional titles were in a dead-heat at the end of the regular season, both decided with a bonus regular season game! In an interesting twist—and a baseball first—all four teams (Chicago, Milwaukee, Colorado and Los Angeles) were guaranteed playoff berths, so the extra game decided who would play whom in the post-season, along with crucial home field advantage. In the AL, the division races were far less dramatic, but just as remarkable: New York won 100 games, and STILL finished eight games behind in the division!

When the dust had settled, though, the season's most dominant team finished what it had started: Boston, which won 108 games and had an uninterrupted division lead starting in late June, took the fall classic title series in five games over Los Angeles to earn its ninth world championship.

But—who'll be league-best on YOUR tabletop? That's where the FUN begins!

With HMB, it's woven into the game's fabric that a percentage of players will over-achieve or under-perform their actual historical performance—BUT, you never know WHICH players, until you sit down and start knocking out games! Take Colorado's closer, for example: despite having a league-leading 43 saves, his 4.13 ERA made it an adventure whenever he took the mound. If he over-achieves, the Rox might well go deeper in the playoffs; if he under-achieves, they might not make the playoffs at all! That's part of the fun of tabletop baseball with HMB!

Of course, the majority of players will perform as you expect, barring injury or other circumstances. MVP outfielders in Boston and Milwaukee will likely be among your top overall producers and Oakland's power-hitting DH will generate big home run numbers. Meanwhile New York's lanky right-handed pitching ace will prove just as valuable on your tabletop mound as he was in real-life, and Boston's fireballing closer will time and again shut 'em down! LA's sure-handed shortstop, Colorado's gold-gloved tandem at second and third base and Tampa Bay's athletic center fielder will make game-saving plays in the grass (or dirt), while Kansas City's backstop star will be among your top signal-callers behind the plate.

Each one of these stars, along with hundreds of other players of varying abilities, are captured on card stock and ready to deliver big league fun and excitement on YOUR game table, whenever you want it, with the 2018 Pro Season cards for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game!

You get 720 players in the base set, each with his own card, twenty-four cards for each of the thirty big league teams. This collection of cards is more than enough for the average gamer's every-day tabletop entertainment! Want more depth so you can conduct a more intense project, maybe a full season play-through of your favorite team's schedule? We offer 198 additional players, six or more players for each team, for FREE! (We'll provide a link here and on the order page once the cards are released.)

You also get a set of umpire cards based on 2018 results, along with an umpire appendix that gives you ratings for an additional 50 umpires, a 2018 "trade guide" that gives you instructions for tailoring your card set to opening-day or pennant-race rosters, sample batting orders for each team and an "Instant Results" matrix that will allow you to determine winners of games with a single dice roll. It's the perfect tool to quick-play games associated with whatever project you've decided to do! (We use the Instant Results Matrix every summer to quick-play the last three weeks of baseball's regular season, to set the stage for our annual "Fall Classic Pre-PLAAY" every September!) All this, for just $39, and WE pay the postage!* NO added shipping and handling charges for US delivery! Order YOUR copy!

*Canadian and overseas delivery extra.