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Run Your OWN Big League! With the 2020 BASEBALL AMERICA Card Set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game!

Top-shelf P Xavier Colon and veteran 1B Tod Sargent will frequently be in your Baseball America headlines in 2019!

Ready to be the commissioner of your own personal baseball league? Here's everything you need to DO it! The 2020 Baseball America player card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

In April of 2013, we introduced Baseball America, a fictional big league baseball universe where YOU are the commissioner. Now, the saga continues with a brand NEW year of baseball--and, just like in real-life spring training, some players have returned, poised for big production, others are hoping just to hang on to a roster spot. Of course, many of the league's established stars are back for "business as usual." But some of last year's players aren't even in the league anymore—they've either retired, been demoted to the minors, or simply not offered a new contract. Taking their places is a crop of newly-carded prospects, each ready to show you what they've got!

You'll get individual cards for over 300 ball players, from superstar to scrub. That's enough to stock twelve teams. You can use all or some of the players, to create a circuit custom-tailored to your table-top plans. The cards come in the standard HMB design (see examples at right) each identified by the season rather than by a specific club. You're free to distribute players the way you want to! You can create parity, with all your clubs having strengths and weaknesses, or you can set up your league to have clear-cut championship cup favorites. However, each player also has an optional numerical team assignment, offering you the choice of ready-made rosters if you'd rather not spend the time and effort crafting your own.

The 2020 season will be absent a couple of the league's best-known faces. Long-time all-star 1B Wade Allen and 41 year-old P Vicente Ramos both called it a career, although in Allen's case it was somewhat of a surprise. Veteran power hitter Curt Swarnge also "appears" to have retired, with no club willing to take on his high-dollar contract. (All three are included with the "team 0" players at the end of the card set, though, giving you the chance to give then one final "hurrah" if you wish!)

Baseball America teams 1 and 8 are garnering a lot of buzz as spring training begins, having made big splashes in free agency over the off-season. Team 1 gets pitching help from veterans Jeff Stillings and Nico Valle, and lands RP Dennis "Big Game" Hunter for the bullpen. They also snatched up one of the league's best in SS Porfiro Conti. Team 8 signed three of the league's most sought-after free-agents: SP's Wildred Dzialo and Max Murphy, and 2B Travis Harvey. Both clubs will be under the microscope as the new season begins.

Other players migrating to new digs include power-hitting 2B Kent Brunner, OF Mike St. Claire and 3B Remi Cardoso. After one season, C Tony Mazza was shipped away from team 1 —he's looked spectacular in team 7's training camp. (Sometimes a change of scenery does wonders!) After five memorable seasons with team 5, SP Wally Bellard moves to team 6. "Hired Gun" SP Steve Show moves on to his next pitching challenge, trying to get team 9 over the hump. SP Felix Biancalana, a mainstay for years on the Team 6 pitching staff but waived out of the league in 2019, gets a fresh start with team 7. These are just a few of the notable player moves—it's a new season, and everything is beautiful in Baseball America!

Of course, many league stars have stayed put: 1B Tod Sargent, SS Pauli Pauxtis, OF Josh Bell...SP's Xavier Colon and Charlie Guerrero, RP Julio Jose and the list goes on and on...each hoping to thrill the home fans with another year of big-time baseball heroics.

Checking around the league training camps as the new season dawns, a number of players have made some noise, including OF Mickey Pettis and 1B Shaun Scalzi who've both been connecting well at the plate. OF Greg Dhaliwal has been wowing 'em in the field AND the batters box. It's a contract year for 2B Manny Infante—he's been looking especially sharp. One of last year's most exciting rookies, OF Flippy Khalil, has been a terror on the spring training base paths. 2017 Rookie-of-the-Year candidate SP Fernando de la Rosa looks to rebound from an "off year" pitching (for him)—he threw four innings of no-hit ball in each of his first two pre-season appearances. Several bullpen aces have looked un-hittable in early action, including RP's Roberto Morales, Isao Sasaki and Yosue Blanco.

As always, a good number of rookies have been invited to camp, and some of them will impress enough to land a spot on a BA roster. Dominating the sports show highlights has been dual-threat P/OF Hipolito Amado, who's crushed the ball from the plate and thrown heat from the pitching rubber. 1B Korbyn Yong and C Foster Lybarger are already being pencilled in as starters for team 1. Team 4 is looking to rookies OF Seth Ranieri and SP Raleigh Diedrich to lift the club from last year's doldrums. Other rookies who've impressed include SP Kirk Mouzon, 1B Chuck Vandeventer, and RP Colton Grandstaff. There are a dozen or so unassigned rookies as well, whom you can use to beef up the rosters of any of the BA's twelve teams--players like SP Jake Lummus, OF Eugene Pursell, UT Antonio Hodo, and 2B Matt Lomanaco.

Not everyone—rookie or vet—has had a great camp, though. All-star 2B Nick Griffis has been sluggish at the plate. 1B Paxton Freel has been in an extended hitting slump. RP Chick Schramm is battling through arm trouble (too many innings pitched over the last few seasons!) And "Flawless" RP Larry Lawless has been roughed up early and often—he could be in for a difficult season. Veteran 1B/3B Rondell Frazier finds himself hoping some team will pick up his no-cut veteran contract. Once-promising rookie OF Dixon Weaver is on the outside looking in after frustrating his manager with a perceived lack of hustle. Sports call-in shows are peppered with comments about "what happened to SS Jody Campbell?" Pitchers Jermichael Jones and Rafael Valdez have seemingly lost their stuff. Veteran UT Jim Kemper hangs on to a roster spot (with team 5)—his third team in three years—only after agreeing to tear up his old contract.

The ups and downs, heights and depths—It's your own personal baseball world unfolding on your tabletop! You don't know how it'll turn out until the games are played, just like REAL baseball!

The 2020 Baseball America card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game gives you unlimited possibilities to create the perfect tabletop baseball experience, tailored to your own personal taste, preferences and time constraints. Sure, playing a full 150+ game league season with all twelve teams is certainly do-able, but not many of us have that kind of available hobby time! However, there are plenty of other fun options you can explore. Hand-pick your own odds-on pennant favorite, and see if you can live up to the expectations by playing a full season against the rest of the league's teams! Draft your league's teams and do a "game of the week" season project, full-playing a select game or series and quick-playing the rest of the week's games with a single dice roll using the Instant Results chart. Or, quick-play the entire season up to the final week or two, and full-play the rest! Conduct a best-of-five tournament, with every team getting a shot. These are just a FEW of the ideas PLAAY Gamers have come up with to enjoy the Baseball America card series in a way that suits them best.

Discover the fun and freedom of open-ended, un-scripted "blue sky" baseball, minus the pressure of preconceived historical expectations of "what happened in real-life." You're writing your OWN baseball history, and there IS no "right" or "wrong" outcome! Just roll the dice and enjoy the drama.

The 2020 Baseball America card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game includes over 300 player cards on easy-to-separate micro-perfed card stock, plus a set of 32 umpire cards, 18 different ball park cards which you can assign to your teams as you wish, and an "Instant Results" table listing projected 2020 win ranges for each of the league's twelve teams. It's your own, personal big league baseball universe, yours to run with a light touch or an iron fist—endlessly entertaining, exciting, and UNIQUE to only you—for just $24 postage-paid! (You'd spend more than that on a hot dog and a beer at a big league ball park!) Don't wait around--get in the game! Order YOUR copy today !