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Run Your OWN Big League! With the 2019 BASEBALL AMERICA Card Set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game!

Top-shelf P Xavier Colon and veteran 1B Tod Sargent will frequently be in your Baseball America headlines in 2019!

Ready to be the commissioner of your own personal baseball league? Here's everything you need to DO it! The 2019 Baseball America player card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

In April of 2013, we introduced Baseball America, a fictional big league baseball universe where YOU are the commissioner. Now, the saga continues with a brand NEW year of baseball--and, just like in real-life spring training, some players have returned, poised for big production, others are hoping just to hang on to a roster spot. Of course, many of the league's established stars are back for "business as usual." But some 2018 players aren't even in the league anymore--they've either retired, been demoted to the minors, or simply not offered a new contract. Taking their places is a crop of newly-carded prospects, each ready to show you what they've got!

You'll get individual cards for over 300 ball players, from superstar to scrub. That's enough to stock twelve teams. You can use all or some of the players, to create a circuit custom-tailored to your table-top plans. The cards come in the standard HMB design (see examples at right) each identified by the season rather than by a specific club. You're free to distribute players the way you want to! You can create parity, with all your clubs having strengths and weaknesses, or you can set up your league to have clear-cut championship cup favorites. However, each player also has an optional numerical team assignment, offering you the choice of ready-made rosters if you'd rather not spend the time and effort crafting your own.

After last season's flurry of player movement, the 2018 off-season was less eventful for Baseball America. Still, some key players changed teams for 2019. The biggest name was all-star 1B Tod Sargent, with the ink just dried on the biggest deal in BA history. Pitching star Todd Hampa also has a new home: with his team in rebuilding mode, Hampa was off-loaded to a team better-positioned to contend. We might finally see "The Heat Seeker" in the post-season. 3B Ricky Guerra was traded after a trio of successful seasons, and 2B Eusebio Felix will be a huge upgrade to his new team in both fielding and batting. SP Xavier Colon signed with a new club and has looked dominant in pre-season play. It's a different story, though, for SP Hal Engel who's also is in a new city, but hasn't looked very comfortable. Up-and-comer 3B Steve Farone was given an eye-popping free-agent contract, generating the usual talk about whether or not he'll be able to deliver the goods for the dollars granted. Veteran OF Vance Hairston also took a big dollars offer, but looks to have lost a step and many insiders feel he could make the "All-Overpaid" list for 2019.

There have been other moves of interest to fans of Baseball America. It may seem odd to see them in different uniforms, but after spending the last half-dozen or so years with the same teams, CF Mitch Lavelle, SS Ysmael Castillo and RPs Scooter Morris and Randy Corcoran have all moved on to new clubs. RPs Lenny Mahler and Chick Schramm get a change of scenery, too, and big new contracts. Price Dow parlayed his late-season 2018 binge into a starting role, and many say he could be the BA's "Next Big Thing." A full-blown youth movement launches youngster 1B Shayne Sasser into a full-time role, joining 3B Joe Barkdoll, 2B Manny Fassero and SS Gavin Fontenot in his club's "kiddie corps" infield. It's a similar story elsewhere, with youngsters SS Kogi Hirota, C Darrin Room and pitchers Tyrone Harper and Reese Bonnenberger assuming prominent roles.

Comebacks? Jimmy Tuesday is back in the league after re-habbing an elbow injury in the minors in 2018, while veteran Charlie Guerrero, thought to be washed up after a poor performance in 2017 and out of the league in 2018, has resurfaced and is making batters take notice again. SP Trini Pimentel, highly-touted a couple years ago after a sensational rookie season, appears to have regained his old form. Reliever Dennis "Big Game" Hunter looks to have piqued his pitching stuff, and Mark "Go To" Gautreau wrapped up an impressive pre-season with a couple innings of no-hit relief. In the batter's box, OF Mike Kettle has been knocking them out of the park with his former frequency, and veteran 2B Jim Kemper had a superb training camp, leading his club in batting average and RBI. SS Johnny Fortune looks to have put last year's troubles behind him and a new batting stance for OF Bill Hemmond appears to be poised to pay off for him in 2019.

There'll be a crop of new rookie players taking the field in 2019 as well. 1B Billy Bechtel shows a bat that produces both average and power. CI Mark Abeyta has great "boom," but needs work on his glove. OF Flippy Khalil became a fast fan favorite with his aggressive base-running and post-game happy talk. P Jose Davalos earned a spot in the starting rotation with strong pre-season, leading the club in strikeouts. P Zeng Xiao has generated hot stove chatter about being a "one-pitch wonder"—but WOW, what a pitch! If he gets in a groove, look out. These are just a few of the couple dozen new stars coming to your Baseball America tabletop stadiums!

Some of the other stories of spring training '19 centered on several "where did THAT come from" performances from unheralded players. OF Romero Yadier has been hitting the cover off the ball in spring training, RP Yosue Blanco did not allow a single run in the exhibition season. Then there's 1B Curt Swarnge: if he keeps going deep like he did in spring training, the BA single-season home run record could be in danger. Are these guys poised for career seasons? Or is it just a flash-in-the-pan? On the other side of the coin, highly-regarded OF Kyle Drees suffered through a horrendous spring training and was nearly released. SP Alvaro Saucedo has had problems getting the ball over the plate, after a fine season in 2018. Can they turn it around? It's a new season, and there are new stories to be told!

Sadly, though, as is the case every year, some long-tenured players won't be part of the story in 2019. 3B Joey Milner suffered a major shoulder injury, and is out for the season—maybe for good. C Dorian Cooper called it a career, said his knees couldn't take it any longer. C Eddie Machado ruffled the wrong feathers and was not offered a contract. What happened to SP Steve Hubbard? His drop in production was so steep, the club paid his guaranteed money and gave him his release. OF Junior Royal is another long-time star whose absence on a 2019 roster is conspicuous. And veteran IF Storm Flannery has been bouncing around from team to team the last couple years after a long, successful career mostly with one team—no contract was offered in 2019, but he's carded for the set just in case the phone rings.

Of course, many league stars have stayed put with last year’s club and will presumably pick up where they left off in 2018: young superstars like C Damaso Aceves, 2B Travis Harvey, 3B Demetrius Farro, and fireballing SPs Fernando De La Rosa along with veteran stars like OF Gary Moseby, 1B Matt Heubschtak and SP Steve Show,will continue to delight home town fans with masterful mound performances, clutch hits, and highlight reel defensive plays! And last year's breakout rookies SS and Steve Show, Ronnie Cyr, OF Blake Mullinix and OF Justin Nourse will be filling the home town stands again with fans hoping to see the same kind of promising play from them in ’19 that was put on display last year.

The 2019 Baseball America card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game gives you unlimited possibilities to create the perfect tabletop baseball experience, tailored to your own personal taste, preferences and time constraints. Sure, playing a full 150+ game league season with all twelve teams is certainly do-able, but not many of us have that kind of available hobby time! However, there are plenty of other fun options you can explore. Hand-pick your own odds-on pennant favorite, and see if you can live up to the expectations by playing a full season against the rest of the league's teams! Draft your league's teams and do a "game of the week" season project, full-playing a select game or series and quick-playing the rest of the week's games with a single dice roll using the Instant Results chart. Or, quick-play the entire season up to the final week or two, and full-play the rest! Conduct a best-of-five tournament, with every team getting a shot. These are just a FEW of the ideas PLAAY Gamers have come up with to enjoy the Baseball America card series in a way that suits them best.

Discover the fun and freedom of open-ended, un-scripted "blue sky" baseball, minus the pressure of preconceived historical expectations of "what happened in real-life." You're writing your OWN baseball history, and there IS no "right" or "wrong" outcome! Just roll the dice and enjoy the drama.

The 2019 Baseball America card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game is available for just $24 postage-paid, and includes over 300 player cards on easy-to-separate micro-perfed card stock, plus a set of 32 umpire cards, 18 different ball park cards which you can assign to your teams as you wish, and an "Instant Results" table listing projected 2018 win ranges for each of the league's twelve teams. It's your own, personal big league baseball universe, yours to run with a light touch or an iron fist—endlessly entertaining, exciting, and UNIQUE to only you—and it's just a click away! Order YOUR copy TODAY!