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Run Your OWN Big League! With the 2017 BASEBALL AMERICA Card Set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game!

P Steve Show and rookie SS Pauli Pauxtis will star for team 3 of Baseball America

Ready to be the commissioner of your own personal baseball league? Here's everything you need to DO it! The 2017 Baseball America player card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

In April of 2013, we introduced Baseball America, a fictional big league baseball universe where YOU are the commissioner. Now, the saga continues with a brand NEW year of baseball--and, just like in real-life spring training, some players have returned, poised for big production, others are hoping just to hang on to a roster spot. Of course, many of the league's established stars are back for "business as usual." But some 2016 players aren't even in the league anymore--they've either retired, been demoted to the minors, or simply not offered a new contract. Taking their places is a crop of newly-carded prospects, each ready to show you what they've got!

You'll get individual cards for over 300 ball players, from superstar to scrub. That's enough to stock twelve teams. You can use all or some of the players, to create a circuit custom-tailored to your table-top plans. The cards come in the standard HMB design (see examples at right) each identified by the season rather than by a specific club. You're free to distribute players the way you want to! You can create parity, with all your clubs having strengths and weaknesses, or you can set up your league to have clear-cut championship cup favorites. However, each player also has an optional numerical team assignment, offering you the choice of ready-made rosters if you'd rather not spend the time and effort crafting your own.

2017's free-agent market was busy as ever, and once again a number of established stars have switched uniforms. Among the most-coveted players in free-agency were budding superstar SS Johnny Fortune, base-stealing bandit RF Junior Ayala, veteran sluggers 3B Cecil O'Malley and OF Ramon Cruz, and two of the BA's top flame-throwers, SP Steve Show and RP Chick Schramm, each of whom will ply their trade in a new city in 2017. Most teams made some changes to their rosters, while a few conducted wholesale house-cleanings. Which moves will work, and which ones won't? Only time will tell—and YOU'RE writing the story, with the 2017 Baseball America card set!

As you would expect, many league stars have stayed put with their 2016 clubs: veteran pitchers like legendary closer RP Goose Clarke, staunch SP Max Murphy, fireballing SP Fumi Suzuki and shutdown specialist RP John Boudreaux; savvy 1B Matt Heubschtak, longball king CF Romero Yadier, hot-hitting OFs Mickey Pettis, Maury Lynn and Bill Hemmond, sure-handed SS Mike Vesberg, and many more established veterans will continue to delight home town fans with masterful mound performances, clutch hits, and highlight reel defensive plays!

The "next generation" of Baseball America stars continues to evolve, too. Rising stars like 3B Demetrius Farro, SS Pauli Pauxtis, C Damaso Aceves, RF Jayson Mroczka and RP Matt Fralix each appears poised to pick up where they left off in 2016. Some young players who might not yet be on your radar screen are poised to make an impression on you in 2017: 3B Shawn Scalzi looks like the five tool player he was drafted to be, OF Kyle Drees has impressed with his hustle, and RP's Yuneil Incarnacion and "The Truman Show," Truman Kenoyer appear to be on the verge of making it big—this could be their year! (Just in time for contract re-negotiation!)

Meanwhile, a number of heralded rookies have earned 2017 roster spots, including OF Dixon Weaver, who's shown speed, power and range. OF Pedro Gallardo has been knocking the cover off the ball in spring training. C Bobby Grubb has looked sharp behind the plate, Japanese phenom RP Hideki Wada wowed crowds with his virtually un-hittable fastball, and hard-throwing Fernando De La Rosa has earned a spot in the starting rotation with a long string of strong spring innings. You'll likely be VERY familiar with these new players by the end of your 2017 season!

Sadly, as is the case every year, some long-tenured players won't be taking the field in 2017. Long-time league star C Donn Magrane went through a series of health issues and made the decision to call it a career, against his club's wishes.  He could be talked out of retirement though--his card is included in the 2017 set. Among those making a smaller ripple with their departures, were once-promising hurler SP Henson Leonard who never really made it back from off-season arm surgery, and long-time fan favorite IF Danny Coda, who was honored at the final home game of 2016 with his "day" at the ballpark and a fireworks show afterwards.  A number of 2016 players find themselves on outside looking in as the 2017 season begins. Former all-star OF Lemello King wasn't offered a contract in 2017, although he hasn't yet officially retired. (You can bring him back with another club, if you want to—like Magrane, he's carded at the end of the set.) Former 20-game winner SP Skeeter Boggs and veteran SS Matt Slodak were among the veteran players who didn't impress enough to land a roster spot for 2017, both released. Aging RP Hoyt Wilson spent 2016 waiting for a phone call that never came, and now has taken a coaching job with his former team.  Yes, "time marches on" in Baseball America, just like it does in the real-life big leagues.

Other players lost their place in the BA for reasons besides age. C Roynell Savage's big-money contract didn't match his performance, so he's getting paid to do nothing. SP Chase Yeakle and 3B Dillon Franks were optioned, SP George Newman and IF Lance Tenney were sent back to the minors for more experience. 1B Damon Gelman's career flame was doused by off-field issues. C Brendan Epperson decided he'd had enough of "the show" and opened up a swimming pool construction business in Southern California. And UT Nate McFetters failed to show up for spring training—it's still unclear exactly what he's doing now.

The 2017 Baseball America card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game gives you unlimited possibilities to create the perfect tabletop baseball experience, tailored to your own personal taste, preferences and time constraints. Sure, playing a full 150+ game league season with all twelve teams is certainly do-able, but not many of us have that kind of available hobby time! However, there are plenty of other fun options you can explore. Hand-pick your own odds-on pennant favorite, and see if you can live up to the expectations by playing a full season against the rest of the league's teams! Draft your league's teams and do a "game of the week" season project, full-playing a select game or series and quick-playing the rest of the week's games with a single dice roll using the Instant Results chart. Or, quick-play the entire season up to the final week or two, and full-play the rest! Conduct a best-of-five tournament, with every team getting a shot. These are just a FEW of the ideas PLAAY Gamers have come up with to enjoy the Baseball America card series in a way that suits them best.

Discover the fun and freedom of open-ended, un-scripted "blue sky" baseball, minus the pressure of preconceived historical expectations of "what happened in real-life." You're writing your OWN baseball history, and there IS no "right" or "wrong" outcome! Just roll the dice and enjoy the drama.

The 2017 Baseball America card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game is available for just $21 postage-paid, and includes over 300 player cards on easy-to-separate micro-perfed card stock, plus a set of unique ball park cards (which includes a new stadium named in honor of PLAAY Gamer Jeff Hale for his full-season play-through with the 2013 Baseball America cards, over 700 games!) and an "Instant Results" table listing projected win ranges for each of the league's twelve teams. It's your own, personal big league baseball universe, yours to run with a light touch or an iron fist—endlessly entertaining, exciting, and UNIQUE to only you—and it's just a click away! Order YOUR Copy HERE!