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Hop In Your Very Own "Wayback Machine" with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL's Century League Fictional Card Set!

HMB's Century LeagueChester "Long Ball" Benson is just one of over 250 memorable baseball characters that populate HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL's fictional Century League! Will he win your league's "Triple Crown?" It's possible!

If you're a tabletop baseball "veteran," you've probably read Robert Coover's iconic novel, "The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop." Widely acclaimed as a must-read baseball classic, Coover's book has served as both validation and inspiration for many of us in the sports board game hobby. Now, you can experience the drama, excitement and flat-out FUN of running your OWN colorful, vintage baseball league, with the Century League card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL.

The Century League card set is designed to reflect baseball of a bygone era. Which "bygone era" are we talking about? Well--we're leaving it purposely vague. There's no year indicated on the cards, they're simply marked "Century League." The card set is based on statistics from the 1940s, but you could easily date this league anywhere between the 1920s and 1950s. The Century League card set contains 252 cards, enough for eight to ten teams. You can arrange the players any way you like, or you can use the numerical team assignments we've included on each card.

Chester "Long Ball" Benson, 1940s Century League star!

We've tried to capture the flavor of mid-20th century baseball by using surnames and colorful nicknames from the era. So your game reports will be reminiscent of the old radio and newspaper reports that your dad or grandpa would have heard or read. The league is chock-full of "fill-in-the-blank" baseball characters! On the pitching mound, you'll find stars like Frying Pan Poage ("out of the frying pan, into the fire!") Watermelon Roush and Fingers Muldoon. At the plate, power hitters "Long Ball" Benson and Slammin' Sammy Solorzano. Sure-handed shortstop Digger Doughitt, lovable catcher Dog Dalhousie, league legend Beer Bottle Burley (don't ask!) at first base , and a host of other memorable ball-playing personalities will populate your very own nostalgic baseball universe.

But wait--there's MORE! HMB's Century League card set also gives you a full roster of umpires just as colorful as the players! You get 32 different umps, including "The Dictator" Don Keene, Professor John Mullen, Eddie "The Thumb" McDonald and Silent Stan Corcoran. AND, you get a set of eighteen different ball park cards, each with its own unique set of qualities. You can stuff your league into tiny band-box ball parks, spread them out in spacious stadiums, or create a mix of playing fields to your own liking--YOU'RE the commissioner, with HMB's Century League!

The goal of the Century League card set is to transport you safely back to a simpler, quieter era when baseball was a game, not a business. It's designed to stir memories of long-ago evenings spent within earshot of a radio, with the sound of a baseball broadcast crackling through a warm summer night. Back then, you'd listen in anticipation, never knowing exactly what would happen-- and the same sense of anticpation and excitement awaits, as your very own Century League history unfolds, with HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game!

Sound like fun? It WILL be! Everything you need to create your own, personal baseball universe, for LESS than twenty-five bucks! That's a lot less than George Steinbrenner paid! Just $21, NOW AVAILABLE!