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2019 Pro National Golf Season for HISTORY MAKER GOLF

sample golfer card for 2017 Pro Season, HMG

Your own personal pro golf story continues, with this update to HISTORY MAKER GOLF's fictional card set: welcome to the 2019 season of Pro National Golf! NOW AVAIABLE!

The beginnings of Pro National Golf coincide with the debut of HMG. The premise mirrors that of our other fictional sports organizations (Football America, Baseball America, Wrestling America Federation, and so on). That is, a good number of tabletop sports fans enjoy creating their OWN tabletop sports legacy, unconstrained by what happened in "real life." With Pro national Golf, you're CREATING history, not re-creating it! (Many gamers find this to be an incredibly liberating experience!)

The 2019 Pro national Golf series picks up where we left off, with many of the same golfers moving along assorted career paths. Some have gotten better, some have declined, many are about the same. Of course, HMG's Tourney Day results can give any golfer's campaign a big boost--or, punch in the gut!

Just as in real pro golf, PNG has an assortment of pros with widely varying skill sets. Big hitters like Rance Abberle will get up the fairway in a hurry (although some of them, like Dallas Downes might be worse off for the distance! Sharpshooters like Yun Leesong and Greer Copeland III will stay out of trouble, while stars like Justin Wallis and Goro Morisaki set themselves up time and again with money putts thanks to their superior short game skills. (Jason Ollinger and Lucas Rooney, not so much!) Clutch putters like Heath Somers and Carlo Sellari will have the gallery on its feet sinking high-stakes putts, while Martin Van Dijk and Sonny Lemmons will add an element of adventure to even short-distance putts. Finding sand will be a varied experience—for golfers like Evan Aldrich and Ozzie Valenti, it's almost a good friend! Similarly, Gareth Leonard and Gale Onorato will make your tournament highlight lists with their uncanny recovery skills, while Josh Neu will often find his afternoon totally derailed by an errant shot.

Many of PNG's stable of stars--such as Dustin Emerick and John Westinghouse—have expansive skill sets which will serve them well over the long tour season, where every new course presents a different set of challenges. Others like Jimmy Kimes and Ian Robards are specialists—great at one aspect, so-so at most everything else. You'll enjoy watching these stars give it their best week after week, and watch in anticipation and admiration as the top golfers drift up your money list. Proven PNG stars like Gil Granbury and Trent McAdams will gain that extra edge, while newcomers like Todd Ahrens and Allain Zelderloo will occasionally make "rookie mistakes" despite their impressive raw skills. Golfers who're on a roll will have a competitive advantage, while a little bit of struggle can suddenly turn into a very bad day—it's all part of the fun with HISTORY MAKER GOLF! Just like real pro golf, PNG Sunday golf is filled with the same kind of drama and excitement you'd see on TV! Except YOU'RE generating the action on your very own tabletop!

Of course, you don't HAVE to run a full-season campaign to enjoy these cards. You can set up special "one-off" match or stroke play events featuring your PNG favorites, whenever you're in the mood for golf! Or just grab a couple cards and hit the links to see who has today's bragging rights on your tabletop!

The 2019 Pro National Golf cards for HISTORY MAKER GOLF Championship Golf board game include over 150 individual golfer cards, along with a Pro National Golf PLAAYers Guide that gives biographical detail on every golfer. Just $19, and WE pay the postage! (That's less than you'd spend on a souvenir at a real pro golf event!) NOW AVAILABLE!