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2018 Pro Season for LACROSSE BLAST Pro Lacrosse Game

Sample card from 2018 Pro Season, LACROSSE BLAST

It's a new season for North America's "fastest sport on two feet," and you can get the action moving on YOUR tabletop with the new 2018 Pro Season for LACROSSE BLAST Pro Indoor Lacrosse Game! NOW AVAILABLE!

Once again, the North American pro league fielded nine clubs (they've added two more for the 2019 season!), with a spirited scramble for the six available playoff spots. It was a more balanced league in 2018, with defending champion Saskatchewan retaining its position as the league's "team to beat," but not by so wide a margin as was the case in 2017. In the east, things were very close: just three games separated first and last place. All five eastern clubs had a shot at the playoffs heading into the final week of the season, and it came down to tie-breakers.

With the 2018 Pro Season for LACROSSE BLAST, you can re-live the pro league's top performances game-by-game, week-by week. The leading scorers will pepper the nets for multiple goals per game, the top defenders will do their best to stifle shots, and the transition guys will lead the charge as the platoons switch from "D" to "O!" The 2018 season saw the emergence of a number of rookie stars, and of course the veterans will perform the way you expect them to. It's all the excitement and thrills of big time pro lacrosse, for less than the price of a single game ticket!

The 2018 Pro Season for LACROSSE BLAST Pro Indoor Lacrosse board game gives you cards for all nine pro league teams, individual cards for 20 to 25 players for each, over 200 cards in all, presented in team colors. You also get a league summery and an instant results table, perfect for re-creating league standings and playoff races while you re-play the season of your favorite team! Or, do a "game of the week" format, and watch the drama unfold! Just $15 postage-paid for the printed version, or get the PDF version for $10. Order YOUR copy today!