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2016 Pro Season for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'

Welcome to another season of big-time stock car racing, with the 2016 Pro Season card set for RED WHITE & BLUE Stock Car Action Game! Imagine having the entire pro stock car scene at your disposal, for whenever you're ready for some racin'! All the well-known racing icons who you've seen on TV for years, as well as the hottest young stars in all of pro racing, too! Line 'em up and you're ready to race at any one of America's top 23 racing venues, from coast-to-coast! Vrooom vrooooom!

Once again, pro stock car racing's "chase" format produced an unlikely winner, with the veteran driver of the 48 team getting hot at the end of the year and eventually winning it all. This made it tough for us to create a card for him, as his cumulative regular-season statistics were well below those of a number of other drivers. In the end, we created a card that included special "grayed out" symbols and qualities that come into play ONLY in chase events! Cool!

Health issues KO'd a couple of the best-known drivers on the circuit in 2016. The veteran driver of the 14 was injured in a non-racing accident before the season began and wound up missing a chunk of action. He did make it back onto the track for a "farewell tour" of sorts. calling it a career at seasons' end. "Junior" took himself out of the running after suffering a concussion at Kentucky and was never able to return. So it turned out to be a VERY brief "retirement" for The Rainbow Warrior, who strapped on his helmet to take Junior's place behind the wheel of the 88.

You'll notice more trophy symbols and fewer drivers in this set, reflective of the changes that took place in professional stock car racing in 2016. The size of the official starting field was reduced from 43 to 40 cars, and a new "charter" system was set up that guaranteed a starting position for each of the 36 "charter member" teams. Thus, there were no more than four available open slots for which independent teams could compete in 2016. This prompted many of the small shops to shut down entirely, or pool resources with other teams. Indeed, several of the races were run with less than a full field of 40 cars. However, your card set will inclue a handful of blank driver cards, in case you'd like to put some of those excluded drivers and teams back on the track. Or, you can switch drivers to different teams, create new drivers of your own choosing—whatever you want to do! Just pencil in the ratings, and you're ready to go!

The upside to 2016's tighter, better field of competitors was that it resulted in a more precise, efficient racing season with better equipment and higher performance. In decades past, it wasn't uncommon for a quarter of the field to exit a race with mechanical problems. In 2016, it might have happened to one or two cars per race. However, there was a marked increase in the number of crashes, so those pit crews will stay busy! These trends are reflected in the set of track cards that come with the set, one for each real-life 2016 racing venue. Some tracks had PROBLEM results removed entirely, while others saw the TROUBLE results moved to higher-probability dice result numbers. We examined the real-life race results, and made minor changes as needed in the ESCAPE and REPAIR adjustments, so as to slightly elevate the odds that your races will fall in line with what really happened, without "guaranteeing" such results.

The 2016 Pro Season for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' includes standard and TV cards for the top 42 pro racing teams including 11 alternate driver cards and 6 blank cards, plus track cards for all 23 pro racing venues! Everything you need to create your OWN exciting season of non-stop stock car action, complete with frantic pit stops, dramatic wrecks, and last-second winner-take-all surges, all for just $19 postage-paid! NOW AVAILABLE!