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2018 Pro Season for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'

Welcome to another season of big-time stock car racing, with the 2018 Pro Season card set for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' Stock Car Action Game, NOW AVAILABLE! Imagine having the entire pro stock car scene at your disposal, for whenever you're ready for some racin'! All the well-known racing icons who you've seen on TV for years as well as the hottest young stars in all of pro racing, too! Line 'em up and you're ready to race at any one of America's top racing venues, from coast-to-coast!

Pro racing's "wild card" playoff format once again made for an unlikely 2018 champion (which is what the format seems to be designed to do!) The 2018 regular season was manhandled by a trio of elite drivers: Truex, Busch and Harvick. But the championship was won by a dark horse (or, as we call it in our golf game, "an emerging contender!") Logano driving the 20. So we've given him a specially-crafted card designed to boost his driving performance when it matters most. (We created a similar card a couple years ago for the 48.) With an extra quality and gas pedal symbol, you'll see an even higher level of performance from the 20 during the playoff races!

The 2018 Pro Season saw the debut of a new track, although not in a new venue. The flagship pro facility in Charlotte offered two differently-constructed race layouts in 2018: the traditional oval intermediate track was converted to a road course for the second race, with a nick-name that reflects its unique "road-oval" blend. This year's RWBR Pro Season card set includes track cards for each Charlotte configuration.

The 2018 Pro Season set for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' has a total of 59 drivers based on the real-life pro racing season. Each card is presented in one of the team's real-life color schemes. In many cases, multiple drivers for the same team are represented with different color schemes. We've marked alternate drivers of a given car with "x" on hood; the primary driver does not have one.

A few blank driver cards have been included in this set, too, in case you'd like to switch drivers to different teams, or create new drivers of your own choosing. (Some RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' fans make cards of themselves to run against the pros; one fan made a card for his wife, which wound up winning the points championship! This is how you get your wife on-board with your game-playing, heh heh.) Just pencil in the ratings, (and add color, if you're artistically-inclined) and you're ready to go!

With the 2018 Pro Season cards for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' you can re-create the entire pro racing season, or just the races that interest you! RWBR's Race Week procedure provides all kinds of fun twists, it'll seem like you're right there in the middle of the excitement as Race Day approaches! You get cards for the 43 top pro racing teams, 16 alternate driver cards, and 4 blank cards for you to use however you choose. You also get a set of 24 track cards, representing each of pro stock car racing's 2017 venues (and both Charlotte configurations). Everything you need to re-create an entire season of tradin' paint for just $19 postage-paid! Order YOUR copy!