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Welcome to the 2018 season of SCRAMStock Car Racing America—RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' Stock Car Action Game's fictional stock car racing organization! NOW AVAILABLE!

The premise behind all our fictional card sets is that sometimes it's fun for sports board gamers to play out an open-ended scenario, where you're creating your OWN sports history, rather than re-creating it from what happened in real-life. With this set of SCRAM driver cards, you can watch your own personal stock car racing season unfold, with all the drama, excitement and unpredictability of REAL stock car racing!

This is the seventh consecutive year for SCRAM, and many PLAAY Gamers have conducted full race schedules all seven years! Our hope for this update is that it will generate another season of memorable table-top "moments!" There's enough new and different stuff going on to keep things fresh and interesting, but plenty of continuity, too. It'll be, we think, a very comfortable and familiar progression for SCRAM fans moving from 2017 to 2018.

If you're new to SCRAM, we want you to know that it's loosely patterned after the current pro stock car scene, designed to generate a similar distribution of results. However, it's a totally distinct entity. These are unique racing personalities, and we feel strongly that after running a few races, you'll begin to develop a real affinity for them as "your guys." Don't be surprised if you find yourself talking to your race fan friends about Stu Yurich, Ray Bob Walker and the Pettis brothers Jordy and Kevin as if they were real racing stars! To YOU, they WILL be!

With that in mind, here are some of the highlights of the brand-new 2018 SCRAM Season card set...

Sample card from '17 North American Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST

Julee Justus enters the new race season having established herself as one of SCRAM's top stars with her good looks, fan-friendly attitude and amazing driving skills. That star-status has sponsors throwing money at the 13 team, which never hurts a driver's chances for a points championship. There's plenty of other young star power in that conversation, though: Trevor Trostel is fully healthy again after a pre-season injury in 2017 and has gone on record as expecting to have a BIG season. Some insiders, however, feel Austin Bigler is "The One To Beat" in '18. Clark Snook and Kerry Cacciola have looked great in pre-season action and have supporters in their corners, as have relative newcomers like Chuck Tufaro and Joey Plonka. Any of them could make a move and win it all in 2018.

That's not to say that the veteran talent has left the building. Jordy Pettis is looking like his tough-to-beat self, and Stu Yurich seems re-energized from a so-so 2017 after being given FT driving duties when the 56 team decided not to renew Francisco Segovia's contract. Ray Bob Walker spent the off-season lobbying for more sponsor cash—and got it. Marlin McGarry and Randy Kendrick have turned a few heads with significant changes in their garages.

Meanwhile one-time SCRAM favorite Monica Merrick gets a fresh start: she turned down a new contract with the 10 team (Evan Uttech takes over there), and will drive this year for the 22 team, which picked up significant dollars from a new sponsor (Arizona Desert Resorts). It could be a win-win for both drivers and teams.

The outlook is not quite so rosy for the 92 team, which bungled negotiations with veteran SCRAM star Tom Rossi. After a series of awkward exchanges, made worse by an ill-advised TV interview in which he spoke of team management as "clowns or cockroaches, I don't know which describes them better." Rossi was dumped unceremoniously, triggering a musical chairs of driver switches: Parnell Drake was lured away from the 70 to take over for Rossi, and Robby Piotrowski will now be behind the wheel in Drake's familiar Chili-Pepper Toyoya. Rossi talked about sitting out the season, but ultimately took a cut in pay (not to mention prestige) by signing with the unheralded 24 team. His expertise will help, but it's hard to see Rossi making a run for the championship.

During the off-season, the 11 team disbanded due to lack of funding and overall scarcity of success. In its place is the new 21 team, with SCRAM veteran Greg Karl its debut driver. Also prominent in SCRAM news, a pre-season qualifying wreck left veteran Geoff Daly Jr. un-injured but shaken (the other driver, former SCRAM star Buck Trimble, was seriously injured), and Daly just hasn't looked the same since. Can he shake it off and get back on-track? We'll see. Denny Baker's crew chief abruptly resigned just before the start of the season, signaling the fractured nature of the 5 team. That's just a sampling of the behind-the-scenes drama leading up to the 2018 SCRAM season!

Of course, the start of a new race season always marks several comings and goings to and from the previous season's roster of drivers. New faces for '18 include Raul DeHoyos, Chase Fetterman and Cooper Mixson. DeHoyos was discovered racing modifieds in Baja, Mexico, while 19-year old Fetterman grew up around SCRAM (his dad is a crew chief for the 68). Mixson was personally chosen by veteran Wayne Montana as his heir-apparent in the 99. "B" series driver Lucas Vanover is back in the Big Time (at least part-time), as co-driver for the 44, leaving Fred Shaver on the outside looking in. A few other familiar faces be missing from the SCRAM scene as well as racing resumes in '18. Long-time veteran Russ O'Casey found himself out of a job when the 11 team disbanded—his career had been in decline for the last couple years with personal and financial problems. As we mentioned earlier, one-time SCRAM "A"-lister Francisco Segovia was jettisoned by the 56 in favor of a full-time Stu Yurich. A similar fate was staved off by Mooch Thomas, who was let go by the 20: Thomas scraped together a few dollars and launched his own low-budget 58 team. In a word, "Ugh."

A couple of SCRAM old-timers also made headlines heading into the new race season. Feisty Dick Exham startled the SCRAM world by signing up-and-comer Aaron Hartley (reportedly giving him a surprisingly large percentage of the team ownership), which in turn generated a flow of new sponsor money. This team could make some noise in 2018! And oldster Ralph Roach announced he'd be re-appearing at SCRAM tracks for a select few races, driving under his own self-funded team, the 26.

There's an updated 2018 SCRAM Driver Bio sheet included with your cards which will detail all these changes and more, if you're interested in keeping track of them. And you also get a suggested SCRAM 2018 Race Schedule, which consists of 32 events.

SO—"Are ya ready for some racin'?" The 2018 SCRAM card set will provide an entire season of open-ended "what's gonna happen NEXT?" stock car racing fun and excitement—don't be surprised if you stay up later than you should some nights, just to see who wins a race! (Trust us, we've heard the stories!) Best of all, you get all that high-speed drama and thrills for just $19 postage-paid! Questions? Just e-mail us! NOW AVAILABLE!