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Run Your OWN Pro Football League! With the 2020 FOOTBALL AMERICA Team Card Set for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game!

2019 Football America for SECOND SEASON

While the real-life pro football league struggles difficult with real-life issues, it's business as usual for Football America, SECOND SEASON Pro Football Board Game's classic fictional professional football league!

Football America was born in 2000 with the debut of, as an "alternate universe" of pro football. The premise behind Football America is that it's sometimes fun for sports board gamers to play out an open-ended scenario, where you're creating your OWN pro football history, rather than re-creating it from what happened in real-life. With this set of Football America team cards, you arrange your league into divisions or conferences, create a schedule (or use the schedule we provide), and see what happens! Watch with intrigue as divisional races develop, teams surge or fade, stars emerge, story lines develop—it's all the drama and excitement of a real pro football season, except, YOU'RE writing your league's history as you play! No "social distancing," no politics; just authentic, exciting true-to-life professional football—on your tabletop!

Previous seasons of Football America are available, starting with the 2010 season. Or, you can jump in right now with the 2020 season! The league just celebrated its 10th anniversary and has now been around longer than any real-life U.S. pro football league except the NFL. As a second decade of action begins, many players and clubs are ready to pick up where they left off on 2019. But some familiar faces are in new places, or are out of the league entirely either by choice (retirement) or after hearing the dreaded words of an assistant, "Coach wants to see you, bring your play book." Then there's the rookie class of 2020, which is chomping at the bit to make its statement. For sure, the Football America world captures all the nuances of the start of a new season of REAL pro football!

We've created a team-by-team "viewers guide" to the 2020 season which you can read/download here. This could be a season of resurgence in a couple FA cities, St. Louis and San Antonio. In the Gateway City, last year's new regime suffered through an ignominious season of growing pains and losses, but the silver lining was great positioning for the 2020 draft. St. Louis snagged award-winning RB Bentavious Ealy, Jr. and a couple of top collegians, who are each expected to make an immediate impact. After the draft, the club made headlines again grabbing two of the biggest prizes in free-agency, elite WR Sadrick Childs from Philaelphia, and Memphis' sack-machine DE Doro Omerhi. It all adds up to high hopes in "The Loo" as the season begins. In San Antonio, a settled QB situation is the reason for much of the optimism, although a solid defense adds to the cheer. At the other end of the kaleidoscope are two of last year's favorites, New York and Detroit, both of whom suffered significant losses via free agency, retirement and—in the case of New York's all-pro DT DeMarco Speller—injury. In between these extremes, it should be a hotly-contested season-long battle for playoff berths for the remaining FA clubs.

But, just like in real pro football, a key injury or unexpected plunge in performance from a counted-upon star player, or a sudden out-of-the-blue emergence of an unheralded free agent could change everything! Your league's story will be totally unique, completely engaging, with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you looking forward to "what's gonna happen next!?"

Over the years, SECOND SEASON fans have come up with a number of different ways to enjoy the fun of Football America. Your 2020 season will include an "instant Results" card, which allows you to gets results of games with a single dice roll. Many fans play a "game of the week" format, setting up a league schedule and designating one game each week as their featured, nationally-televised TV game. We've done the work for you, creating a full fourteen week 2020 league schedule (You can still create your OWN schedule if you prefer—we won't mind!). Use the Instant Results card to generate results for the rest of the weekend's league schedule, and then cap the week off with the featured game, played in full on your tabletop! Or, use our "express" version of the game to knock out the entire league schedule in a fraction of the time!

Other fans assume the role of coach of one of the league's twelve teams, playing all of their team's games, and quick or "express" playing the others. Another popular project is to quick-play the entire league schedule, and then switch to full-play mode for the playoffs. This usually results in a three week playoff schedule, with a wild-card round, a semi-final round and a championship game, a three or four-game project that can be completed over the course of a weekend or two.

Of course, there are plenty of full-fledged SECOND SEASON Pro Football fans who set aside the Instant Results grid and full-play the entire schedule, every game start-to-finish, keeping complete statistics and posting weekly highlights either on the PLAAY Games Community Facebook page or Delphi Forum, or on their own web site. With a twelve-team league playing fourteen games, it's not a daunting task—many gamers have completed a full league season within a time frame of several months.

Any way you play it, the 2020 Football America League for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game is pure football fun, unencumbered by "what happened in real life." You get ratings for twelve teams, over 400 players in all, each individually rated for their football abilities, and a card containing ratings for about 75 "fringe" players, whom you can add to rosters as needed due to injuries or poor play. Plus, you get an Instant Results card and a full week-by-week 2020 Football America league schedule, including featured "game of the week" TV games! It's everything you need to run your OWN professional football league, for under $30—that's a lot less than Jerry Jones paid! Just $24 for the printed version and we pay the postage.* Or get the PDF version for $14 and print-and-play the same day! NOW AVAILABLE!

*for U.S. and APO postal addresses, international delivery of printed products requires additional postage.
Previous Football America seasons (2010 through 2019) are available, contact us for information.