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1977 North American Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST

Take a trip back in time--back to the '70s!--with the 1977 North American Pro Season card set for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer board game.

In '77, professional soccer was in its formative stages on this continent, and the league forged its own path in a number of facets of the game, producing a somewhat different experience than "classic football" played in Europe. Some of the differences included no stoppage time, no draws, an innovative method of determining points for standings and rosters that required a minimum of six of U.S. or Canadian citizens.

Despite the distinctive North American flavor, the league featured a healthy number of world-class stars, including the biggest star of them all, the legendary Brazilian super-star playing his final season of sanctioned pro soccer for the New York club. You get all eighteen 1977 pro teams--over 300 players, each with his own individual card printed in team colors--plus an instant results card and league summary, for $24. Order NOW!