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2017 PLAAY Games LIVE Events

After another fun year of live events in Phoenix, New Jersey and Las Vegas, it's time to start thinking about NEXT year's road trips! I'll confess, the decision-making has been difficult, not only the deciding of where to go but also how many trips to make. Frankly, if I had an unlimited travel budget, I would do six events in 2017. So I'm going to plan four live events, and keep two others as "possibilities" which I'll put together on short-notice if time and budget allows.

HISTORY MAKER GOLF Launch, Atlanta, GA, Saturday April 1: With the golf game's release so close to the 2017 Masters (April 6-10), it seemed most appropriate to hold this event in Georgia. We had a GREAT time, with Randy Alton earning the "green jacket" shooting a one-under par 71. To read more about this event, click here.

4th Annual HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Time Machine Tournament, Denver CO, Saturday July 8: This event has traditionally been held as baseball's spring training is wrapping up, but with the golf game's launch happening right around the same time, it required a move to a summer date. We had such a great time last year in Phoenix attending a big league spring training game, we're going to do a similar tie-in this year—except it'll be a regular-season game—attending the Rockies/White Sox game at Coors Field (Saturday night, July 8th). Also, this year's Time Machine Tournament will feature teams from the "All-Time Greatest Losers" card set rather than the "Famous Fall Classics" sets! THAT should make for a totally FUN afternoon of the kind of baseball that will challenge your managerial skills to the UTMOST! We are NOW planning this event, so if you think you might like to be part of it, please let us know via e-mail,

5th Annual HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Fall Classic Pre-PLAAY, Seattle WA, Saturday, September 23: We've got a great core of PLAAY Gamers in the Seattle area and it's about time I made a trip to visit you all! We had a record crowd at our New Jersey Pre-PLAAY in 2016, so it's up to you guys to raise the bar even higher. As with past Pre-PLAAYs, we'll use the In-Season card set which will be relased late August 2017, fast-forwarding through the unplayed portion of the regular season beginning September 15th. We'll then full-play the Wild Card games and Semi-Final rounds the week prior to the Pre-PLAAY, setting ourselves up for the LCS "Game Seven" PLAAY-ins to be held in Seattle, followed by a complete Pre-PLAAY of the series that day.

3rd Annual HOCKEY BLAST Commissioner's Surprise Tournament, Toronto ON, Saturday, November 11: This will be my first-ever PLAAY Games event in Canada, and it only seems natural to play hockey! While the 2016 Las Vegas event will include some other events for those who aren't hockey fans, I'm planning on making the Toronto event TOTAL hockey! In addition to the tournament "Great Eight," "Final Four" and championship games, we'll also have some other hockey stuff happening, perhaps a World Cup with the All-Time International Great Teams, or something else similarly fun.

I mentioned having two other events in mind as "possibilities" which I'll put together on short-notice if time and budget allows. The first is the College All-Star football game for SECOND SEASON, and the other is a launch party for the new updated version of COLD SNAP, which I plan to have available sometime in 2017. I'll keep you posted!