Sports Simulation Board Games

PLAAY '21: "Moving Forward..."

by Keith Avallone, PLAAY Games LLC

Change is hard. Especially for me. I am, at times (often?) admittedly overly-sentimental.

I drove this car for almost 20 years! 160,000+ miles later, it's no longer in my garage. I should have dispensed with it long before I did, but sentimentality over-ruled pragmatism. Until recently...

Example: I recently donated a car to charity, a 2002 PT Cruiser. I bought that car brand new in 2002, ordered it from the factory with exactly the options I wanted (including wood-grain paneling for the "woodie" look). I remember taking my kids (then ages 5 and 7) for their first ride in it. Many more great memories over the years were made behind the wheel of the PT Cruiser. 165,000+ miles later, it was needing some major repairs—tires, brakes, struts, etc. Rather than dump about $2000 into an already fatigued car, the pragmatist in me prompted the purchase of a replacement car, which I bought in early 2019. Since the PT Cruiser's plates were good for the rest of the year, though, I figured there was no rush to get rid of it. Every couple weeks I'd drive it around somewhere nearby—maybe to the grocery store, or to church—and reminisce. When the plates came due again end of 2019, I figured, what the heck, I'll just renew, it's cheap enough. The car was pretty worn out, missing a wheel cover, and I was embarrassed to park it in front of the house. So I kept it in the garage. The folly of this eventually occurred to me, exposing my new car to the elements while my old beater sat comfortably protected in the garage. I guess that's what happens when you let sentimentality over-rule common sense.

It's sort of the same with the website.

In 2015, I felt like an upgrade was needed to get the company to the next level. I made an agreement with a web designer, who backed out the week before work was to begin. Partly out of frustration ("if you want something done right, I guess you gotta do it yourself!"), partly out of desperation, I decided to learn how to build the site myself. I spent about three weeks in an online HTML school, and created the site on which you're reading this, entirely from scratch, no templates used. It's not exotic, pretty plain-looking, really. But it's been very functional, and has served us exceedingly well for the past five-plus years. So, totally in character, I am loathe to dispense with it.

But as time has passed, it's become clear that we have out-grown the limitations of my venerable, hand-coded site. So, with Sam leading the way, we've made the move to something new. In doing so, we've tried to stretch our vision for what PLAAY Games will look like five, ten years down the road. This is the sort of thing that takes me out of my comfort zone. But, as was the case with the PT Cruiser, the pragmatist has once again won out over the sentimentalist. is the next forward move for the PLAAY sports simulation board games you know and love! As we step into this next chapter of our company's history, the original site (the one you're on right now) will begin new service as a portal/hub for all of PLAAY Games. Eventually, it will house content common to both PLAAY Classic sports simulation board games and PLAAY NOW contemporary non-sports/non-simulation games, as well as a new PLAAY-branded initiative that we hope to introduce in the next couple of years. For now, the site retains its familiar "look." We'll eventually update it to match our and sites in appearance and functionality. One step at a time, right?

We hope you'll be as pleased as we are about the new interface for our sports simulation games, PLAAY Classic, which provides streamlined, secure, state-of-the-art product search and checkout, and instant delivery of digital products. If you have comments or questions, please let us know—we're happy to listen and help. We also hope that this evolution will bring some gravitas to our non-simulation games on PLAAY NOW.

As an aside, most of the original sports and community-related content created for the home site can still be found here. We've duplicated much of it and moved it to the PLAAY Classic site, where it can be sorted and searched with much greater efficiency. You may have old links bookmarked, and they'll still work—we think of this "hidden" content as sort of an online museum of PLAAY Games, 2015-2020, and you're welcome to sneak in and visit. Please note, though, that you may run across outdated pricing and/or availability if you explore the old site: the latest pricing and availability will always be found on the PLAAY Classic site.

While the internet address may have changed a little, we want you to know that our dedication to great games, great service, and a great community will remain exactly the same. We're excited to have you continue with us for this next leg of the journey, as we "PLAAY On"—together!