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NEW packaging for Demo Derby Smashdown

You asked for it—you got it! A number of folks have been looking around for copies of our out-of-print demolition derby game, DEMO DERBY SMASH DOWN. So, we decided to do a short print run and offer it once again, while supplies last! NOTE that the game has been reconfigured in our new, upgraded, compact PLAAY NOW game format. The 2020 version of the game includes larger driver cards and two sets of strategy cards (for head-to-head play). You can see the upgraded components in action by watching our "PLAAY Star Smash-Down" video stream from the November 25th PLAAY Space LIVE, on the PLAAY Games YouTube Channel!

Here's the web copy from the original release of the game, circa 2009. To order this NEW version of the game, click the link at the bottom of the page, or visit the "Miscellaneous Purchases" page of the online store.

It's a classic American pastime, made famous at county fairs and small-town dirt tracks all the way from California to New Jersey--the Demolition Derby! Now, YOU can have your OWN smash 'em up action, any time you want it with DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN Demolition Derby simulation board game! If you're a sports simulation board game hobbyist looking for something a little bit off-center, you'll LOVE this game!

DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN Demolition Derby simulation board game generates all the fender-rattling action of a real demolition derby! From bumper-pummeling barrages, to trunk-twisting reverse smashes—you NAME it, you'll EXPERIENCE it in DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN! Just like in the real derby, cars can be damaged internally and externally. Get too much of either, and you're DONE. Avoid the big hits, deal out the damage, and be the last car running—YOU'RE the Demo Derby KING!

Like the real demo derby, the action in DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN is fast and furious! A typical derby event with a dozen or so cars can be finished in about twenty minutes, complete with smash-ups, engine failures, stray wheels, jacked-up trannies and steaming radiators! And it's not difficult to play The game uses a simple "crash code" of a half dozen or so symbols which tells you what's happening, and damage is recorded in a straightforward manner that allows you to visually see which cars are in danger, and which ones are practically BEGGING to be bashed! "This ain't brain surgery!"—It's DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN! Proving that sports simulation board games don't HAVE to be complicated to be FUN!

Along with all the engine-smokin' action, you can also expect the unexpected to happen somewhere in those twenty minutes of motorized mayhem. Like all sports simulation board games, DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN has it's own set of UNUSUAL and RARE RESULTS tables that allow for some eye-opening events to occur, right out of the blue! Fist fights between pit crews, driver protests, surprise inspections, even appearances by local celebrities—they won't happen OFTEN, but they COULD happen ANYTIME!

Sample drivers Demo Derby Smash-Down

This encore edition of DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN comes with a set of 72 junk car cards bearing images of classic 1960s and '70's Detroit iron, from the hey-day of big-bodied V-8 bluster! Choose one of the "family truckster" style station wagons, or maybe a full-size family sedan. If you like, you can use your imagination and some colored markers to decorate your cars, just like the colorful, loveable "Beasts of Bash" that make the demolition derby such a gas!

You also get cards for 24 fictional drivers, from which you can generate your own demo derby history and tradition! Each driver's card is crafted to re-create his or her unique driving style and abilities!

DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN lets you experience the derby as either spectator, or driver! You can choose your drivers and cars, line 'em up, and then sit back and watch the action unfold! The DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN driver cards are designed to make driving decisions automatically, while YOU watch! Or, if THAT'S not exciting enough, break out the driver strategy cards included with the game, and take on the drivers yourself, or with a couple of friends joining you! Set up your own driver ranking system, keeping track of wins, finishes, kills, earnings and more! Who knows—maybe you'll win the coveted "Silver Trash Can" award for the top derby driver of the season!

Any way you play it, DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN Demolition Derby simulation board game is a BLAST! For the cost of a couple tickets to a real demo derby, you can have UNLIMITED derby action and fun, whenever you want! Just $32.99 and we pay the postage!* ORDER your copy TODAY!

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The 2019 Holiday Edition of DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN Demolition Derby Game includes: game boards, driver guide with rules and instructions, set of engine and stall cards, two sets of strategy cards, damage counters, dice, game box with sleeve, set of 72 junk car cards, and 24 American Demo Derby League driver cards. AVAILABLE for a limited time ONLY!