Sports Simulation Board Games


Michael Owens, Winnipeg, MB and I have been discussing an alternate way to bring the EXPERIENCE, CHEMISTRY, and RIGHT NOW intangibles into play with HMB. Mike's idea—and I think it has been floated before on the forum, but I was unable to locate the thread—was to add a d20 to the dice roll mix when playing the game, and make the d20 check the first thing you do.

If the d20 reads 1-17, read the black, blue and red d6s just like you would normally, in ascending order, and look up thecorresponding result in the game book. If the d20 reads "18," though, go DIRECTLY to the RIGHT NOW mini-chart; on a d20 reading of "19," go to the EXPERIENCE mini-chart; on a "20," use the CHEMISTRY mini-chart. These readings would supplant the normal rule of acknowledging the colored results from the game book and using the appropriate mini-chart on the NEXT batter.

Doing it this way, pinch-hitters and relief pitchers can be included in the intangibles, instead of pre-empting the color-coded results when such players are inserted into the game. So you could replace a COLD or PROSPECT batter with a pinch-hitter, or have your relief pitcher suddenly be susceptible to PROSPECT status.

Now, I feel obliged to point out that this would remove a strategic element from the game, namely, that unfavorable color-coded results could no longer be circumvented by a smart managerial move. However, I appreciate that a good segment of gamers sort of prefer that this sort of managerial decision-making taken out of their hands anyway.

If you do implement this idea, I would suggest deciding in advance which color d6 you'll ignore when the d20 reads 18, 19 or 20. That way, you won't have to re-roll the d6s, you can just use the result you rolled (minus the previously-specified colored die).

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