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Judy Krauss' House Rules for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL

Judy Krauss has been an part of HMB's community of gamers almost from the very beginning. She's a big fan of "old-school" baseball, and has enjoyed the Century League card set (her dad, Johnny Krauss is carded there as a utility player!) and also the 1944 All-American Girls Professional Baseball League card set. Here are some of the house rules Judy uses on her tabletop in Pittsburgh, PA...

For "closer" pitchers, Judy has decided that the first two innings pitched use the same rules as regular Relief Pitchers. That is, FRESH for the first inning (or partial inning) pitched, with ACE status against the first batter faced, and SEMI-FRESH for the second inning pitched. "Then I add these house rules for CLOSERS: Semi-Struggler for third inning pitched (in addition to no fresh status); after the third inning pitched, the Closer has STRUGGLER status."

Judy has adopted a few new ideas regarding the "star" usage indicator in the center of the card. "The rules give general guidelines, but I have house rules for those players that have no star indicator (the reserve/rarely used) players. There are different rules for reserve pitchers, too." Here's the run-down of how Judy does it...

Non-pitchers: A reserve player (one with no "star" indicator) can be used in a whole game or three innings or more of a game only once out of every four games. A reserve player can be used as a Designated Hitter (when the DH rule is being used) only once out of every two games when used for three or more innings per game. A reserve player can be used as a pinch hitter or pinch runner for one inning per game regularly, and can also field for up to two innings if necessary.

Pitchers: A reserve pitcher (SP or RP or CL with no "star" indicator) can be used in a game only once every six games unless only used for one or two innings, in which case the reserve pitcher can be used again on the fourth game following. (The rules for Freshness and Struggling also apply according to the type of pitcher.) These rules can be broken if absolutely necessary, but there is a penalty when using reserve players again too soon. Players get the SEMI-SAD SACK, SEMI-WHIFFER, and SEMI-IRON qualities (added to an existing semi-quality would make for a full quality). In addition, pitchers get a penalty of STRUGGLER status and no FRESH-ness (nor ACE against first batter).