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Pull Hitter Infield Shift Idea for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL

Bill Koff, Wilmington, NC is a new member of the community, he picked up HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL this summer. He's a published war game designer (it's interesting, BTW, the overlap between war gaming and sports gaming, someday I'll have to write an article about it!) so it came easliy for him to create a pull-hitter infield shift add-on for HMB!

Bill writes, "On it's easy to find which left-handed hitters tend to pull their batted balls, so I'll come up with a cut-off of their ratio of pulled balls to others, above which batters will have a PULL rating (lefties only). I've tried to maintain the salient characteristics of the game rules: elegance, accuracy, and narrative generation."

In Bill's add-on, when a PULL hitter comes up with the bases empty, the defensive manager may put on an infield shift. When the shift is on, the following changes are made to the FIELDER column on the main chart...

To combat the shift, the offensive manager may attempt a bunt single toward 3B. Roll one die...

While the HMB cards are already calculated to account for shifts, adding the shift option and buntin countering-move, I think, achieves Bill's goal of added narrative and strategy. Well done!