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HISTORY MAKER GOLF: Featured Match Play, Goosen vs. Leonard

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Bruce Bergquist, Ft. Collins, CO discovered PLAAY Games this past summer and has been especially enjoying HISTORY MAKER GOLF. He recently sent along this write-up of a match between Retief Goosen and Justin Leonard. Bruce wrote, "I think this descriptive text gives a really good idea of why and how HMG has such a feeling of realism, (like) watching golf on TV." We're happy to post Bruce's article here as an example of how match play works with the game!

"After a summer season of 13 Tournaments, the top 16 players in total points accumulated (led by Tiger Woods) are playing a single-elimination match play tournament to determine the season champion (I'm not quite finished with this tournament yet, so can't tell you the final winner).

"One of the things I like most about HMG is the realistic feeling of the play, which is the result of the wonderfully descriptive read-outs for the dice results. The following is a hole-by-hole write-up, based on those chart read-outs in playing a quarter-final match between Retief Goosen (seed #4) and Justin Leonard (seed #12). The match was played at the "Federal" Country Club in Bethesda, MD."

Hole #1, 402-Yard Par 4: Goosen hits a long tee shot, followed by a well-played iron that gives him a chance for birdie. Leonard's tee shot is in the fairway, but he puts his second into a green-side bunker. His sand shot is crisp and clean and stops about a foot from the hole for a gimme par. Goosen drops his clutch birdie putt to win and immediately go one-up on the match.

Hole #2, 211-Yard Par 3: Goosen pulls his tee shot into some trees just off the left side of the green, but he gets a clean shot from there that rolls to a foot from the pin for a tap-in par. Leonard hits a beautiful tee shot, but he lips out his birdie putt and must settle for par. The hole is halved, leaving Goosen one-up.

Hole #3, 455-Yard Par 4: Goosen gets a lucky bounce on his drive that rolls out into the fairway, then puts a shot onto the green for what looks like an easy birdie chance. Leonard's second shot rolls into a sand bunker, but he makes a beautifully lofted shot onto the green for an easy sandy-par. Goosen unbelievably misses his 3-foot birdie putt, the hole is halved, and Retief remains just one-up.

Hole #4, 470-Yard Par 4: Goosen plays solidly to the green, leaves the first putt short, but makes the easy second putt for par. Leonard matches him stroke for stroke, the hole is halved, and Goosen is still one-up.

Hole #5, 413-Yard Par 4: Retief plays safely through the green and collects a routine two-putt par. Leonard also is on the green in regulation and has a moderate chance for birdie, but he comes up just inches short and has to take par, halving the hole once again and leaving him still one-down.

Hole #6, 555-Yard Par 5: Goosen hits a nice drive, then a beautiful iron shot that leaves him just short of the green. His chip is a measured swing that sends the ball straight to the pin, and it's in the hole for an eagle! Leonard's third shot unexpectedly drifts left and misses the green, so he loses the hole and goes down two.

Hole #7, 174-Yard Par 3: Goosen's precise tee shot to the green lands just a few feet from the hole. Leonard also hits the green, but he has to settle for a two-putt par. Meanwhile Retief drops the birdie putt to win the hole and go three-up.

Hole #8, 354-Yard Par 4: Goosen's marginal second shot is nevertheless hugged by the green and rolls toward the pin, leaving him with a decent birdie chance. Justin plays solidly, makes an easy second putt for par, and Goosen then misses his birdie putt, so the hole is halved, Leonard stops the bleeding for now, but remains three-down.

Hole #9, 602-Yard Par 5: Retief's second shot is perfectly drawn toward the green, and his chip shot is played beautifully to the contour of the green, breaking just left of the pin, leaving him with a moderate chance for birdie. Leonard struggles on every shot, including a missed birdie chance that leaves him with a tough second putt for par. Goosen easily makes his birdie putt to win the hole and go four-up as the golfers make the turn to the back nine. Leonard is in a real bind now, as Goosen scored a magnificent five-under-par 31 on the first nine holes.

Hole #10, 218-Yard Par 3: Goosen's tee shot finds the green with a chance for birdie. Leonard's nicely executed shot gets good bite, and he also has a chance for bird. Goosen goes first and misses, but Leonard's putt finds the hole, and at last Justin gets one back and is now three-down—still a lot to overcome with only eight holes to go.

Hole #11, 489-Yard Par 4: Leonard's drive is decent, but his second shot finds water. He drops and lofts the ball to the fringe of the green, then sinks his next shot for bogie. Retief also has problems and puts his third shot into a green-side sand bunker. Good play from the sand leaves him with a bogie as well. No harm, no foul. Goosen still three-up.

Hole #12, 471-Yard Par 4: Leonard gets to the green in two, but he has an exceedingly difficult putt. He gets a beneficial roll, however, and easily makes par. Goosen's second shot drifts into the trees, but then—swoosh! Right on the money, rolls to the heart of the green, and he makes an easy putt for par. Goosen is still three-up, now with only six holes to go.

Hole #13, 193-Yard Par 3: Leonard hits a nice tee shot, leaving him with a moderate chance for birdie. Goosen's shot is impeccably drawn towards the flag, and the ball rolls inside of Leonard's for what looks like an easy chance for birdie. Leonard misses his putt, but Goosen makes his to go four-up once again, now with just five holes remaining.

Hole #14, 467-Yard Par 4: Goosen makes two great shots giving him a chance to convert for birdie. Leonard puts his approach shot into the sand; from there he makes a crisp swing, nice arc, and taps in for par. Goosen's putt for birdie rims the cup, so he settles for par also. Goosen now has Leonard dormie, four-up with four to go.

Hole #15, 490-Yard Par 4: Goosen puts his drive into a fairway bunker, then makes a strong swing—WOW! What an expert shot, leaving him a great chance for birdie! Meanwhile, Leonard's second shot goes off-line into the rough, and from there he seems to make a solid shot but takes too much grass and the ball dies on the apron, lying three with an exceptionally difficult putt for par. However, he lines it up, makes a great, smooth stroke, and it drops! Now all Goosen needs to do is two-putt for par to halve the hole and win the match – which he does with no problem, and that's all she wrote! Retief Goosen wins this quarter-final match easily, four-and-three!

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