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PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018: "Fab Finish Football"

PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018Three-Down Drama: Sean Culnan (left) mulls over his coaching options for Winnipeg vs. Grant Fines (right) coaching Calgary in the , second-round, Canadian version of the "Fab Finish" tournament. Randy Coryer (center) watches.

We updated the "Fab Finish Football" rules for SECOND SEASON in the June newsletter, and added a Canadian Football version. Our tournaments used standard game play rules, but the "Fab Finish" Late-Game Scenario Generator set the stage for the final minutes of play, and only the END of the game was played. For this event, we used the "Fab Finish" Scenario Generator to re-play the 2017 pro football play-offs—both Canadian and American—using the actual playoff fields, to see how our version differed from the real thing.

For the American (NFL) component, everyone chose one of the eight 2017 "wild card weekend" teams: Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, Carolina, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Kansas City and Tennessee. For the Canadian (CFL) component, it was a choice of Saskatechewan, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton.

Each game started with five minutes left to play. The winning coaches advanced to the next round; losing coaches chose a NEW team from among the "bye week" teams: Philadelphia, Minnesota, New England, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Calgary. We again set all games with five minutes to play. Winners continued on, all the way to the championship games!

Our COLD SNAP participants included Keith Curtis, Randy Coryer, Grant Fines and Sean Culnan. SECOND SEASON participants were Dale Buckingham, David Kaufmann, Chris Day, Travis Jansen, Mike Boling George Adams and Keith Avallone.

Fab Finish Football: COLD SNAP

Semi-Final Round

Final Round

Championship Game

Fab Finish Football: SECOND SEASON
PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018Surprise Champion! Winning coach Dale Buckingham holds up the SECOND SEASON team card for tournament champion Jacksonville as Carolina coach David Kauffman nods in admiration.

Wild Card Round

Divisional Round