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PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018: SOCCER BLAST World Cup Knockout Tournament

PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018Fever Pitch: First-round action of the SOCCER BLAST World Cup Knockout Tourney saw some of the world's top teams take the pitch, with PLAAY Gamers at the helm.

This was our first full-fledged SOCCER BLAST tournament, and it was great fun. We used the 2018 World Cup Projection set cards, with each participant choosing a team at the beginning of the event. We held a dice roll-off for "draft order," with the following results: 1. Pete Stevens, Brazil; 2. Sean Culnan, France; 3. Chris Day, England; 4. Jason Retallack, Mexico; 5. Michael Owens, Spain; 6. Mark Russell, Germany; 7. Keith Nemes, Belgium; 8. David Kaufman, Portugal.

We used standard game rules for this tournament, including late game sub chip rules. Strategy card usage was allowed, if both coaches agreed to it. Because of time constraints, we stipulated that if the game was tied at the end of regulation, we'd go immediately to penalty kicks—no overtime.

First Round Results

Second Round Reesults

Championship Game Result

"Friendly" Results

We also had a couple of "friendly" matches as tournament play was continuing, just for fun...

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