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PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018: HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Time Machine Tournament

PLAAY Ball!"PLAAY Ball!": Early action in the HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Time Machine Tournament. Al Wilson (bottom left) looks up a result for his '60 Pirates, facing Randy Coryer's '65 Twins. Meanwhile, Dale Buckingham (L) and Michael Owens were battling it out with the '97 Indians and '94 Expos.

Let's start with a list of each of the managers and teams in the PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018 Time Machine Tournament, presented in chronological/historical order below. Round-by-round results follow the list, with brief highlights of each game.

Phase ONE of Time Machine Tournament (Friday 6-9p)
PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018It's OUTTA Here! John Lowe has reason to smile as Mike Napoli hits the first of his five tournament home runs as John's 2011 Rangers knock off Mark Russell's '68 Tigers in first-round TMT action.

Table ONE

'11 Rangers advance; '68 Tigers eliminated.


Table TWO

'07 Red Sox Advance, '85 Royals eliminated.



'19 White Sox advance, '82 Brewers eliminated.


PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018Rollin' Dem Bones! First-round action in the Time Machine Tournament, Travis Jansen (left) tries to coax a base hit from his '82 Brewers as Steve Heller (right) contemplates his next move as manager of the '72 Reds.

Table FOUR

'75 Reds advance; '95 Braves eliminated.


Table FIVE

'65 Twins advance, '94 Expos eliminated.


Table SIX

'01 Diamondbacks advance, '46 Red Sox eliminated.


PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018Extra Innings For The Title! Gamers gather round as the TMT Championship Game goes into extra innings.


'57 Braves advance; '84 Tigers eliminated.


Phase TWO of Time Machine Tournament (Saturday 9a-noon)

From here on out, it was "WIN to Stay IN!" A random draw sends THESE nine teams to the "Sweet Sixteen" (joining the seven undefeated teams from Friday night's play): 1919 Reds; 1931 Athletics; 1972 Reds; 1973 Mets; 1980 Royals; 1991 Twins; 1995 Indians; 1997 Indians. And, once again, it's time to PLAAY ball...







PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018The Winning Hit: Eddie Murray smacked the game-winning extra-inning walk-off dinger!
PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018The Champion! Congrats to Cooper Gilbert, who managed the '95 Indians to the 2018 TMT Title!


1995 Indians 6, 2011 Rangers 5 (11 innings) This was a game for the ages, enjoyed immensely by all who watched it unfold! Indians grab a 3-0 lead after three, Eddie Murray with a solo homer in the second, Ramirez blasts a two-run shot in the third. But Napoli triple scores two, scores himself on error to tie game. Murray leads off the bottom of the seventh inning with another homer, but the Rangers get that run back top of the eighth, on a matching solo homer from Beltre. 4-4 after nine, nothing in the tenth, we move to the eleventh inning. A two-out blast from Moreland puts Texas on top 5-4! Bottom of the eleventh, one out, Belle draws a walk, bringing Murray to the plate. Can he do it again? The pitch—deeeeep drive, that one is way, WAY back—GONE!! Two-run walk-off dinger from Murray wins the Time Machine Tournament for the '95 Indians! WOW!


2007 Red Sox 6, 1973 Mets 2 (Sox score five runs in eighth inning, wth doubles from Pedroia and Ortiz doing most of the damage.)

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