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FEATURE: PLAAY Gamer Profiles

by Keith Avallone, PLAAY Games

Golfing in Hot-Lanta! Moments before the first foursome tees off in the first-ever PLAAY Masters Tournament, our gallery of contenders poses for a photo, April 1, 2017. From L to R: (standing/) Kyle Cope, Kiefer Fairbanks, Brien Aronov; (seated at table)Randy Alton, Bob Surprenant, Jim Surprenant, Al Wilson and Jeff Crosskno.

To me, the best thing about PLAAY Games is our community of gamers. We have a wonderful group of people, many of whom I've been able to personally meet and play games with at the game events we've held at various cities over the past few years. Each person has his or her own unique story about how and why they got into the hobby and what their experiences have been. I thought it might be fun to add a feature to the monthly newsletter that sort of throws the spotlight on a member of the community.

Our first featured PLAAY Gamer was Jim Surprenant, Woodstock, GA. The response from the community to Jim's story was amazing! So, I'm committed to continuing the series TFN, with a new gamer featured in each month's newsletter.

Now, I fully recognize/understand that people play lots of sports games, from lots of different companies. So, the idea here is to celebrate the HOBBY and ALL the sports board gaming we do, not just the sports games that I have created.

As an aside, I considered composing a polished written article in classic magazine style, but decided instead on internet-era expedience: we'll go with a simple question-and-answer format for this series.

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