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Long-Time Face-to-Face Football League Joins SECOND SEASON

Peter Mayne is the commissioner of the Regina Superleague, a local face-to-face tabletop football league based in Regina, Saskatchewan that's been in existence for almost 30 years! The league made the switch this year to SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game, and I thought it would be cool to formally welcome them, and learn a little bit about the league as they begin play with our game!...

The league was formed in the fall of 1988, with sixteen original owners. Dan Karikas was the original commissioner of the league (he retired from the league a couple years ago), and oversaw a 50-round player draft that preceded the inaugural season of play. Over the years, the league's size has remained consistent at around sixteen teams; this year they will field fourteen. Peter is the "last man standing" from the original sixteen!

"It's hard to believe that we have gone on for this long," muses Peter. "I remember playing in this league before personal computers were commonplace. All our line-up sheets, stat sheets, etc. were handwritten. There was no Internet to read up on players. We absolutely depended on the annual football preview mags, i.e. Pro Football Weekly, Sporting News. I had to buy the USA Today newspaper (hard to find in Canada) weekly to see the League Leaders in stats. You really had to watch the games to evaluate players. Our league stats were done in pencil so the next week's results could be added on by erasing the original number and putting in the new one!"

Over the years about forty different guys have held team ownership, but there's always been a common core of the same people for a majority of the seasons. "I have some great memories of some real roller-coaster battles against close friends/rivals in the league," Peter remembers. "Concentrating like heck on every play call to get it right, good-naturedly cursing at each other when the other guy rolled 'doubles' and got a big gain, having a few beers and lots of laughs. And then multiply that by eight, everyone else doing the same thing in one small pub!"

The league's equivalent of Bill Belichick was a guy named Lance Hadinger. "Lance had such a head for football and for the game," remembers Peter, "I think he won about ten Super Bowls in about 20 years. He was virtually unstoppable. He drafted better than anyone else. He 'won' most of his trades, and he was a shrewd coach who called a heckuva game (and was very lucky with the dice as well). We all hated him for it—his nickname was "Evil"—but you had to respect him too."

The Regina Superleague season has divisional titles as well as wild card playoff spots to be fought for, and, of course, the league's own version of the Big Game! Last year's version featured two teams whose owners had never made it to the final showdown. "The Vikings (Clay Brooks) were the underdogs, having hit a streak of great luck through the playoffs to knock off superior opponents and make it to the big game. In the end, though, they couldn't defeat the Bears (Rick Connell) who were led by the stellar passing and running of Russell Wilson and a solid defence."

The secret to the league's longevity? Peter feels it's because they all live in the same city. "Our league model is predicated on everyone getting together once a week (Sunday nights) to play the games head to head, drink some beer, watch the Sunday night NFL game, talk trade, etc. I don’t think the league would have lasted near this long without that strong social bonding aspect."

The 2016 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON will be released July 17th, and the fourteen Regina Superleague owners will begin planning their 2017 moves shortly after. "I must say everyone is excited about trying something new. Second Season looks like it will be easy to learn but offer a bunch of new concepts. Renewal is good and we are happy to have this new partnership with PLAAY games." We're excited, too and offer our very best wishes as the league begins this new chapter in it’s impressive history! Welcome to the PLAAY Games community!