Sports Simulation Board Games

Download and Print Box Side Labels for Your PLAAY Games!

A couple years ago, we introduced the new sturdier, slim-line game boxes, and they've been really well-received. We were able to make the new boxes cost-efficient by using a standard side design that features the PLAAY Games logo. From time to time, though, I'll hear from gamers about the one drawback to this design: you can't tell the games apart when they are stacked on a game shelf! Obviously, this is only a problem if you own more than one PLAAY Game—but, since we WANT you to own more than one PLAAY Game (haha!), we've come up with a fix for this...

We've created a series of side labels for the different PLAAY games, which can be downloaded, printed, trimmed, and affixed in a way that's attractive and effective! If you want side labels for your PLAAY Games boxes, here's what you need to do...

  1. Download the side label print file. Here's the link to the box side label print file. The file includes side labels for all twelve PLAAY Games, it's a three-page PDF document.

  2. Choose your label stock. Ideally, you should print onto a bright white, full-sheet gloss label (adhesive backed) stock. However, it's not the easiest stock to find. You can order a box of 100 sheets from one of a number of online suppliers for about $40 (maybe you could go in with a couple local gamers?). Alternatively, you can use a matte-finished white label stock for the side labels, half or full sheet, readily available at any office supply store. Doing this will make the side label look a little non-conforming, but if it's a bright enough shade of white, it won't be noticeable except up close. Or, you can print onto a matching semi-gloss finish non-label stock, and use rubber cement or some other adhesive to affix the label to the box side.

  3. Print the label. We strongly recommend using a laser printer rather than an ink-jet method. If you don't have access to a good color laser printer, you can have the labels printed for you at Kinkos or Office Max. Just drag the label file to a thumb drive, and take it to the store's print department.

  4. Milwaukee PLAAY GamersVoila! Box Side Labels: With the right stock, careful trimming and a little patience, you'll have great results!
    Milwaukee PLAAY GamersStep 4, Trim the Labels: Be sure to trim inside the lines rather than ON them, so that no lines are visible when you place the label on the box!
  5. Trim the labels. We've created the print file so that if you trim just inside the cut lines, the labels will align nicely with the box sides and you won't have any border visible. The closer your stock is to the actual box finish, the less critical it is to have a "clean" trim. That is to say, a razor blade and straight-edge approach is preferable, but if you've printed on a glossy label stock, you could probably trim with an ordinary pair of scissors and it won't be noticeable.

  6. Prepare the box, if necessary. Before you affix the label, you should check the opacity of the label, as some labels cover better than others. We used our standard ULINE glossy label (same stock we use for the cover and back labels), and found that the opacity was about 90%—if you look closely, the underlying words "Sports Simulation Board Games" can be faintly seen. If this is a concern for you, we recommend using white-out or some similar technique to block out the original box side label print before affixing the label. Make sure the finish is smooth, or the label will capture the texture of the white-outed area.

  7. Affix the labels. Carefully remove the backing, or apply the adhesive, and position the labels in such a way that they cover the original green-letter box printing as shown in the photo. If using adhesive, allow appropriate time to dry.

Voila! Side labels!

For those gamers who'd rather not hassle with the printing and/or label purchasing, we offer the full set of 24 printed labels (two side labels for each game) on the matching semi-gloss label stock, for $6 postage-paid. You can use the "Miscellaneous Purchases" section of the online store, choose "$6 Miscellaneous Purchases" button.