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Here's what Fans Say About LACROSSE BLAST...

"Really fun, really realistic! I've become a boxla fan because of this game!"--D. D. Pittsburgh, PA

"I had never even heard of indoor lacrosse until I saw this game advertised on your website. It's been a great tool for learning the game, and very fun to play."--R. L. Mankato, MN

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FAQ's About This Game...

How long does it take to play a game? A typical game will take about 45 minutes to complete, with statistics. Some games will take more time, others less, depending on the amount of action in the game.

Can this game be played solitaire? Yes, it's perfect for solitaire play!

Can I create my own players and teams? We offer a "How-To" guide for creating players and teams for HOCKEY BLAST, and LACROSSE BLAST is based on the hockey game, with the same basic recipe for creating players.

How long has this game been around? LACROSSE BLAST was introduced in December of 2012.

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LACROSSE BLAST Pro Lacrosse Game sells for $45 postage-paid.*

Lacrosse game card sets range in price from $10 to $20, based largely on the number of cards in the set.

*International shipping is extra. Please review the ordering information page before placing your order.

The fastest sport on two feet--box lacrosse--now playing on YOUR game table!

LACROSSE BLAST Pro Lacrosse Game

Dave McCormick, 1976 World Indoor Lacrosse League All-Star

Pro Indoor Lacrosse returns to with LACROSSE BLAST Pro Indoor Lacrosse Simulation Board Game!

We've taken our original lacrosse game, CRASH AND SCRAMBLE, and made it even better by adapting it to the same game engine that powers our popular hockey game, HOCKEY BLAST. The result is a fast-playing, fun board game simulation of this cutting-edge pro sport that captures everything fans love about it: bone-jarring hits, acrobatic passes, rocket-fast shots, and amazing saves. YOU can re-create all the thrilling action of this "ahead-of the curve" sport, right in your own home, with LACROSSE BLAST Pro Indoor Lacrosse Game!

LACROSSE BLAST uses a possession-by-possession system of play that keeps things moving fast. The game uses the same easily-memorized chart structure and no-nonsense method of rating players as our hockey game. Players perform based on the presence--or absence--of various qualities like speed, power and skill. Each player is also rated for his ability in creating and/or taking away scoring opportunities, as well as for shots and assists, penalties, face-offs and injury. That means you'll get table-top performances which echo each player's real-life abilities without a bunch of calculations or math gymnastics. You'll see the great assist guys dishing it off for goals and the powerhouse shooters firing the ball into the net, while the less-talented players defer to someone else. You'll be caught up in the action as you "watch" players use their power, skill and savvy to make plays. Goalies have their own special ratings, designed to make the real-life star net-minders shine on your table top the just way they do on the pro league floor! Easy-to-play, but amazingly detailed--THAT'S LACROSSE BLAST Pro Indoor Lacrosse simulation board game!

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In LACROSSE BLAST, hard hits intensify the action, just like in real pro lacrosse. We've incorporated into our lacrosse game the same "momentum factor" that's proved to be so popular in our hockey game. It gives you the same sense of ebb and flow that you can "feel" sitting at the arena and taking in a game in person. Players and teams can gain and lose momentum by delivering big hits, intimidation, cheap shots, and dropping the gloves for fights. These "extra-curricular activities" aren't just added for "color," the game is designed so that these things actually impact the game itself, OUTSIDE of simply generating penalty minutes. Simply put, gaining momentum gives a team a tangible "boost" in scoring power. A team can also gain momentum thru big plays, spectacular saves and a number of other ways. And all this happens without having to calculate indexes, count points, or keep track of counters!

LACROSSE BLAST recreates all the big-time action of pro indoor lacrosse, but we've also gone to great lengths to capture the details, too. You'll see fights break out between the "hot-heads" and "enforcers," players who you'd expect to see duking it out after being sent crashing into the boards! Penalties and injuries occur with real-life frequency. You'll occasionally have a review of a disputed goal, which will sometimes be overturned by the referee. And as in all PLAAY games, a series of "RARE EVENTS" tables is included to bring you all the "WOW, I can't believe THAT just happened!" lacrosse action that you would see on the sports highlight shows! Players can fight with fans, a frayed carpet can trip up a star player, or a game could even be interrupted by a streaker! These kinds of things won't happen often--you might play for years and not have some of them occur--but you'll enjoy the anticipation of knowing they COULD!

Even if you've never watched a lacrosse game, our easy-to-follow instructions will get you into the action in a hurry. No experience required! If you own our hockey game, you'll be instantly familiar with the game mechanics and will find it to be an easy transition. (On a side note, there was a time when indoor, or "box" lacrosse was being groomed as a summer alternative to hockey. In the 1970s, several big-league hockey players played in the new pro lacrosse league. We've purposely revived that link in LACROSSE BLAST--the game's been designed so that, if you want to, you can use HOCKEY BLAST cards to play LACROSSE BLAST! Take your favorite pro hockey stars, and suit 'em up for summer lacrosse! Want some pro lacrosse inspiration? Click HERE!)

If you're a solitaire sports simulation board gamer, you'll be glad to know THIS: we made this game so that you can have a GREAT time with this game all by yourself, as you watch true-to-life professional lacrosse action unfold on your living room or game room table top! If you're fortunate enough to have friends who share your interest in sports simulation board games, so much the better--you can play LACROSSE BLAST head-to-head, each of you taking your favorite team in a single-game, tournament or full-blown league campaign setting. BUT, you don't have to let a lack of an opponent keep you from enjoying this action-packed board game simulation of professional indoor lacrosse! It's just as much fun to play by yourself! Pick one of the pro teams and see if you can improve on its real-life performance! Make a couple trades to improve your club. Draft your OWN team, and play a schedule against the remainder of the pro league. Or, choose our fictional card set and create your very OWN, unique pro sports experience! LACROSSE BLAST Pro Indoor Lacrosse simulation board game lets YOU be the coach, general manager and commissioner of your own professional lacrosse league!

What are you waiting for? LACROSSE BLAST Pro Indoor Lacrosse Game is ready to bring all the fun and excitement of big-time box lacrosse straight to your tabletop! Order your copy TODAY!