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NEW for 2019: One-Day Holiday Sale Printed Card Sets!

This holiday season, we're going to experiment with offering select printed card sets at special sale prices during the one-day holiday game sale! These special sale prices are in effect ONLY on December 2nd! (We'll report how this experiment went in the December newsletter!)

Special 2019 Holiday Printed Card Sets!

Here are the specially-priced printed card sets available for TODAY Only!...

Product Price  
Cooperstown Legends, HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL • Colorful trading-card themed collection of HOF-enshrined ball players whose careers began 1930 or later. Includes 130 players and 14 umpires. An awesome addition to any HMB fan's card collection! Read MORE about this set! Normally $29! $23.99
Century league, HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL • Individual cards for over 250 fictional big-league baseball players based on baseball of the 1940s. Read more about the Century League! Normally $21! $15.99
1999 Pro Season, SECOND SEASON Pro Football • 31 team cards with over 1000 players individually rated, based on the real-life 1999 pro football season. Also includes fringe player ratings, season summary, and instant results card. Printed in team colors, on cardstock. Read more about this set. Normally $44! $35.99
Complete All-Time Franchise Great Team Collection, SECOND SEASON • All 32 pro teams represented with their greatest players ever! Over 1000 players individually rated on black & white printed team cards. Normally $33 for both the original and expansion team collections purchased separately! $24.99
SECOND SEASON Express Fast-Play Football Game • A new way to enjoy your favorite pro football board game: play a complete pro game in less than 30 minutes! The realism, excitement and drama of the full-fledged SECOND SEASON board game, distilled into a half-hour card-and-dice experience! Read MORE about SECOND SEASON EXPRESS. Normally $19! $14.99
2018-19 Pro Season Extended, HISTORY MAKER GOLF • Includes base set (198 golfers who registered at least one top-10 finish) and extras (27 golfers who did not record a top-10 finish) PLUS an all-new bonus course, the Capitol of Texas Links, Austin TX! (This is the venue for the pro tour's annual match play event.) $19.99
Complete All-Time Franchise Great Team Collection, HOCKEY BLAST • Includes individual cards for the greatest players in the history of 30 of the 31 current pro teams (all except Las Vegas), plus all-time great teams representing the defunct Oakland/Cleveland team, the World Hockey Association, USSR "Iron Curtain" greats AND two pro "legacy" teams made up of players from before 1950. Normally $63! $48.99
Stock Car Racing Pioneers, RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' • 55 drivers represented in full-color standard and TV cards, depicting vintage vehicles, based on the early days of stock car racing. Also includes set of 32 black-and-white Track Cards based on actual 1950s racing venues and revised era-specific Race Week TV and interview charts. Read MORE about this set! Normally $21! $15.99
Wrestling Federation Pioneers, FACE TO THE MAT • Based on the original Wrestling Pioneers set from 2013, this set re-casts pro wrestling's actual history from the 1940s and '50's in the context of our own fictional wrestling universe. Cards for 132 wrestlers, along with historical information on pro wrestling's early history and a card key to identify the real-life wrestler after which each WAF Pioneer is patterned. $15.99
FACE TO THE MAT 20th Anniversary Fast-Action Deck • Black and white version of the new action deck featured in our commemorative edition of the game. Rules sheet included to explain how the new deck works, PLUS a printed copy of the Out of the Ring Action board, also included in the 20th anniversary edition! $5.99
1977 North American North American Pro League, SOCCER BLAST • Individual cards for players on all 18 teams, over 300 players, based on the real-life '77 North American pro league. Printed in team colors. Read more about this card set. Normally $24! $18.99
1980 Pro Season for BOWL-O-RAMA • Over 70 individual bowler cards, plus fringe bowler cards, season summary and schedule. Read MORE about this set. Normally $24! $15.99
1995 Pro Season, COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football • 13 team cards (including five American teams!) with over 500 players individually rated, based on the real-life 1995 Canadian pro season. Also includes fringe player ratings, season summary, and instant results card. Printed in black and white, on cardstock. Read more about this set. Normally $19! $13.99
Roller Derby Legends and Pioneers • Here's your chance to get BOTH sets of real-life roller derby icons for the price of ONE! Each set contains nearly 100 cards, men and women, create your own hall-of-fame league or just reminisce about a long-gone era of American sports history. Normally $18 for both! $8.99
1976 World Indoor Lacrosse League • Individual cards for almost 200 fictional players based on pro lacrosse of the 1970s. Operate your OWN vintage pro lacrosse league! Normally $15! $8.99