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"It's fun, it's fast, and there is plenty of meat in the game for the diehard soccer fan. By FAR the best soccer sim I have played. SOCCER BLAST makes your offense, defense and possession play directly related to the players you (the manager) decide to put on the pitch. And there is a surprising amount of depth and tactical analysis required in order to select your squad and make substitutions late. As a soccer fan and a tabletop sports fan, this makes me happy."--C. A. McCordsville, IN

"Being a keen football (soccer) fan here in the UK for the past 30 years and an Everton season ticket holder I am astounded at how your game captures the essence and excitement of the sport. Games play out like they do in real life and the sense of narrative is astounding, making you think about the twists and turns of the match you played the night before whilst at work! It's a masterpiece and you should be proud!"--A.B. Everton, UK

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FAQ's About This Game...

How long does it take to play a game? A typical game will take about 30-40 minutes to complete, with statistics. Some games will take more time, others less, depending on the amount of action in the game.

Can this game be played solitaire? Yes, it's perfect for solitaire play!

Can I create my own players and teams? Yes, there's a "How-To" guide available for a small additional charge that will give you complete instructions on how to create your own players and teams from readily-available soccer statistics.

How long has this game been around? SOCCER BLAST is our newest sports simulation board game, introduced in 2014.

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SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game sells for $49 postage-paid.*

Soccer game card sets range in price from $18 to $39, based largely on the number of cards in the set.

*International shipping is extra. Please review the ordering information page before placing your order.

The world's most popular sport, re-created on on YOUR Table-top...

SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game

Pele from the International Football Legends cards, SOCCER BLAST

SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer simulation board game brings the world's most-followed sport to your tabletop, for world-class football fun whenever you want it!

SOCCER BLAST is designed to bridge the gap between highly detailed soccer games that play in the 90-120 minute range and quick-play games which are primarily designed to generate realistic scores. We've taken the basic game engine from our hockey and lacrosse games, and modified it to capture the more refined nuances of classic football. The result: a sports board game that gives fans everything they love about watching soccer, captured in a 30-45 minute game window.

Despite the quick playing time, SOCCER BLAST gives you surprising detail and the genuine sense of witnessing a full, realistic football match from start to finish. Individual players' true-to-life abilities are captured simply but realistically, using a series of easy-to-understand symbols and descriptive qualities. Big scoring threats will be just as lethal in your game action as they are on the real-life pitch. Kicking and header specialists will give you the same dimension they display in actual matches. Players known for their dribbling and passing skills will earn the same respect on your tabletop. The top defenders will time and again shut down scoring chances. Goal keepers perform just like they do in real-life, alternating routine stops with big saves--or, not! Every player, from superstar to scrub, performs just as you'd expect them to, in this great new tabletop soccer simulation board game.

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These individual performances synch together to create realistic team results that will make you feel like you're in the stands watching the game for real! The top teams from the top leagues will be nearly unbeatable on your tabletop, while the "minnows" will nibble occasional wins from each other. The "middle" teams will produce their share of thrills and disappointments. When championship-contending teams meet on the pitch, you'll feel the tension and excitement. In short, it's authentic, true-to-life football action, as you like it, whenever you want!

SOCCER BLAST was created in such a way as to place an emphasis on story and context. Yes, the statistics are important, and we think you'll be pleased with the numerical results. However, we wanted this game to be more than just numbers. So we built in the usual assortment of drama-inducing elements and game mechanics that PLAAY Games have become known for. For example, referees can affect play--and BE affected by play. If somebody says the wrong thing to a ref, his team might have to pay for it. In SOCCER BLAST, you'll occasionally see a subjective referee call that should have gone the other way, and you'll experience that palpable sense of joy, or disgust, depending on your leaning!

The game offers many other built-in features that we think will keep you coming back for more. You'll find the advantage of playing on one's home pitch is very real, but not over-stated. Injuries will play a factor, and you may be chagrined to see your star player carted off the field with the match hanging in the balance. Fatigue is a factor, too--you'll face the same challenge with late-game substitutions that a real soccer coach faces, and you'll need to plan accordingly. And, the game comes with a full complement of unusual and rare results waiting to add memorable twists to your tabletop sports archives, with everything from outrageous "can you believe THAT!?" type goals, to pitch invasions by drunken fans, bench-clearing brawls, even weather issues or political demonstrations that threaten cancellation of the match. These kinds of things won't happen very often, but you'll enjoy knowing that they COULD!

Finally, SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game will equip you to rate your own teams with our "How-To" guide, available at a nominal extra charge. The world is filled with soccer teams and every country has its own league or leagues. Ordinarily, this poses a problem for game companies because while many of these leagues have devoted fan followings, they're not large enough to warrant the time and energy of creating cards for them. We do plan on offering our own card sets of the world's major pro leagues. However, if you have your OWN favorite team or league, you won't have to depend on US to make cards for it--you'll be able to make them yourself!

SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game gives you everything you need to easily create enjoyably paced, authentic, often dramatic, football action, at home, on your game table! Order YOUR copy NOW!

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